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  1. I'm 67 and have had a pen knife in my pocket, as long as I can remember and would be lost without one.
  2. That's a bargain for someone. A cracking scope.
  3. Hi, You need sign on at job centre, which will give you a national insurance stamp, even if you don't qualify for unemployment benefit. It happened to me, and after a while trying find a job in engineering, which I had done since leaving school, I tried going self employed. It worked, as I was handy at DIY. So I did some decorating, odd jobs and gardening. I had to turn down some work as I had plenty to keep me occupied and had time to myself if I wanted it. Best thing that ever happened to me. I'm sure you will get there, as you have noticed its happened to so many of us. Best of luck.
  4. Hi and yes please. Can you pm your details. Alan
  5. Could you manage with box section being the same dimensions, but on one, weld flats the same size as the box width, (ie, fabricating your own box section) on all four faces and long enough to support the moveable box section. That should remove any slackness, as your box is the same size.
  6. owdnorthener

    Stick wood

    I would make a stick out of it. Why waste it ? Good luck. Alan.
  7. owdnorthener

    Funny eye

    HI, I had the same happen to me years ago. I thought the lens had fallen out my glasses, but after a while it cleared up, only to happen again. I now know it was migraine. No headaches nor other vision problems, however, these did come some time later. You really should get checked out, as who knows what's going on. Hope your soon sorted.
  8. Hi, Use one of those digital safes. Fixed securely and out of sight would be fine.
  9. No 6, A turret press disc please, if one is still available. Alan
  10. Yes please, for bullets and cases. PM to follow. Alan.
  11. Just a thought. Maybe you could drop them at Fred Dibnah heritage centre. Maybe of use to them.
  12. Hi, No 12, the game carrier please. Alan.
  13. Hello John, i would like The Game Keeper at Home, Richard Jeffries and My Game book, A R Haig Brown please. Cheers Alan
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