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  1. The first step has been taken, your now on the way to stopping. Well done. I smoked for most of my younger years, up to just after my first granddaughter was born. I wanted to see her grow up. She is now 32. I don't smoke and don't want to either. To me, the thing that once smelt so nice, actually stinks, as I must have done too. I decided most cigs were a habit. eg. After a meal. Break times at work. I cut these out immediately and made sure I kept myself busy each time, when I would normally have had a fag. After just a week I felt better. Cleaner, outdoor the air was fres
  2. I thought it odd that Greta met up with Malawa ...... One, fighting for children to have a right to an education, the other asking children to take time off school to support her. Weird.
  3. owdnorthener


    Any thoughts on using cameras to keep an eye on her without being intrusive ? My mum had a care line phone, and a "fall" pendant around her neck. If you can get her into the habit of wearing it they are fine. It did work when she had two falls and I was notified.
  4. Yes please. Pm me payment details. Thanks Alan
  5. Carefully scratch the wall surface, then soak it with size ( very thin wallpaper paste ). The paste allows it stay on the paper for longer than just soapy water, giving more chance of soaking in. Steamers are good, but you must be careful the wall surface doesn't come away. A decent scraper does help too.
  6. One pair please, black/orange preferred. Pm bank details and I sort payment and offer my details too. Thanks, Alan.
  7. You both have your health. Go for it. Welcoming people and a beautiful country. This is my thirteenth year here and I'm staying.
  8. We used to make our own, although some kids had a milbro. The elastic came from bicycle inner tubes. The leather, who knows ? Fired pebbles picked from the river. Never heard of French arrows .... We made Chinese arrows from a piece of dowel, with anything sharp for a point. They were thrown by a length of string. I suppose the method is similar to how the Aborigine spears are thrown. Its a wonder we are still around after all the daft things we did as kids. Anyone ever make pigeon pea guns ?
  9. Being an old guy, perhaps the hangers were for reminder notes ....
  10. Is the sling sold ? Alan.
  11. I don't see that any of this is about bird welfare, its just " I don't like people shooting so lets ban it" ( In anyway we can. ) Lets hope the community can continue getting its act together and forward our case.
  12. Sometimes builders bury rubbish .... I hope that's not the case for you though and its just an easy fix. Is there anyone local ( farmer ) who knows how the field was prior to the build ?
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