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  1. Looking for some aya 12 gauge pins i need trigger gaurd to stock and trigger plate to top tang pins i think i may need a forarm pin too. Just for those that may not know when i say pin I mean screw Number 3 4 or yoman will probably all work. If anyone has any scrapers thanks
  2. ghilley

    Rapid 7 wanted

    Iv got a mk 2 with custom stock in .20 that I may sell
  3. If you do get one I need a couple of pins (screws) I have one with stripped threads
  4. Sorry didn't read that bit drrrrrrr. £200 that's cheaper than a mec
  5. Iv listed pm me for price in the description ?
  6. Nice single stage adjustable press with 12 and 20 gauge dies fantastic little presses so they are ! Will last forever can be adjusted for 65 to 70 mm cases make lovely crimps will come with 28 gram shot bush and a blank powder bush so you can drill it to your needs I'll try and put some pictures up pm me for price collection or I will post PS not a load of broken junk so you will not have to pass it on quick
  7. Hi iv posed once before but lost the link looking for once fired 3 inch cases happy to pay post thanks
  8. Fantastic guns why get rid they are brill iv one may be able to make a fill cover on my lath I'll have a look at my one to see how they are made
  9. Fantastic thank you pm on its way
  10. Final taper die for 375 600 800 900 in 12 gauge not the shell holders as I can machine my ones down. Thanks
  11. Iv got a 155 or a 105 both with 12 gauge dies also have 20 gauge dies in my parts box the 155 is just as good as a 266 just round not in line the stations are the same both presses are for sale I actually like the 105 for its simplicity they all make fab crimps I use 366s now for 16 and 28 and a 155 for 20 and have ponsnes warrens for .410 and 12.
  12. You will struggle to get one for less than £1200
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