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  1. 4eyes

    Browning 425 Grade 1 12 gauge

    Thanks for checking. Quite a few views and a few enquiries so far...
  2. 4eyes

    Browning 425 Grade 1 12 gauge

    Date stamp is MX. Added a few more pictures now I've figured out how to shrink the file size. Second photo is of the minor mark on the forend. 5p coin for scale.
  3. 4eyes

    Browning 425 Grade 1 12 gauge

    Thanks. I'll check the serial tonight when I get home.
  4. 4eyes

    Browning 425 Grade 1 12 gauge

    Not sure on age. I've had it 5 years if that makes a difference, but it is certainly well looked after. It is a right handed gun but the cast is only ever so slight. I have more pictures if anyone want them. Happy to email as they are high quality and too big to attach here. Not sure how to resize them whilst still maintaining quality.
  5. 4eyes

    Browning 425 Grade 1 12 gauge

    Thanks Harnser, but I'm looking to make some space for something I already have my eye on. This is a great gun that if I did not need the space, I would absolutely be keeping, but needs must.
  6. 4eyes

    TV recommendations

    Bought a Sony bravia 55KDX (55inch) a while back from Currys. Paid 1k for it but now down to £800. Smart TV so has Netflix, Prime TV and so on, as well as HD satellite built in. 3d, though never use that and is also 4k - some Netflix content is 4k. I did a bit if research beforehand and would recommend.
  7. I know a few of us on have Rav4s so before these go on evilBay and some random benefits from my loss, I thought I would offer them here first. To fit the Mk 2 Rav4, I have the following which are brand new and still in the packaging from euro car parts: * Front left and right control arms, complete with new bushings * Two ball joints to fit the above * Left and right track rod ends I bought these a while back to fit to my Rav4 but it turns out they were not needed and I've had them too long to return to store. They cost me around the £200 mark and I'm willing to take £160 (plus fees if using PayPal). Collection preferred and willing to meet around Jct 37/8 of the M1, but can post at additional cost. PM with any questions
  8. 4eyes

    Plantronics K100 IN CAR Speaker phone

    Received today.thank you
  9. 4eyes

    Plantronics K100 IN CAR Speaker phone

    I'll take this please. PM sent.
  10. 4eyes

    Clay shooting South Yorkshire

    The sign mentioned above is still there at redbeck. Also a strawbale type shoot at Stubbs hall farm in south emsall on Sundays. That's within half hour of birdwell.
  11. 4eyes

    Extending WiFi

    Could you not simply change the current router to one with a stonger wireless signal, if its currently marginal? Some of the more industrial versions can acheive a good range. That said, if running a new cable is pracriclal, it is a much more reliable option and what I would do. In the office then connect what you can using Ethernet, not wifi.
  12. 4eyes

    In Ear headphones

    Soundmagic e10s are pretty good and about your budget. The design of them could be considered a little 'much' if you want something understated, but for the price of them, the sound is good.