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  1. When i first shot eley maximum they was 1-3/16oz not this fangled 34 grams 😂 either way they certainly killed Geese and Duck in my younger shooting days 👍
  2. Clear white case's and deep brass If so a good friend who now lives in Scotland shot plenty of Geese with them last season 👍
  3. Excellent shooting as always Simon 👍 Totally agree with your mindset at the end of the Video 👏
  4. Top Draw shooting as always Simon i never tire of watching your Videos and shooting skills. Jack reminds me of my past black lab who would sit/lay as Jack whilst after Deer. Made me smile when Jack heard the Mallard then looked up 👏👍
  5. Shame as i would have had it. Thanks for your reply and best of luck with the sale 👍
  6. Is the moderator over the barrel or end mounted please 👍
  7. Try Norman Clarke at Rugby I've had them from him in the past 👍
  8. No problems mate. It's been a while for me as it cost me 50p for my last 15ltr bottle fill 😳
  9. I rang Whittlesey but took it to one just short of Ramsey both said no more than £50 which includes new valve along with full bottle
  10. All sorted now thank you 👍
  11. I know there is a Dive club in St.Ives where about is the shop please and do they test bottles as that is very close to me. Thanks for any more information 👍
  12. Can anyone advice me where to get a Dive bottle test for PCP filling close to Ely Cambridgeshire thanks in advance 👍
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