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  1. Top result Jim well done mate. Jealous ????? Very much so as my Foreshore season finished a while back due to Covid ( no i have not got it ) . But i did get 8 Pink's for 3 moon flights and my last morning flight. Good luck for the rest of the season hope to see some more pictures.
  2. Evening Rob as i understand it regards the primers you don't need a FAC to hold only to purchase. Whereabouts are you in Fenland ( pm if you prefer ) as i can sort you some Large Rifle Primers if we are close to each other
  3. Over the last 50+ years I've shot from the Welland all the way around the coast to Snettisham beach various other parts of the North Norfolk coast to Stiffkey numerous Scottish estuaries/ foreshore in what i call proper Pea Souper ( very dense fog ) weather high tides low tides with dogs and without dogs from the seawall out to where the Green marsh turns to mud/sand hand on heart not once have i ever got lost ever got cut off by the tide or ever been concerned for my safety or others I've guided onto a marsh. I've learned took on board what my Father - Kenzie - Frank Harrison along with other
  4. Manish unlucky on this morning's flight but we'll done on getting out hopefully gaining a bit more experience. Yes in my experience you probably left to early as Geese tend to be late/very late leaving their roost on foggy mornings. Apart from reasons already mentioned Staying on the seawall can also be very rewarding due to the Geese will very often drop into or at least have a good look at fields next to the seawall and circle round over the seawall infact to be honest I've shot far more Geese from the seawall in foggy conditions that being on the marsh. As for no dog at the moment keep
  5. What species of Deer you looking for. I have access to Fallow Roe CWD and Muntjac at £1 per lb BUT it would be whole carcass in the skin fully grolloched as ready to go to game dealer I'm approx 20 minutes away from Newmarket if it's of any help
  6. Another thing to help in your situation Manish IF it's a good Foggy morning stay at the bottom of the seawall/stoway or gradgebank . Several reasons why No creeks ( in general ) to worry about Geese will be as low as they are out on the Marsh and in general you can easily move to get under the flight line. Having said all that a few days ago i shot a Pink that i could not find inspite of having two dogs. What happened i thought it had fell in water on top of the marsh ( ankle deep ) thankfully i engaged the Old grey matter quickly cut across the marsh to a creek which was flowing out started
  7. Never heard of Aya 3.5" chamber 12ga only a 10ga. But 100% definitely used to make Aya no2 sidelock ejector 3" chamber proffed at 1200kg ( 1-7/8oz ) as i owned and shot one for several years even using Winchester Super X 1-7/8oz it was comfortable to shoot
  8. Afternoon Pete 3" or 2-3/4" chambers. Me personally put anything homeload or factory 2-3/4" an 3" through my old Aya no3 Magnum and shot sizes from B's to 5's cheers Boyd
  9. I believe it was 28ga tps wads my mate gave me to load some 28 gauge TSS18 and i had to put .410 cork wads inside to get a good crimp finish. As for the 20 ga load you should get 1oz in the 28ga wad easily and yes use a 20ga 1oz TSS powder charge. You could also use a Mylar Rap which could use up a bit of space. My loads i just use cork cut/punched from from sealed cork tiles inside a 21 gram steel wad and they certainly kill foreshore Pink's well
  10. You still use 20ga data the idea behind the 28ga wad is to save on packer's . Personally i load smallest steel load wad again so less under shot packer's. For me 70mm case lil-gun powder 1oz of Hevi-Shot - PWS - HW15 - TSS15 or TSS18 and you will have a very very capable long range Goose load if the shot ( as all other types of shot ) in placed on the Goose right. I've been killing Geese effectively with a 20ga for nearly 50 years. Good luck with your quest keep us updated please
  11. Thanks 👍 never seen or heard that before.
  12. How's that work then . If you put a xFull or xxFull choke in then your gun becomes non steel proof.
  13. Totally agree with comments made by Scully. I've used/use a AYA no 3 Magnum 1/4-1/2 choke and shot hundreds upon hundreds of HP Steel along with homeload Steel sizes from 5's to B's
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