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  1. Evening Mark. With the utmost respect please don't fill your head with " i need Big Loads Big Shot " to consistently cleanly kill foreshore Geese trust me mate you don't. As already mentioned RC atomic are good cartridges but personally I'd use Gamebore Super Steel 3's or if you homeload 32grm Steel 2's and 3' s. 99.9% of my many Geese again this season have been shot with 32 grm Gamebore or Homeloads. Not that you need this advice due to your experience but just concentrate on killing your chosen target and not the Gauge load and shot size you are using. I've personally installed this in Conor ( grandson ) who no longer spends more time changing cartridges than shooting when Geese approach now he just concentrates on shooting. If you wanted you could load a Box of HW13 etc for the extra special shot if needed. Hope my waffling helps in some way best of luck
  2. Good evening John hope you're season was a success. Myself still chasing the Geese infact age and moon has taken its toll of late but a well " Nutted " Goose under the moon help's relieve the aches pain and tiredness 😂 of late my old AYA No3 Magnum has been " nutting em " very nicely 👍
  3. Before Canada's was put on GL i shot a lot where they actually got up 40yrd + deceptive and very testing shooting even more so under the moon. When in was flooded they made a tremendous noise when dropped from 40yrd up into water with a fountain spaying upseveral feet believe it or not most was shot using my 20ga ( lead days ) good memories of fond time's
  4. Top result Mark well done mate good photo also
  5. Personally I've only ever felt the need to load 70 mm case cx2000 primer 23 grains Alliant Steel Powder B&P 24 wad with 2 x 28ga cork wads below shot 1oz Power Shot crimp closer. Looking at 3" data 23.5 grains of Alliant Steel Powder 1oz of Power Shot but you will need more packer's inside was hope this helps don't hesitate to ask for more
  6. 50 yards Hu you'd done them with a .410 and TSS 8 's . Only joking Jim well done mate nice looking gun
  7. Hi Mark Conor joined a new ( to him ) Foreshore Club so we have spent a lot of time on the shore a Big Thanks to a well known PW member he soon had his first Pink ( he has shot a lot from other places ) from the new Club unfortunately due his and my club rules we can't due Wright ups. Goose wise we both have shot more than our share. Conor had his first Rutting Fallow Buck ( shot 3 in total ) in October again he's shot a lot of Fallow Roe CWD and Muntjac ( Gold being the best ) taken him out Saturday morning to try for his first Whitefront only 17 in with or was with Pink's fingers crossed for him . Your for sure know if he gets his wish as I'll do a weight up with pictures . Good luck with your Gun hunt
  8. Mark i had a Zabala Berri Lux 3" multi choke was lighter than the Laurona shot well took Mobil Chokes would not hesitate to buy another so out of the two Zabala would be my choice. Be bold and brave mate do as i done get a Aya No3 3" Magnum 28" barrels 1/4 - 1/2 choke
  9. Fiocchi do/did a 35grm in 70mm in i think Black case Mark. Certainly worked on Geese under the moon
  10. No problem mate 👍 hope you get the problem sorted/ undercontrol asap.
  11. Placed where neck joins the Body fine but as i advised in previous reply please check both conditions of your FAC and Cormorant License as they are individually worded/sanctioned eg my license could allow me to use .222 and 20ga - 16ga and 12ga along with other conditions and yours could be worded differently. As for previous advice of miss counting that's your sgc and fac along with Cormorant License at stake.
  12. Obviously " Non Toxic Shot " must be used if using a shot gun Gamebore Super Steel 32grm 3's or 36 grm 3's or 1's RC atomic 32grm 3's or 36gm 3's do the job . If you have any sitting areas get hid up there and wait. If and only if you have a suitable back stop a .17hmr is very good BUT check conditions on your FAC and definitely know shooting at/into water also check terms conditions of the License issued as often they can only be shot in certain areas and not the whole site
  13. Arh but did you wack it under the moon ????? Been looking for my picture of my night you helped me make a dream come true even now i can see the Pink falling through the smoke cloud . Happy New Year Tony
  14. Can anyone give me load data for 20ga Tungsten Matrix using Steel or Lil-Gun powder please Thanks in advance
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