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  1. Mine is a 20ga and you only pull the bolt back a bit to remove barrel. Looking at your pictures the spring has failed and jammed the action up. As it's a New Gun please don't follow my advice but I'd get a rubber mallet along with a piece of hardwood where the spring is overlapping hit the action forward until the barrel can be removed fingers crossed fit new spring fingers crossed job done
  2. And that's the reason i suggested people shooting Canada Geese as vermin/pests 12 months of the year with any type of shotgun phone Natural England/DEFRA . Canada Geese can only be shot using GL rules and regulations from 1st February through to 31st August. As for the eating and sporting part I've never heard or read that .
  3. I'm fully aware what you can due within the GL my question was from 1st September till 31st January can you legally use a FAC semi auto or pump action shotgun or are you suggesting Canada Geese are on the GL for 12 months of the year
  4. I'm not in a twaddle what so ever. I never accused the OP of anything . I'm fully aware of what can be done and can't legally. Quick question if i may. From 1st September to January 31st can you legally shoot Canada Geese with a FAC semi auto or pump action shotgun
  5. I used to take my Grandson ( when he was a similar age ) to Willowcroft Fisheries and Pentney Fisheries. Can't remember the name but another one is right hand side of A47 near Weslake ( spelling ) heading towards Lynn
  6. From Natural England that's why i suggested the OP to ring them. Yes you can shoot them 12months of the year but as i posted they have a season which when it ends 31 January you can then shoot them under the GL but it's not just the case ( not saying the OP done this ) eg whilst carrying a gun a pair/Skien of Canada Geese fly over and you can legally shoot them. So rather than be misguided just phone Natural England i personally know plenty taking pot shots at Canada Geese are breaking the law FACT. Apologies to OP i was/am trying to offer sound advice not derail his thread or start a Bun Figh
  7. May i politely suggest you ring Natural England reference shooting Canada Geese under general license as it's not as simple as shoot them anywhere anyhow also they do still have a season which means a different set of rules/regulations than when they become out of season
  8. NSI ( noble sports ) Gamebore Fiochi are all decent cartridges a very good friend uses Gamebore White Gold ( clay steel cartridges ) to very good effect on Pigeon and Crow's RC Atomic is another
  9. Fantastic photos Dave especially the bottom one
  10. Well done mate 👍 i was on a good foreshore roll until we got stopped. Not the same but had quite a few Local Grey's and Penquin's . Try a 1oz 70mm case load in your 20ga 😉
  11. Good man and well done on your results 👍
  12. Islandgun. For me shooting under the moon for Geese and Ducks is the best by far it's hard work requires a very good knowledge of your intended quarry . On unfavorable nights I'm still out there enjoying flights . How !!!! Get set up so your birds will be flighting or dropping in moon side of you resist temptation to take over head shots just concentrate on taking sideon under or through the moon shots with practice even can be shot. With Widgeon any shot birds i turn belly up with heads facing roughly into any wind . December moon ( before lockdown stopped us ) as i arrived 8 fowler's left th
  13. Top result Jim well done mate. Jealous ????? Very much so as my Foreshore season finished a while back due to Covid ( no i have not got it ) . But i did get 8 Pink's for 3 moon flights and my last morning flight. Good luck for the rest of the season hope to see some more pictures.
  14. Evening Rob as i understand it regards the primers you don't need a FAC to hold only to purchase. Whereabouts are you in Fenland ( pm if you prefer ) as i can sort you some Large Rifle Primers if we are close to each other
  15. Over the last 50+ years I've shot from the Welland all the way around the coast to Snettisham beach various other parts of the North Norfolk coast to Stiffkey numerous Scottish estuaries/ foreshore in what i call proper Pea Souper ( very dense fog ) weather high tides low tides with dogs and without dogs from the seawall out to where the Green marsh turns to mud/sand hand on heart not once have i ever got lost ever got cut off by the tide or ever been concerned for my safety or others I've guided onto a marsh. I've learned took on board what my Father - Kenzie - Frank Harrison along with other
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