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  1. I'm very interested 😊😁 pleeeeeese Sir
  2. I know of several PW members that shoot the Wash. Look back in time and several well known people have shot the wash. For me the East Lighthouse holds fond memories was the Home of Peter Scott and his Wildfowl collection also it's the place where i first started Wildfowling many years ago aged 11. Shep White's where Kenzie's house boat used to be again as a young lad i met and spoke to Kenzie on several occasions Holbeach Camp is another place i personally find amazing no doubt others can point you to places I've missed out
  3. Tip my hat to you Centrepin very good offer to a New Member hope you Both enjoy your forthcoming outing 👍
  4. Not with TSS but did with power shot and hw13 at 50yrd which if you'd hit a Snipe it was riddled. I did pattern my 20ga at 60 yrd using Pattern Master Anoconda Long Range Choke again mind blowing patterns but as we all know the Quarry we shoot at still has to be hit. I've always been a 20ga shooter but hand on heart PWS Hevi-Shot HW13 is a game changer TSS is on another level having said that most Geese I shoot on the Foreshore is with Steel shot
  5. Admittedly only 9 TSS cartridges which all killed Geese fired from my Aya No3 Magnum 1/4 an 1/2 chokes just my opinion safe and know damage to gun
  6. Duck and Geese have down + feathers where Pigeons don't have down so general belief there harder to kill than a Pigeon are you now enlightened oh and no I'm not one of those that believe you have to shoot Duck and Geese going away so the pellets go up through the feathers but i certainly believe a Steel shot cartridge capable of cleanly killing Geese and Duck is more than enough for Pigeons well that's if the shooter puts the shot upfront
  7. Totally agree also I'd love a £ for every Duck and Goose I've cleanly killed with 32grm Steel 4's and 5's over the last 20yrs let alone pigeons rooks crow's even driven Pheasants
  8. I've just taken this off my .222 clean reliable holds zero £150+ postage sorry photo don't look right it's 4-16x44
  9. Thanks. When my grandson used by mistake .20 cal pellets in his 22 Gamo Coyote they loaded in both magazine and chamber ok if fact they grouped but was not putting pellets on pellets as it normally does. Taking yourself and others advice it would seem it's a none starter as I've looked online getting a 20 cal magazine and probe there don't seem to be any available. Thanks to all that have commented
  10. Thanks again for your information. I vaguely remember a warning about fitting a .177 gas ram to a .22 would push it over the legal limit
  11. In general. Years ago i had a Theoben Rapid in 20 cal really rated both calibre and Gun. My grandson has a Gamo Coyote .22 ( which is very accurate and brought back fond memories when i used a air rifle ) which he could not get to put pellet on pellet one day when i had a go he had been loading it with .20 pellets ( wrongly bought ) . This brought up my .20 cal memory's but having no knowledge of internal workings of a pcp i thought I'd as on PW. I changed the barrel on a Theoben very easily but have know knowledge of the Gamo Coyote and would not want to go into the workings . So basically if by just changing 22 barrel for a 20 barrel the power would be the same i don't know. Perhaps my 20 cal itch is not possible without spending a lot of money
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