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  1. Excellent result 👍 we all need a little help at times hopefully now you have broke the blanks more successful flights will come your way for the rest of the season
  2. Cracking picture and good result mate well to you both. Hope my change of fortune hold's took a good friend this morning who got two Pinks myself a Right & Left fingers crossed for Conor in the morning as he was working today
  3. Thank you. He certainly has got the Bug and with his first pup he experiencing loads of first fingers crossed plenty more to come 👍
  4. Thank you Marsh Gun . John Conor's pup has already retrieved probably 25+ Greylag to had does go until Conor asks him. Saturday evening i shot a Drake tufted duck which he retrieved faultless then a Greylag which had fell down a steep bank and rolled into a pit the young pup again surprised us as he brought it from the water up the bank to Conor's hand he also found and retrieved 3 other Grey's in the dark and to get the results he did this morning was the iceing on the cake. Thank you Mark 👍
  5. Rather than derail Flippermaj thread further I'll start this. So as i mentioned in his the foreshore Pinks are being really sneaky. So another very early start following a long drive Conor ( grandson ) his first pup ( fox red lab 7months old ) my two lab's made our way out onto a notorious hard marsh for geese but steeped in history. Edging back on the rising tide my heart sank as the geese was well to our right trying to still feel positive i heard a single Pink call twice heading our way trying to calm Conor down he shouted here here looking up somehow 20-30 Pinks had sneaked right onto us praying hoping ( Conor had never even fired a shot at a goose on this marsh ) . Conor's first sent one slanting down but his second killed it due to this i nearly missed my chance but thankfully my shot found the mark. The joy excitement and relief is hard to explain as Conor went into excitement melt down as he watched his pup pick his first foreshore pink from this marsh. Three other local fowler's who saw the geese shot also congratulated Conor and his pup for me yet another proud moment logged into the memory bank. Sorry but club rules etc don't allow pictures or destination 👍
  6. Hi Mark added a few to the total this evening Pinks are slow building up this season so far and certainly giving me the run around along with some very bad luck only this morning unslipping the gun quickly trying to load it i dropped both cartridges as 10-12 Pinks swept over my head 15 yards high 😤 very early start again tomorrow seeking revenge 🤞 hope you are having better luck
  7. My 20ga has done a lot on the Foreshore for a few years including getting covered in mud no problems whatsoever 👍
  8. No problems Steve. Yes i admit i was surprised at the price good luck and hope they suit your needs the Mandel chokes i have are very good 👍
  9. Mandel do Lamber chokes for a 20ga i checked a few minutes ago 👍
  10. Exactly 👍 add Teal in fact any legal species of Wildfowl. I have or never will be a driven game shot being a Wildfowler through and through but i was on a driven Pheasant where most was using what I'd describe a mini mag lead goose cartridges myself Gamebore Super Steel 32grm 4 shot let's just say i more than held my own
  11. Well unless my eyes deceived me Both powder and shot was weighed . Personally take my hat of to you well done for your skill in making the tools. I've got a mec 10ga loader i use to load 20ga 12ga and 10ga takes seconds to change to a different GA. 😊 👍
  12. 6.5x55SE


    Manish if you are shooting on the Foreshore where you was last season 100% there is plenty of Pinks about. Good luck 🤞
  13. Excellent start well done John pleased for you. I was hoping to be shooting in your neck of the woods with Conor this season but unfortunately due to personal reasons we have had to put back our plans on hold fingers crossed next season we will be trying our luck in your area. Good luck for the rest of the season keep posting your results
  14. Steve I'd like this please how'd you want paying
  15. Don't believe you shot those with a a .410 as you need 2oz BB's. Only joking mate tip my hat to you well done good shooting just shows put a .410 in the right hands they kill and kill well. 👍👏
  16. I have some mounts low picatinny qr I'd throw in for asking price for the scope
  17. I know it's not in your list but I've got a Hawke Sidewinder 6-24x26 in the for sale section and is excellent with a Pard 007 even on 8 power you can id Rabbit Hare Fox easily 400yrd + ( no i don't shoot that far )
  18. Less than a year old box all paperwork excellent condition works well with Pard nv007 £325 posted
  19. 6.5x55SE

    Sept 1st

    Hope you are keeping well John and good Luck during the season. Unfortunately the " three shot salute " is a ever growing trend personally witnessed most mornings when the Pinks are in. IMHO just " pray and spray " with very deep pockets shooters most definitely are not Wildfowlers
  20. Received photo thank you.
  21. Evening Daz what model are the Distel Spikes and have you any pictures of them please. Thanks in advance.
  22. Very well done on the Carp and gaining shooting permission. ( Apologies if I've read your post wrong or misunderstood ) but unless you was fishing in Iceland I'd bet those " absolute loads of Pinkfeet " are Grey-Lag geese
  23. Nope Pump Action and in the case of the Marlin Bolt Action the two shot magazine has to be welded in place so can only be loaded through the bolt opening
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