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  1. for sale hogs of fife Edinburgh tweed lined breeks,size 32",worn on one driven day last year,so as new,set of flashes with garters,again worn on one driven day,as new,bisley tie with partridge logo,worn once,rydale jumper with pheasant logo,worn once as new,size large,£70 posted for the lot can email pics on request
  2. yeah the carrier doesn't seem to go back down fully
  3. I'm using 35gm 5"s mate but as with yours its not fully cycling ,I'm gonna strip the trigger group and see if the problem is obvious
  4. hoping someone could shed some light ,ive got a franchi affinity semi auto,and last time out I found that the carrier isn't going back down into position to push the next shell into the breech,it remains in the up position,but after pressing the side button it goes back down,any ideas guys,its probably something simple that I haven't seen,thanks in advance
  5. Hawke Endurance 30sf 4-16x50 with marksman .223/.308 reticle,as new in box with bits,has weaver rings attached but never mounted on rifle,selling for a friend who is selling up,hes looking for £200
  6. got one here you can have mate
  7. someone around my area has one and turned that into a mobile café,they park it in the car park by the beach,every time I see it,its chocker mate
  8. a few showing at cullernose point,and the odd few at blyth pier
  9. ive got a mint penn fathom 15 macey magged,bought for beach this coming winter,got something else instead,in box with tools,never fished with it £100
  10. i have for sale an Anyfield Tournament field mk1 rod,great condition,custom built with fuji Kwags,japanese shrink wrap and sliding reel seat,truely awsomely powerful rod,ideal for rough ground/cliffs or what it was built for,Tournament casting,ive used this rod once and bite detection is great,im looking for £200 for this rod,and worth every penny imho,pics can be sent via email........
  11. up for sale is my icotec gc500 with the ad400 decoy,caller has 60 calls on but takes 200,great condition works perfectly,ad 400 decoy attaches to side,used once,all boxed with leads total cost £230,looking for £170 posted also Swann trail camera,as new condition,in box with instructions etc £83 from maplins looking for £45 posted cant get pics on but can send via email or £190 for the lot...
  12. got a nearly new ranger pro for sale here,recording facility etc pm me if interested mate
  13. 27llb"er up here this week ,oh and a 30 from Chesil beach last week or week before
  14. i was once told to avoid any with "fire" in the name,i find panasonic and xtar to be very good
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    haha thanks guys......
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    its great going to see him play his matches,on more than one occasion I hear the other mums and dads talking about him when hes playing,and when he gets the ball the opposition players are on him like fleas on a dog,hes a lad who has his head screwed on,he knows what he wants and willing to do what it takes,he was telling me the other day that if he makes it down there,he would have to move down there where he would be put through school by P.N.E. and hes quite willing to do that,my eldest whos joining the marines,well....that lad has more confidence in himself than anyone ive ever known,im te
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    well,im a very proud dad today,one of my sons whos football mad,hes played a few seasons with wallsend boys club,aswell as a few other local teams,he is now away to preston north end for trials,he was spotted a few weeks ago by a preston scout,in the past hes been spoken to by Newcastle united academy,and Middlesbrough,but now its starting to become more of a reality for him as hes actually there now,hes turning 15 next month,and my eldest son is joining the marines soon,so proud of my 2 eldest boys,i just had to share my joy..........................
  18. mine are being fitted monday,looking forward to it actually..............thanks again guys
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