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  1. Did you get sorted mate? Ive a couple of spare ones I could sell.
  2. A friend of mine has a yellow Labrador dog pup for sale at 5 months old. He’s doing all the basics and picking dummies. He wants £1600 for him, no offers. If anyone is interested please message me and I’ll send over the pedigree and some videos via what’s app. Thanks Adrian
  3. It’s was in 2009 mate. Probably long gone Ive one I might consider selling, I’d have to see what it was worth tbh. pm me if it’s of interest
  4. Shame really, I was almost looking forward to it! Kinda kicking myself for not buying my ticket at £25 but I’ve been before when it’s rained and it was awful! Yeah I get that bud. No, NGO I’m afraid for me. All down to the cost!
  5. So are we saying it’s not worth the £56 it would cost me to take the two kids tomorrow?
  6. Thank you Any DVD’s that are any good?
  7. Evening Which dvd and books would you recommend for cocker spaniel training? Thanks Adrian
  8. Tightchoke is having it mate.👍
  9. Measures about 29” pit to pit on the outside so probably knock off an inch or so for hems lining etc?
  10. Anyone interested in a brand new fortis field smock before I put it onto eBay? It’s a xxl and little bit to big for me They we’re £190 originally £100 plus postage
  11. It is good kit Ive had a game carrier off him before That was a good find!👍 I’ve a flambeau case here but I find it a bit clunky for putting in the truck
  12. I was hoping for under £50 but if it needs more so be it. tbh I dropped onto the decathlon ones this evening and the protection in them looked good for the money. Does anyone have any experience of them? https://www.decathlon.co.uk/p/500-rifle-cover-123cm/_/R-p-126945
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