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  1. Brand new 20b leather cartridge belt made by moss leather £35 posted
  2. Which bit an I'll measure for you?
  3. Flat cap, used but to small for me Sized small which I've measured as being about 56cm £5 with £3 Hermes postage
  4. Deerstalker Hat, used but to small for me Sized small which I've measured as being about 56cm £5 with £3 Hermes postage
  5. Stud on leggings for beating etc Good but used condition, no rips but would probably benefit from re waterproofing. To small for me, would probably suit a small to medium size. £5 plus postage which would probably be about £3 Hermes.
  6. Thanks for that Neville. As I said I'm happy to put on some soup etc and from what I remember from the original conversation is that the keeper send a bottle of wine or something of the sort.
  7. Just thought I'd update this if anyone is interested. The shoot is in Oswestry. It will be £170 per gun hoping we can get the same guns for the 4 days, I'll probably shoot one gun so 5 more to make it work at present although I've a few others interested. Format would be meet at the beaters room for a cup of tea and a roll, soup in the field or in the beaters room weather depending then finish with a drink and some cake in the beaters room. Its replacing a syndicate and they shot from mid 30s to just over 40. Regards
  8. https://www.gundoggear.co.uk/training-vests-1222-c.asp
  9. Definitely worth trying for ankle arthritis then. Thank you
  10. Just to add...there would be 4 days available throughout the season, One per month. If possible I'd like the same team to take all 4 days, I shall take one gun therefore 5 places to fill.
  11. What brand did you find effective if you don't mind me asking?
  12. Sorry not to reply sooner. This isn't a diy syndicate A friend keepers an estate and his boss has asked him to put on some more boundary days next season bag 30-40 mixed for 6 guns at a cost of £175 per gun dates flexible but must be full teams. If putting a team together is of any interest to anyone please send me a pm.
  13. Anyone interested in making a team up for 30 bird mini driven days for 6 guns around the midlands this season or next?
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