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  1. new season new adventure, my young cocker [the black one] gets his first proper outing on Saturday, nothing heavy just a quiet small day with a few friends on selected pieces. Had the older two do an odd bit on rabbits and getting them ready to be shot over up the fells starting probably in late Oct early Nov, with a day on the rabbits before that. Looking forward to another good season
  2. I like mine to hold it until I'm ready to take it, sit is preferred but I can live without it, then I can reload etc at my leisure and take the bird and put it in the game bag when I'm good and ready.
  3. News from Iceland is the weather is getting bad and the pinks should be on their way south soon in good numbers
  4. No complaints with mine, strong robust good price for a gun that spends the majority of its time on the marsh. I've had no bother with 3 1/2 mammoths through it, or any other shell really. Not had it long couple of years but can't fault it. I know lads, seasoned fowlers,, who have had them for years and swear by them, ok maybe not as jazzy as an extreme but for lying in the mud can't fault it. Only thing I've had a problem with is finding a sling that fits the factory swivels, but that's hardly a real problem, just an inconvenience. There probably out there I'm just too thick to find them.
  5. Heading out on the 2nd, more to give me wee lad a trip to the marsh than anything else, he's eight and mad keen, he won't be shooting but doesn't bother him just getting out there is enough for him at the minute.
  6. Think the waiting list is for Associate membership which will get you three trips out accompanied by your sponsor, a full member, once you're an associate you then go on the list for full membership.
  7. Your best bet would be to try and contact your local wildfowling club, often easier said than done depending on location. Hopefully you can join or get a day ticket and head out onto the foreshore with an experienced fowler. Good luck.
  8. I don't usually bother with Sept, but my 8 yr old is desperate to join me on the marsh so we'll be heading out for a few days early Sept before the new term starts at school. Then I'll wait until the weather chills and the pinks come in. Only a couple of weeks away now so good sport to all those heading out.
  9. Good sport to those making a trip across the border, I'll stay at home in Lancashire/Cumbria and wait for he geese to come down to us.
  10. An old thread, stumbled upon this via google, two years later and the status quo remains. Very lucky to get into any of the clubs in and around the Fylde. I could whinge forever on this theme but.......
  11. ****** saw this post late, missed the Dorset wildfowlers DVD, am eight months late to this thread so no surprise. I enjoy Chris's DVD and find them very entertaining, both wildfowling and pigeon. Then again he gave my lad a free one of the latest pigeon shooting DVD for his 8th birthday at Lowther so maybe I'm bias.
  12. Because you're in the middle of the Irish Sea
  13. Dismantled my old single timber unit and replaced it with a couple of shiny new galvanised runs, with wooden cabins. Only the roof to go now, and am toying with the idea of extending it with a third run next year, once I convince the missus. Anyway I'm well chuffed with them and thought I'd stick up a few snapshots. Ah files too big, oh well here's a trio of the dogs, not the best shot of the runs but.......
  14. I really enjoyed it when I watched it, no SKY so delighted it was on YouTube
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