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  1. scraggoak

    Daihatsu Terios 2005

    I couldn't agree more, just time wasters,
  2. scraggoak

    AYA County Sidelock 12 gauge

    I find these posts really frustrating the bloke wants to sell a gun but can't be bothered to answer questions, why bother to post in the first place,
  3. scraggoak

    AYA County Sidelock 12 gauge

    No it is definitely not a coral , my reason for asking is the fact that its multi choked could mean its a later gun, i have two corals and i rate them highly.
  4. scraggoak

    AYA County Sidelock 12 gauge

    could you please let me know if this countryman steel proofed, and could we have a close up of the stock. lovely gun,
  5. scraggoak

    AYA XXV 12 gauge

    thanks for the info, the factory i visited at eibar at one time employed up to 500 staff and was opened in 1939, it was after the Diarm period that aya joined forces with the King brother who started Asi and set aya on the right track by taking a couple of english guns to spain so that aya could see the standard of guns made in the uk. All interesting stuff, if you message me the serial number i can give you the age of the gun. Good luck with the sale, its a lovely gun, cheers Geoff
  6. scraggoak

    AYA XXV 12 gauge

    Hi , having visited the AYA factory I am a little confused. Your comment the original factory, were there more than one ?. Very nice gun.
  7. Due to the purchase of a thermal imager i have this hand held Digital night vision unit for sale, The unit is still available from thomas jacks the cost new is £849 for specifications please click the link below, i have been using it as a spotter whilst rabbiting with a Photon, it has a fantastic range when used with a T30 add on. it comes with its original box, instructions, and carry case. the unit is around five years old, but well looked after, i am asking £375 posted, you are welcome to come and view the the unit in the Hastings area, https://www.thomasjacks.co.uk/pulsar/product.asp?ref=1067
  8. scraggoak

    Baofeng uv5r radio

    Hi Remi. yes you can program them to work with pmr frequencies, it can be done via the keypad on the radio but much easier with a programming lead and suitable software
  9. scraggoak

    Baofeng uv5r radio

    I have two of these radios, very pleased with them
  10. scraggoak

    Long range radios

    I Bought a set of these radio's from rigrat for our shoot last season, really pleased with the radios and great service.
  11. scraggoak

    AYA 400E Boxlock 12 gauge

    looks like a Yeoman to me not enough engraving for a 400e
  12. scraggoak

    Vintage Motorcycle

    Why no mot needed, my 1938 matchless need an mot every year. ??
  13. scraggoak

    Pyreneese off road adventure 4x4

    Hi All. i have tried to upload some photos without success, i kept a daily diary on facebook so if anybody is interested send me a friends request then you can scroll down the page to day one and follow the journey just click on the link and send a request, cheers Geoff https://www.facebook.com/geoff.parsons.336
  14. scraggoak

    Pyreneese off road adventure 4x4

    Hi Mungler it would have been good for a group of lads, but mine was with the wife and our 12 year old Cocker Spaniel, in fact he was the star of the trip, he slept through most of the rough stuff and the heat seemed to have no effect on him, as soon as the engine started he jumped in the back ready for the next leg,
  15. I have just returned from 15 days transversing the Pyreneese mountains. i was driving a landrover 110 and my brother in law was using his Isuzu trooper, We had a fantastic time the trip at times was really hard going driving over deep gullies large boulders where low range an diff lock was the order of the day, the isuzu suffered with lack of ground clearance, the nearside window fell out and his seat collapsed with the constant pounding, the 110 suffered steering failure due to a garage fitting a jubilee clip on the pressure side of the steering pump which luckily failed just as we pulled into a car park in a busy town, i shudder to think what might have happened on the mountain, also due to the pounding the battery holder worked loose and eventually the positive terminal of the battery snapped off, luckily the isuzu had twin batteries so we nicked one and was back on the road in np time at all. This trip is for serious 4x4 vehicles my Xtrail could not have coped with the terrain and you do need low range, the weather was on our side which made the going easier, had it been wet we would have struggled on some of the trails. The Scenery was stunning and varied, if any of you have ever thought of doing the trip go for its a wonderful experience, We saw Marmots, Egyptian Eagles, and Mouflon along the way,