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  1. Good stuff. Nice bit of rough ground. There seems to be plenty of woodcock around.
  2. Ballymac

    Wasps Nest

    Thanks for replies guys. I was away from computer so didnt get back. What I have been told by pest controller, which ties in with Dekers, is it is only a small number of females left in nest. They are probably nesting in the cavity as we cannot find the nest anywhere, although there is very limited access in the area that we think the nest is located. Will get some of those sprays or ant powder and see what we can do. The only council that do deal with wasps apparently is the Belfast City council. So everyone outside of that area has to pay private companies (applies to N.Ireland only )
  3. Ballymac

    Wasps Nest

    Hi Guys, MIL has been stung by wasp in middle of night, so I was asked to find the nest. Its in her loft of her bungalow and they are getting in under the guttering. I rang local council and was told that they do not deal with this type of pest. Passed on to environmental services and they told me to go to yellow pages. Rentokill have gave me a price through their on line service, and have tried a number of local companies with no success. Anyhow just thought I would ask for your experience on this. MIL is old aged pensioner. a long time now and the money that the companies are asking is what it is. But I was thinking that as an old aged pensioner living alone etc should there not be a better service available from the council. Its a bill she could do without, aren't they all, what's your thoughts on the council side of this. I am not getting at the price being charged by companies for their service.
  4. Well its a good bag for over here. I was gonna ask where you shot them, but not specifically, the County or general area would have done. Just idle curiousity. N Ireland is a small place and there are those who would try to get in on the act. I 'm sure that the question was asked with no secondary motive behind it. Haven't seen 300 pigeons in the one place in a long time. Now crows, that's a different matter.
  5. Been off the scene for a while and havent managed much shooting, but hope to get out tomorrow. Friends have told me of their days out in different parts of N Ireland and there are a few about. This colder weather and the full moon should bring a few more in. Hope to be out in the coming days so will let you know.
  6. Suppose it depend on what you have plenty of, on the ground. They can be a pest and when there are 00's they do lots of damage and need sorting. In Ireland hares are mostly taboo when it comes to shooting. As the old country saying goes 'that's another man's sport'. I personally would n't shoot a hare as there are not massive numbers in my area. I love to see them in the fields and enjoy watching the huntsmen and their hounds. So I leave any hares for these country men and they leave the other animals for other country men.
  7. Good bag. That's nearly as many woodcock as I have seen all season Hopefully that snow has pushed them down my way.
  8. Hands full there with that pup. Like the springer. No snow this way bit disappointed.
  9. Thanks, I like them, mum in background her two daughters to the fore
  10. Along day to only get two duck but better than sitting about. We started at 9.30am and hunted an area that produced two woodcock that were not even shot at as they were out of range. We left at 11 or so to go to another area and one lad got a rabbit. Birds were not about and we quit at 12.15pm. I decided to go on to another area on my own, a quick cuppa and choccy bar for energy and continued til 2pm. I had got the two duck and was hunting the ditch when my phone rang and yes you guessed it 4 mallrd flew off. I thanked my daughter and came home. Great day
  11. Entered the modern world and downloaded chrome, so a combination of deleting old emails running a virus check and chrome have resulted in me having an account that now works. Thanks
  12. yea my facebook account was hacked or it was attempted, someone in Germany. So may have been some issues with hotmail. I have done the virus scan but did not resolve the problem.
  13. well done/ Woodcock not that plentiful around this way
  14. I had tried to upload a few photos but only one made it. Dogs got a few days out over the holiday time. Yeah a tote bag keeps most of the dirt off the back of the seat.
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