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  1. It's not on either my SGC or FAC. Is this a fairly recent addition, as I thought adequate insurance ought to be common sense.
  2. It seems the police are issuing warnings that prosecutions could happen should people attend, and, in addition, they are planning a dedicated operation to disperse any groups trying to attend. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/Seems -england-birmingham-53119615 Somewhat at odds with their attitude to recent demonstrations and beach gatherings which were seemingly acceptable and allowed to continue.
  3. It's only possible because idiots pay the price!
  4. Can you post a link to that please. My reading of the BASC website is that pest control is in England only. Their letter is also only for England.
  5. I've also used the attachment to remove accumulated grime but had to use the more powerful lance for the stubborn stains. Once cleaned up I use Cuprinol Decking Oil. Two coats and the decking looks good for the year.
  6. Is that the latest mutation to the covid 19 virus?
  7. lf he sees sense, sooner rather than later.
  8. California, where she wanted to be all along.
  9. Boristhedog

    Captain Tom

    That would be a superb way of thanking him for his spirit.
  10. Boristhedog

    Captain Tom

    Brilliant idea!
  11. Boristhedog

    Captain Tom

    Thia man deserves to be honoured by the country for simply rallying so much support for his much loved and respected NHS. It would be amazing if Prince William could find a 2 metre sword and Knight him on his 100th birthday.
  12. Sorry to be a little dim, but why would the police be involved or why should cash change hands? The police, if they saw the incidents, might stop you and offer driving advice but what else?
  13. ‘Less traffic on the roads means less accidents, less mileage in the car means less visits to the petrol station and reducing chances of spreading the virus at the pumps, paying the cashier, etc. The message is to stay in, folks 👍’ This, to me, sums it up. Shooting in isolation may seem ok but when you consider the points quoted above you have to think again.
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