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  1. And last but not least......snap caps.
  2. I was on my way home from a stalking trip, with a couple of hours to go I pulled into a garage for a coffee. Dressed in stalking suitable clothing with my rifle bolt in a leather holder on my belt. Inside the garage shop were some 8 to 10 police officers having a break, coffee and sandwiches etc. I walked over to the Costa machine and while the coffee was being made one of the policemen walked over and asked whether I had a knife on my belt, the top of the holder being covered by my flapping shirt. I said no and that it was a rifle bolt, explaining where I had been and what I had been doing. That’s ok he said, had it been a knife I would have had to ask more questions but he and his colleagues were comfortable about the rifle in the car.
  3. If only politicians were as clear in their thinking as this.
  4. This constituency would always be between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrat’s. I spoke with a guy from the Brexit Party at a stall in my local town asking him why they were standing, didn’t he feel that any one voting for them would reduce the Conservative vote. I also mentioned that some ‘remain’ parties had decided not to field a candidate to focus the remain vote as the by election seemed to be about remaining or leaving. He thought his party could win and that by doing so would show Parliament that people were fed up with the status quo. It didn’t seem to matter that the party wanting to overturn the referendum result might succeed.
  5. https://www.judiciary.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/r-v-grannon-sentencing-remarks.pdf
  6. Boristhedog


    The bigger concern, in my opinion, is that these people seem to know who is licensed.
  7. The reply from my MP: Thank you for your email, it was good of you to get in touch. This whole situation regarding the revocation of these General Licences has been appalling. I have been in three meetings so far about this issue, and as Chair of the DEFRA backbench committee I have had a private meeting the Secretary of State, Michael Gove to discuss the issue and its potential ramifications in Wales. The Welsh Assembly have been watching closely the developments in England, and I hope that the Welsh Government won’t be in a position where there is gap between a new system of licenses and the old. Even a gap of a few days would be problematic for farmers at this time of year. I will continue to keep abreast of the situation and I will be meeting with colleagues next week to help work out a way forward. Kind regards, Chris Davies MP
  8. Wild Justice has publicised the fact that it has instructed its solicitors to write to the the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish organisations that issue their General Licences. I see this as the ‘cheap’ way of getting similar results as achieved in England without moving to Judicial Review. Consequently I have sent this to my MP and AM: ‘I hope you are aware of repercussions following the proposed action taken by Wild Justice (Chris Packham and others) against Natural England challenging the legality of the English General Licences. The revocation of the English GLs does not impact us in Wales directly. I note, however, that solicitors acting for Wild Justice have now written to Natural Resources Wales pointing out the outcome of their action against Natural England. Could I ask you to contact both NRW and Lesley Griffiths AM, Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs within the Welsh Government to seek their urgent confirmation that the Welsh General Licence will pass scrutiny. If they cannot give that assurance I would ask that you press them to address deficiencies expeditiously.’ Might be worth trying to get ahead of the game by as many as possible contacting our local MPs, NI, Scottish and Welsh Assembly and Parliament members. It cannot do any harm!
  9. I hope you covered the cab driver’s costs for returning the phone. It’s the least you might have done.
  10. Yes please. How would you like payment?
  11. ‘The Metropolitan Police said officers stopped the artist for not displaying car insurance, and that the search was conducted "correctly".’ From the BBC story.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-44672893 This BBC story states a man driving a car was stopped by the Met for not displaying car insurance. I hadn’t realised we had to display evidence of insurance. Do we?
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