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  1. ‘Less traffic on the roads means less accidents, less mileage in the car means less visits to the petrol station and reducing chances of spreading the virus at the pumps, paying the cashier, etc. The message is to stay in, folks 👍’ This, to me, sums it up. Shooting in isolation may seem ok but when you consider the points quoted above you have to think again.
  2. All cars are not being scrapped. The idea is for all new cars bought from 2035 to be electric, the existing petrol and diesel cars will just carry on being driven, being bought and sold as older cars do now. I’d guess it will be many years before all petrol and diesel ones are off the roads.
  3. You missed the post after yours which was removed, very quickly, by the mods. With that one in place the next one about it being the worst one would make sense.
  4. You don’t renew your GL, it’s issued by Natural England, and others, to allow us to shoot.
  5. You might want to edit the comment ‘I wouldn't sleep with the opposite sex’. 🤣🤣
  6. https://www.judiciary.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/r-v-rodwan-sentencing.pdf This explains how the judge applied the law about sentencing in this case. However, I cannot understand how he was acquitted of attempted murder and of having an offensive weapon by the jury!!
  7. Boristhedog

    fit bit

    Fitbit3 works like that and can be linked to a phone as well.
  8. Back to as it was now, thanks Teal.
  9. Me too.....this might start something.
  10. https://www.judiciary.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/SENTENCING-REMARKS-McCANN.pdf This is the judges sentencing remarks but it seems the judge passed the buck and rather than give him a whole life tariff he’s left it to a Parole Board in the future to decide whether he’s released.
  11. Just out of interest, would you replace the Monarch with something else? For example a President or Emperor.
  12. They received the mandatory life sentence for murder, with a minimum term. They cannot be released until the end of that minimum term, and then only if they are considered fit to return to society. That said, I would have liked to have seen whole life terms given to both of them but because either as teenagers or the crime wasn’t ‘bad enough’ this is ‘not acceptable’ to society.
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    Thanks. I’d seen that one but just wondered if anyone had a preferred blocker that they had used and recommended.
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