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  1. Only if it's not to Guy Fawkes.......
  2. I had my SGC renewed a few weeks ago by DP and had to pay £50 for a GP report.
  3. Try a sprinkle of ground ginger on the fruit before adding the crumble.
  4. I'm near Brecon, midish Wales.
  5. If you have one sitting around doing nothing in particular and want to sell it please get in touch. Many thanks.
  6. The BBC are saying that 2750 tonnes were stored at the site.
  7. Sky News is currently reporting 'at least 50 dead and 2,700 injured'.
  8. I'd guess that once she's back her lawyers, paid for by us, will appeal each and every ruling that goes against her. They won't care as its just income to them. In the meantime she'll be fed and housed by us for years.
  9. My licensing department use 2nd class post so aren't too worried about length of time in the postal system.
  10. Dyfed Powys also wanted the papers 12 weeks before expiry; the new one starts when the old one runs out.
  11. Sent my renewal papers in last Monday, FEO rang me and my referee on Wednesday and new certificate arrived Saturday. Thanks to Dyfed Powys Police for an efficient job.
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