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    Have shot handguns, rifles and shotguns over many years. Now driven pheasant, decoying, rough shooting and stalking.

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  1. Boristhedog

    Not displaying car insurance

    ‘The Metropolitan Police said officers stopped the artist for not displaying car insurance, and that the search was conducted "correctly".’ From the BBC story.
  2. Boristhedog

    Not displaying car insurance

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-44672893 This BBC story states a man driving a car was stopped by the Met for not displaying car insurance. I hadn’t realised we had to display evidence of insurance. Do we?
  3. Boristhedog

    AYA No 4 12 gauge

    Thank you Old Boggy. In light of the information from him I’m withdrawing the gun from sale so I can confirm the model.
  4. Boristhedog

    AYA No 4 12 gauge

    This is my gun. FTF please. Near Brecon, kettle will be on if you make the journey.
  5. Boristhedog

    Ruger  mk77 deluxe Other

    Well, it’s more powerful than a 22-250 so I’m guessing 50 calibre.
  6. Boristhedog

    Richmond sausages.

    How does she taste?
  7. Boristhedog

    Simply rude people!

    Firearms licensing by any chance.....? ?
  8. Boristhedog

    Lawfull quarry

    Are you saying that, in the UK, you have a pistol conditioned to shoot deer and boar??? Humane dispatch? A few more details might be useful.
  9. Boristhedog

    Gender changing rooms

    because some accents can be offensive. Are you saying that your HR team are saying that all people from an entire area are causing offence by the way they speak?
  10. Boristhedog


    Just having a look at the very early posts and this one caught my eye....Broadband speeds of 576k bps for £40 a month. How times have moved on!
  11. Boristhedog


    Just too late Dai, sold to fallowbuck or they might have been yours....but maybe not!
  12. Boristhedog


    700 Hull Cartridge Comp X 28 gms 7.5 plastic cases and plastic wads. (2 x 250 slabs unopened and 8 x 25 boxes) Pick up from near Brecon, mid Wales £110
  13. Boristhedog


    I was a novice to stalking, I'd been out a few times and was constantly learning as I went but the DSC 1 made me sit up and realise I had far more to learn. Recognition, deer diseases and parasites were the harder areas for me, particularly recognising deer from different angles. The manual was very comprehensive but I also read articles in other publication and on the web. There are some good images there. I enjoyed using the old grey matter after many years too. I treat passing the DSC1 like passing the driving test; the real learning is just beginning. I don't think I've been out and not learned something new.
  14. Boristhedog

    FAC renewal in Dyfed Powys

    Thanks for the replies. My FAC is open but I think I'll just use one form for my nearest land which covers all my rifles but one, a 7mm - 08, which I tend to use for larger deer on my second area and several other areas I pay to stalk over.