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  1. Back to as it was now, thanks Teal.
  2. Me too.....this might start something.
  3. https://www.judiciary.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/SENTENCING-REMARKS-McCANN.pdf This is the judges sentencing remarks but it seems the judge passed the buck and rather than give him a whole life tariff he’s left it to a Parole Board in the future to decide whether he’s released.
  4. Just out of interest, would you replace the Monarch with something else? For example a President or Emperor.
  5. They received the mandatory life sentence for murder, with a minimum term. They cannot be released until the end of that minimum term, and then only if they are considered fit to return to society. That said, I would have liked to have seen whole life terms given to both of them but because either as teenagers or the crime wasn’t ‘bad enough’ this is ‘not acceptable’ to society.
  6. Boristhedog


    Thanks. I’d seen that one but just wondered if anyone had a preferred blocker that they had used and recommended.
  7. Boristhedog


    Can anyone recommend an ad blocker for an iPad please.
  8. Not too far..I’m in a small place called Talyllyn, between Brecon and Langorse Lake..
  9. I got a cousin lives in Powys, just a bit north of BB National Park, its a lovely part of the world it most certainly is!
  10. You could ask the Local Authority to consider the complainant (assuming all complaints are from the same person and only the LA would know that) as vexatious. The LA could then legitimately ignore further complaints about barking without worrying that the complainant might lodge a complaint that the barking complaint was ignored.
  11. That’s the problem. The scroats with illegal guns are sometimes difficult to find but us law abiding types....they know where we are and can ignore guidance as they see fit to make it increasingly more difficult for us.
  12. I am minded to do this, ie not pay, but what happens next time? Does the practice keep a record of my not paying and simply refuse to comply with any future request. That would mean having to find another GP and in rural areas they are thin on the ground!
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