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  1. Hi, has anyone got any pegs on a driven game day that need filling between now and the end of the season?? In the Bedfordshire area would be great. Regards Dave H.
  2. I'm looking for next year ,probably a team but not sure, just testing the water at the mo, Thanks Dave.
  3. As my title asks anybody know of any shoots in the area they could recommend ,Say 100 -200 birds please???.
  4. Thanks, but I made some like pictures above.....
  5. Could they be blood worms??.
  6. Ah ok, too far for me ,sadly just what I'm after...
  7. Cheers fellas, I'm sure I can fashion something up in the workshop now. Outlander.
  8. I'm looking to either buy or make some to fit on 45 gall drums if anyone has any good info please can you share it with me. Outlander
  9. Only you can weigh up the pros and cons of the situation, it may just be the best or the worst but you will never know if u don't give it a go. Besides you can always move on next year...
  10. Just wondering if I could help find u a shoot to beat on but sadly don't in that neck of the woods...
  11. Does anyone use a good phone app for moon phases ???? Outlander
  12. Spring drillings have come and gone round here with only a couple of good bags that were had, they are spread thinly now...
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