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  1. Outlander

    Trail cams

    Ok thanks, I'll keep an eye on out...
  2. Outlander

    Trail cams

    I need a couple for our shoot, as there are so many to choose from on the net has anyone got any recommendations please. Nothing too expensive. Many thanks Outlander
  3. Outlander

    Where did they go?

    Doesn't seem to be happening round here either, plenty of other greenery to go at for them...
  4. Outlander


    Had a few off the kayaks at freshwater east near tenby a couple of weeks ago.
  5. Outlander

    Rehoming a ESS.

    This request is on behalf of a friend of mine, she recently lost her 11 year old spaniel and is searching to find a ESS, dog or bitch between 1-4 years old to rehome. Must be friendly and like other dogs. Preferably in the north Beds/Northampton area would be great. Thanks for looking Outlander.
  6. Outlander

    Cci 22lr quiets.

    Thanks for the input lads , I'll c what is on offer at all my usuall stockists. Outlander.
  7. Im struggling to find any of the above at the moment anywhere around the Bedford area , anybody know any shops I can pick some up from??.
  8. Outlander

    Torch for LR lamping

    cheers chaps.
  9. Outlander

    Torch for LR lamping

    Can anyone point me in the right direction please for a redtorch to fit on my 22LR for lamping, preferably with with pressure switch and has a focusable beam. Regards Outlander.
  10. Outlander

    Pigeon outlet

    Have you tried Chris Jordan in Little Staugton?? i think he's a game dealer.
  11. Outlander

    Tomato Ripening

    I also remove most of the leaves when the fruit has reached a decent size I think this makes them ripen quicker, ive always done it because dad always did and it worked for him. I only water every other day for one minute using my auto waterer which is connected to my hose pipe. Toms seem to enjoy regular watering and it stops the skins splitting. It may also help to keep the door shut if you have them inside just to keep them a bit warmer .
  12. Outlander

    Decent weekend away locations.

    St Ives in Cornwall but i've no idea what the weather is like down there that time of year!!
  13. Outlander

    Any Mackerel

    Not much about last week in Lymme regis area, in fact nowt at all.
  14. Outlander

    Campsite recommendation

    Have a look on uk campsites .co.uk.
  15. Outlander

    Baikel hushpower 410

    Shame it's too far away otherwise I'd of come and had a look, but thanks for the nod.