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  1. I bought it from greenfields. They just said they would give a store credit. Rather the money to be honest. I just can't seem to get to grips with it. It's on a howa 1500. And it's as low to the rifle as physically possible. Still won't zero. I tried shimming but couldn't get to grips with it either. In all honesty I have come to the end of it with it and yeah maybe someone else will have better luck with it. Thank you both for your advise.
  2. Selling my recently bought Yukon photon. Unfortunately I can't seem zero it on my rifle. Works well on my .22 but my howa .243 it doesn't have enough down adjustment so unfortunately it has to go. Very good unit if it could zero to the gun I would be keeping it. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. It was only purchased a week ago. But cant return it as the store will only do a store credit and I would rather money back instead. Can be viewed working. Any one wanting to view is welcome. £600 with mounts which are £60 on their own Box and case manual all present. Unfortunately I can't seem to add photos more than happy to send photos if you pm me Cheers ed
  3. edd

    gun cabinet

    price drop now 80 pounds
  4. edd

    gun cabinet

    hello guys and girls, i have a shotgun cabinet for sale, its a five gun cab with lockable top part for ammo, in good condition, few scratches on surface but at the end of the day im only looking for 90 pounds. it has the bolts for the wall, and one set of keys. two of the keys are bent but still work. any questions please feel free to call me on 07834 373 058, i live near basingstoke in hampshire, if anyone one wants any picture please send me a message with your email and will send them via that. please note this is to be collected only many thanks for looking edd
  5. edd


    as always amazing pictures greengrass
  6. edd

    gun cabinet

    sold sold sold cheers for looking guys
  7. sold sold sold, cheers guys
  8. edd

    ferret finder

    tell me about it sparkie, hence the selling of a few bits recently having just set up my own pest control compony im running short of money lo. pm sent back feaks edd
  9. edd

    ferret finder

    hello again guys and gals i have a deben 3 ferret finder in good condition never used it that much since i had it. sale due to ferret being given away. it will come with one collar and as many nets as i can find i think about 5 or so as i have sold the rest. 100 pounds. if any one is interested please drop me a pm cheers for looking edd
  10. heya guys and gals i have a schmidt and bender 8x56 up for sale for £400 in great condition, unfortuntly my friend is moving away and givin up shooting, so here it is if anyone has any question please let me know via pm many thanks edd
  11. edd

    gun cabinet

    heya guys been a while since i last posted on here and have a couple of items for sale today i have a 4/5 gun cabinet in good working order its 58 inches tall and roughly 12 inches wide. its up for 80 pounds any one interrested please pm me cheers guys edd
  12. hey guys and girls i am selling a parker hale 308 for a freind of mine, ( he isnt very good on computers ) this 308 isnt the prettyest fish in the pond but it shoot very tight groups for an oldish rifle, it has had the trigger played with to make it more sensative and comes as rifle only, he wants it gone as no need for it any more and is selling it at 90 pounds, if poeple want picture i am more than happy to email them over and explain some more about it, if poeple are interested i am in the basingstoke area and am happy to travel to 30 miles of basingstoke many thanks edd
  13. edd

    jay feathers

    sold.... well not quite sold but given to f3x3 cheers buddy they will be on there way to you tomorrow give me a message when you get them cheers
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