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  1. You can't put on a post like this you have to quote a price forum rules Moderator please advise
  2. Received sling today when was the last time you had it on a gun one of the attaching screws very corroded the other seized not really what I was expecting Woody
  3. Enquired about the slings but haven't heard from you Woody
  4. Little Hotty boot and hat welly drier just plug it in and set timer works a treat put your wellys or hat on the vents and the little hotty pumps air through your wellys and drys them no lasting odours £15
  5. Top of the range ocean waterproofs worn once size 4xl would suit someone who works outdoors these bad boys won't let water in cost me £65 sell £35
  6. wow posted them last night at 5pm good old Royal mail
  7. Yes two pairs of you want them???
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