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  1. Cheers, trying see if the guy will post
  2. Evening all, I am after a Brocock Compatto in .177 flavour. Any additional items that come with it would obviously be a bonus. Pref a mk2 but happy to see what’s out there. cheers
  3. What sort of 12g carts are you after? I work in Tidworth so Andover is nice and easy
  4. Nice clarity on the image, what was it filmed with?
  5. Right, got the valve out. Out came the screw, spring and ball barring, the brass sleeve inside wasn’t and still isn’t going anywhere!! Guess that’s the problem, shopping time. thanks for the help everyone
  6. Sorry I meant it is discharging at its usual fast pace Had a quick look and the locking ring around the inlet seems stuck so I’m presuming there is something wrong at that end
  7. Bottle is discharging violently!!
  8. Cheers Chris, sounds like it could be the valve then. Will have a fiddle. cheers
  9. Evening all, a quick question. How do you tell how low the pressure is getting in your dive cylinder? just want to see if it’s my full level to low in the dive or the inlet valve is stuck. Either way my Ultra isn’t filling. cheers
  10. Good job it wasn’t you guys selling it then!!
  11. Price dropped to £200 need this gone as other things are attracting me
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