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  1. Like I said....they are on the rape here.........shot 87 today I will be shooting pigeon again tomorrow and Tuesday. All the best Buzz
  2. It was a bit mad at frist NT but after a while he settled down. We worked toghther in a small copse picking up shot birds later in the day. With a bit more work I think he will make a good"n"....works well!!!! All the best NT Buzz P.S Thanks for ya advice
  3. I aint seen any of them for ages Sam....used to be alot around here in Hampshire a few years ago.....every one seems to have gone over to Express All the best Buzz
  4. Lyalvale Express 6 shot 30 gms or 7 shot 32 gms......best cartridge ever made!! well I think so All the best Buzz
  5. Thats gotta hurt chap get well soon! All the best Buzz
  6. Going to take Onyx out on pheasant shoot for fist time tommorrow, going to stand with picker ups, as Ive always worked in the beating line I dont know what to expect.....we wont be working....just watching. I know he will go mad, as the outher dogs will be about. Ive been working him in the pigeon hide, but that is just one to one and he does really well. Any advice would be a great help in what I should be making him do, while standing back and watching outher dogs working??? He is 10 months old now and works really well on the pigeon, but all this will be new to him All th
  7. Buzzer

    Any cartridge

    Ya is right there Ern!!!!!! but I was p**sd and had to mind that I never shot me Subaru up as the sod was running up the garden path.....at least I admitted that I missed the ba***D! All the best Buzz
  8. Buzzer

    Any cartridge

    Express....a dam fine load for me ......never let me down yet......brought 500 Rottweil not long ago ...thought they were c**p...ended up selling them to me mate ! Every one to their own...but for me it has to be express for my pigeon shooting and clay shooting .....even if I had all the money in the world ! All the best Buzz
  9. Bloody well put Red !!!!.......i'm with you on this one !!!!!! All the best Buzz
  10. A good windy over cast night will work in your favor......try not to shoot at birds that are out of range! Ive seen blokes shooting at birds wich are far to high so many times....they shoot 100 carts for a hand full of birds......stay safe!!! All the best Buzz
  11. Pigeon are hitting the Rape big time down here !!!......last days beating tomorrow !so I will be at them Sunday. they feilds have been hit big time, but I aint been able to get at them due to pheasant shooting
  12. I take it your into Physics then RED All the best Buzz
  13. Buzzer


    Did someone mention BEER !!!! .....sounds good to me! wouldnt mind the jacket to!! mine is getting on a bit now! All the best Buzz :thumbs:
  14. clean the lens John!! :thumbs: All the best chap Buzz
  15. L.M.A.O :yp: ..what a cracker
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