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  1. Cheers colin starting the feeding late looks the only option. covey
  2. Hi all we have an unused pond on our shoot which cattle use for watering, we have not used it as there are problems with cattle consuming the wheat. Do any of you know if its just wheat or any grain that cattle cant consume. We are not permitted to fence off all or part of the pond. Cheers covey
  3. Hi McF This is a little underhanded ploy that i've used before for those not willing to pull their weight. increse everyones shoot fees by £100 and inform everyone that if they complete all the work parties and feeding rotas they get the £100 back, those who don't do the required days lose the money either way shoot benefits. I know it seems under handed and there will be those who do more than their share but this is exactly why those who always have a reason not to do their bit unless it involves shooting are made to toe the line. good luck
  4. Hi McF You did'nt say what was the target species for the feeders, we have used auto's for our flight ponds and found they work well, you will find however they bring out the magpie in people, we anchored ours to concrete blocks to stop them walking away. If they are for feed rides then i personally don't like them for no better reason than i'm old fasioned and like to see whats about and how the birds look. all the best with your search covey
  5. HI, the syndicate i work for get all manner of sizes and colours for me to turn into feeders all i do is look on ebay for m.o.d matt green or black paint this stuff sticks to anything and covers in one coat, i have even painted the landrover i use over the shoot with the stuff. covey
  6. covey


    At the moment netted rabbit is £1.25p each so shooting unless head shot is throwing money away covey
  7. covey


    Cheers Henry d Just what i was looking for. merry xmas, happy new year
  8. covey


    sorry boys did'nt explain properly, "not worth plucking and roasting" was intended for the heavily shot birds.
  9. covey


    Cheers Piebob, sounds like the makings of a good starter covey
  10. covey


    Hi all, once guns and beaters have taken the birds they want whats left is usually the heavily shot, i have plenty of recipes for pheasants pigeon and duck but none for woodcock that are not worth plucking and roasting anyone have any they can share. cheers covey
  11. On our shoot which is mainly wood, chestnut coppice to mixed oak,ash,hornbeam we have opened up glades on the beating side of the flush points the feeders are in the glades and then the birds are slowly walked to the flush point. I always keep a few small feeders dotted along the beat as the birds start to leave the pens and then withdraw these as the feeding glades fill up. Always remember each year is different each years birds are different and so is our oh so wonderful weather so the key is to adapt as thigs change
  12. covey

    Purse nets

    Hi All I will be ferreting again this winter after many years and would like some advice on purse nets, can you still get hemp ones or is there a better material now being used and some of the best places to get them. Cheers covey
  13. Hi all, I need some advice on how to clip the nails on our 2 ferrets and is there anything i can put in the court to help keep their nails. Cheers covey
  14. I asume the birds are in a pen and not still on the rearing field, how big is the pen and is there plenty of cover in it, how many birds. as a quick fix put down a straw ride and put some feed on it, hopefully its boredom and not stress due to over crowding. covey
  15. Hi ppuk, Had same thing couple of years ago no obvious signs of illness clean water and food, then while lamping sore half grown cub scaring the s@?t out of call bird either died of shock or broke neck on trap. Its worth an hour after dark might solve mystery and clear up another set of teeth. covey
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