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  1. Much prefer the boxy shape to the new disco, proportions look right!
  2. They have been protected since at least the 1980s. Seems their biggest losses come from shooting during migration in Spain and France. The ones that do make it have to contend with increased numbers of flying predators in the UK. Have not seen one for about 10 years in our part of S.Lincs.
  3. Cut some strips of white plastic and tie them onto a string washing line style and criss-cross the pen with them. Like sewelling!
  4. chesterse


    Aren’t all politicians! Look at the state they have got the Country in with their indecision! If we need nurses and the police to have a university degree then it’s about time politicians had some requisite formal qualification to run the Country!
  5. An old dog trainer once told me if your dog runs off, leave an item of clothing with your scent on where you last saw it and go back half an hour or so later and the dog will be sitting by the clothing. Haven’t used this myself but met a professional dog walker who had lost an alsation in the 600 acre wood we were in. Told her to leave something and come back later. Found out she left a blanket with a note giving her number. Two hours later someone rang her saying the dog was sitting on the blanket!
  6. They put on great targets but do not do food, although you can get hot and cold drinks from a machine.
  7. chesterse


    I too went for a walk in between rain showers today near my home in S. Lincs.The footpath took me around the edge and though the middle of two massive fields of peas which must have amounted to over a hundred acres. I was delighted to see hundreds of swifts and martins working the whole area, the most I’ve seen of both in years. I was surprised there were no swallows amongst them. Also interesting although I put 50 or 60 pigeon off the fields today there has hardly been any on them since they were drilled.
  8. Came across a full grown badger which I presumed was a road kill at the side of our country lane. Next morning something had been eating it and had dragged it a good twenty yards into the wide verge, a lot of the fur had been ripped off and chunks taken out of it. Anyway the next morning the whole thing had been taken off. It’s quite remote where we are so it it very unlikely another human being would have been involved. Could it have been a fox? I would have thought a badger would have been too heavy for it!
  9. Many thanks for all your comments, I’ve got a few options to think about.
  10. Sorry I’ve given the wrong impression, I’ve been clay shooting for nearly 40 years and have had a flinch on and off for more than 30. I’ve owned most makes of gun Beretta, Browning, Miroku, Benelli, Krieghoff, Caesar Guerini, Renata Gamba, and Perazzi. I’ve had guns properly fitted and even seen a sports psychologist but although lessened with proper fit and smooth cartridges has never gone away whatever gun I shoot with. Currently shooting a Perazzi MX8 Sporter with montecarlo stock, 32” , weight 8lb 10ozs I’m an A class sporting shooter and on a typical 100 bird shoot I can have on average 3 flinches, sometimes it costs me the target sometimes not, I can sometimes still get it at extreme range. Sometimes I can have 5/6 or more sometime none at all. Most frustrating! So when I re came across Pro Ones I know a good cartridge when I shoot it but put off by the price so hence the original question is there anything out there which is a direct alternative at a better price?
  11. Should have said that particular cartridge from a range of several after I outlined my requirements. That’s what I like about these forums there’s always one smart ****! 😃
  12. No but was talking to the chap from Malmo guns the importer at a the Cheddite championships on Monday he was recommending them and they certainly look the part. Pricey though?
  13. Yes I do like Officials and that is what I have been shooting for competition the past few years but just felt the pro ones were softer. I know it’s a bit subjective. I too buy from Cecil’s but with the new increase from Fiocchi they are not far off the Pro ones price now. Might take another look at RC2s as mentioned by cookoff013 have shot them in the past and they are a good shell.
  14. Yes and it does make a difference but not a total elimination in my case. Couple of things, not having the comb too low as to obscure your peripheral vision and having the grip sorted so that the pull is straight back and not on the diagonal. Still a bit of a mystery but I do know that thumpy shells don’t help.
  15. Won some Hull Pro Ones recently and on shooting them remembered what an excellent shell they are. I find the are smooth to shoot and really “kill” well. Anyone come across an alternative that’s as good but at a more competitive price. Or is it a case of you only get what you pay for? I can’t shoot any shells that are a bit thumpy or I start flinching!
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