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  1. Good advice, I shoot that exact combination of fixed chokes using 9s and don’t have any problems with close targets.
  2. Obviously there are different levels of “shoots” from the small walk round to the large commercial driven shoots but I think the main thing is that beaters and pickers up are treated with respect and not taken advantage of. A nice friendly day with like minded folk is one thing but what causes resentment in my book is when beaters are looked on as glorified serfs. Also on some commercial shoots the massive anomaly on what is charged at the guns end and what is paid to the beaters. Beaters and pickers up should not be subsidising the guns/shoot owners.
  3. Have used Legia spray for shotgun cleaning for years but this latest can is leaving a brown residue on the metalwork around the breech and ejectors. Anyone come across this or throw any light on it?
  4. Friend of mine has just gone through the same experience after many years of shooting game. He started on clays with his 28” Browning 725 game gun but has improved his sporting clays scores by going to a second hand 32” Miroku MK38 trap gun.
  5. The Hull ones are definitely not comp x but in my opinion are excellent cartridges. His new express pros are also excellent in that to me they have minimal recoil and give really good “kills”. I consider both good value and in fact now use the pros for all my clay shooting, competition and practice. Previously I was mainly using the more expensive Fiocchi Officials but have not noticed a decline in my score, if anything they have improved marginally.
  6. Remoaners throwing all the **** they can - don’t they realise it’s doing them more harm than good!
  7. Try Sporting Targets in Bedfordshire.
  8. If you go, don’t take a dog with you. They are definitely not dog friendly.
  9. Yes I believe it can. I have gone through a similar process as yourself and as you have demonstrated different chokes weigh differently. Even the same choke type eg. a Beretta factory optima 3/4 will weigh heavier than a cyl. I’ve experimented with various different makes/ weights of chokes in my DT 10 and am convinced that it can affect the handling of the gun. Funny thing is like you went back to the original factory cokes!
  10. Much prefer the boxy shape to the new disco, proportions look right!
  11. They have been protected since at least the 1980s. Seems their biggest losses come from shooting during migration in Spain and France. The ones that do make it have to contend with increased numbers of flying predators in the UK. Have not seen one for about 10 years in our part of S.Lincs.
  12. Cut some strips of white plastic and tie them onto a string washing line style and criss-cross the pen with them. Like sewelling!
  13. chesterse


    Aren’t all politicians! Look at the state they have got the Country in with their indecision! If we need nurses and the police to have a university degree then it’s about time politicians had some requisite formal qualification to run the Country!
  14. An old dog trainer once told me if your dog runs off, leave an item of clothing with your scent on where you last saw it and go back half an hour or so later and the dog will be sitting by the clothing. Haven’t used this myself but met a professional dog walker who had lost an alsation in the 600 acre wood we were in. Told her to leave something and come back later. Found out she left a blanket with a note giving her number. Two hours later someone rang her saying the dog was sitting on the blanket!
  15. They put on great targets but do not do food, although you can get hot and cold drinks from a machine.
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