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  1. chesterse

    32" semi auto

    I’ve got a Beretta 391 Urika 2 gold parallel target 32” which I’ve had since 2012. It’s not my main clay shooting gun but whenever I go back to it I always seem to shoot well. Did have to put some lead in the stock to get it to balance to my liking though. Although it’s a very long gun I don’t find it a handicap in any way on clays and it points very well. It’s also has a motecarlo stock which fits me well, having a long neck.
  2. chesterse

    Beretta 682x trap

    I’ve had three 32” and the two fixed choke ones seemed to handle better than the multichoke. Started off with a fixed choke, then had it teagued because I thought I was disadvantaged on the close stuff. Then bought a multichoke and didn’t like that , eventually sold those two and went back to a fixed 3/4 and full which I shot well with.
  3. chesterse

    Beretta 682x trap

    I’ve gone 5/8s / 5/8s on a sporterised DT trap gun, never regretted it.
  4. chesterse

    Eley select clay cartridges

    Really good cartridge with soft recoil - have not noticed any residue issues.
  5. chesterse

    Browning A5 pistol grip 12 gauge

    Classic shotgun👍🏻
  6. chesterse

    Ford Fiesta Eco Boost

    We bought a new 1.0 ecoboost Fiesta a year last Sept and have done about 7K miles in it. Brilliant little car, really well designed, surprisingly quick and driven steadily get about 50 mpg. Had no problems at all!
  7. Horrendously high prices on the High St are the reason for for poor sales. Even discounted sale items are beyond what most people can afford to pay!
  8. chesterse

    Dead Bats

    Do you live anywhere near a wind farm ? I have heard that the change in air pressure around the turbines kills bats.
  9. chesterse

    Woodburner tax

    They are great for getting rid of incontinence pads?
  10. chesterse


    Definitely go for a second hand Beretta 686, Miroku MK 38, MK70 or MK60 or Browning 325, 425. Would suggest a 30” barrel length for starting clays and all round gun and choked 1/4 and 1/2 or multichoke. As has been stated they will hold their money well if you want to sell and unless you are very unlucky should be reliable. Always worth giving Bill Elderkin of Spalding a ring as well as the others. Difficult when you have just started but gun fit is very important if you want to shoot well, try to get someone to help you with that. Some of the lesser known brands look appealing as the new price is comparatively low but you would not do so well if you want to sell it. There is also the question of reliability with some of them!
  11. chesterse

    dings in shotgun stock

    Damp cloth over ding and then hot iron on damp cloth. Keep checking progress.
  12. chesterse

    Swallow, Swift and Martin watch

    Saw first swallow in S.Lincs 16th April.
  13. chesterse


    Had one for eight years and it has been a really good all round vehicle. Not much expense outside of regular servicing. Get about 36 mpg in the winter and up to 40 mpg in the summer, don’t drive it hard though. Tows well, good off road and a quiet comfortable cruiser on the motorway. Would not know what to replace it with at the moment.
  14. Didn’t quite manage the “all gun dogs should be kept outside in a run” thing?
  15. chesterse

    3/4 and Full

    Shot 3/4 and full for sporting and fitasc over several years with good results. On the one hand the “dusting” kills give confidence but close targets can be a problem psychologically and every so often a unaccountable miss would occur on longer ones, presumably not helped by the tight patterns. Had the gun taken out to 5/8 in both barrels and never looked back. Do however use a combination of different shells to help open and tighten the pattern.