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  1. I’ve scanned through this conversation and can’t see any mention of late finishing and affecting lowly beaters. Talk about being taken for granted.
  2. Wished I lived a bit near to it. Lovely ground - really enjoyed the British Open there.
  3. That’s absolutely right. A few years ago I wanted a grade 1 mk 38 trap gun 32” for sporting. The dealer got out several brand new guns and the comb heights were all different. I finished up buying a version with an adjustable comb which also had a longer 15” stock as well. I too have a long neck and it suited me well - another gun I wish I’d never sold.
  4. Think it must be an issue with the newer Berettas? I’ve got five but they are all older guns with excellent trigger pulls. The 1980’s 682 x trap has the lightest pulls. Also have a DT 10 which in my opinion compares to a Perazzi MX8 which are supposed to have some of the best trigger pulls of any shotgun. Even my 2012 AL 391 semi auto has a good trigger.
  5. My wife and I took great delight in watching a robin building a nest in a thick bush just outside our lounge window. We were amazed at the size of materials it carried and the care it took not to be spotted going in and out of the bush. One morning I returned from walking the dog to see the nest ripped out and strewn on the floor. I must admit to being quite upset and presume the culprit was a squirrel!
  6. We have a pair nesting in our porch - we are so thrilled using the front door is banned!
  7. No point in fighting for BAME to have priority on the jab as a large percentage of them won’t have it anyway!
  8. If it was any other job/profession then performance would come into it. I’ve never heard or seen how our NHS performed against other “rich countries. Like percentage wise how did we compare on numbers going into hospital and those coming out alive.
  9. chesterse


    It’s a shame, I worked at their head office just off Oxford St for six years. They were proper jobs with a career structure and so on. They also took on loads of graduates each year to work in their buying teams. 12000 jobs gone. I know things change over time but I do think the various governments could have done something to help high street retailers compete with the internet giants. I find it difficult to believe that shoppers won’t miss the high street shopping experience.
  10. I suppose when you get to seventy there is some excuse for not knowing what day it is 😂
  11. I saw a lone swallow whist out beating yesterday (Wed. 29th Oct). Is this unusual for the time of year?
  12. chesterse


    How can you be so upset about someone you never met! Such was his strength of personality and knowledge coming though in his written word. RIP Hamster
  13. Absolutely and in a lot of areas they are suffering through loss of habitat. I live in the Fens and it’s a great delight to me when on the very rare occasion one pops up out of the dyke.
  14. It’s worth a try with the super extended chokes especially if you just buy two - that’s all you need, say 1/4 and 1/2. Extended chokes being heavier will alter the feel of the gun putting more weight at the front end. This can be beneficial but is down to personal preference. Most people like the balance to be just in front of the hinge pin. You can check this by carefully balancing the gun on a pointed index finger and also compare to your brother’s gun. Don’t go to ported chokes as they don’t make any noticeable difference and are a nightmare to clean. Having said all that one thing to consider is that a 28” gun would be a rarity with serious clay shooters today. Most prefer a 32” or 30” for steadiness and pointability.
  15. I was decoying a rape field one day and struggled to get the birds to come in. I noticed there was a flight line along a hedge at right angles to a small wood at the bottom edge of the rape field. I moved and set up just on the edge of the wood and had a really good day shooting seventy odd as they flew along the hedge and lifted to enter the wood. Have also actually had some good days decoying inside a wood when the birds were on beech mast.
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