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  1. Turkeys and Christmas comes to mind!
  2. chesterse


    Don’t know why they keep trying to change it, it was fine as it was. New version more difficult to navigate!
  3. Exactly! I’d sooner trust a cop with a gun than a maniac with a samurai sword!
  4. It’s not fair to ask the Police to put their lives at risk to tackle a guy with a samurai sword armed only with tasers. It all needs sorting out the Police needs guns and the authority to use them without redress in this type of situation.
  5. There’s a lot of talk from the politicians and pundits saying that we need to be building many more houses to satisfy demand due to population growth driven by immigration. Also there is a lot of pressure on agricultural land from so called green energy initiatives like solar, wind farms and pylons. Where will this end though? When we have concreted over the whole countryside? What about food production? Are we going to import all of our food? Nobody takes a longer term view - it’s all short term and lining somebody’s pocket!
  6. Saw one at Sporting Targets Bedfordshire yesterday and one at home in South Lincs. whilst walking the dog this morning. Always a thrill to see them arrive.
  7. Yes you can ring up and make an appointment to go and see what you are interested in. They also have an open viewing the weekend before the auction. They have two types of auction, the first runs for two days and you can go there and bid in the traditional way or you can book a telephone bid or bid on the internet. The second auction has a closing date a couple of weeks after the first and is a sealed bid ie. you offer what you think via their web site and the lower guide price is normally the starting price. Bear in mind that what you offer has about another 30% on top with commission etc. so it’s not so cheap as it first appears.
  8. Best comb raisers in my opinion are the Isis ones, they raise the comb but do not stick out at the sides like some throwing the cast out.
  9. I was very sorry to hear the sad news about Paddy he was a legend of clay shooting and another one gone. I didn’t know him personally but of course knew of him and saw him around at various shoots over the years. He was one of the established top shots when I started clay shooting some 40 years ago. I understand that when Grimsthorpe shooting ground first started doing competitions years ago he helped Mark set the courses and would not compromise on the difficulty level and helped establish the fine reputation that ground had for top notch targets. R.I.P Paddy.
  10. Whist talking about roost shooting I’ve noticed quite a lot happening on a Sunday afternoon and evening near us. Is this the done thing or am I old fashioned?
  11. I think we need a complete revamp of how do things, the whole system is rotten to the core.
  12. 687 was marketed as a “delux” upgrade version of the 686 with better engraving and wood and the embellishment on the top lever etc. I remember wanting one in the 80’s but couldn’t quite afford it. Eventually bought a 686s, 30” multi choke which I should never have got rid of.
  13. For that kind of money vmaxphil is right, you can’t beat those old Berettas 300 series, 28” and you have a great all round gun.
  14. Think some of the gunmakers have latched on to built in obsolescence!
  15. Another one for the 18v DeWalt. I bought one to do my hedges as I needed something lighter after a couple of operations and was really impressed on how they coped with my 100 metres of hedges up to 8 ft high.
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