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  1. What we are talking about is illegal immigrants. We are only a small island and basically we have too many people already. The roads are jammed up with traffic. The NHS is being overrun. There is a massive shortage of housing. Social services are really struggling especially with the elderly and mentally ill. We need to get the people who are already here to fill the job vacancies. Controlled legal immigration is fair enough but illegal immigration is not.
  2. No need to worry the European Court of Human Rights have done the job for you! Amazing isn’t it when the judicial system works at the speed of light for these people with no expense spared. For you or I to try and get something through it takes months/years at horrendous expense. Doesn’t seem right really does it!
  3. I would try stopping the dogs free running and keep it on an extendable lead and give it Joint Aid or equivalent. Can take a long time and a lot of patience but rest is a great healer.
  4. I too have been a bit confused by the Allsport. From what I can gather it is offered in the Summit and Invictus models and mainly relates to the stock which is an adjustable montecarlo. In each model also you can have it with a flat or raised rib. The Invictus with raised rib in 32” would be my choice - not that I need another gun!!! 😂
  5. Wow that looks like big sleeper - what a beauty!
  6. How much harm is lead actually doing? Doesn’t it all pale into insignificance when you consider the devastation going on in Ukraine?
  7. I was lent one years ago back in the 90s when my other gun was in for repair. It was an open choked skeet gun and at the time was impressed at how well it handled for sporting. That was an old gun even then. I guess there is nothing much that would go wrong with them but if it did I should think spares are difficult to get hold of. All in all I like 80s/90s guns especially Berettas as I think they were better made then than they are today.
  8. The Perazzi is also a Monte Carlo but flat rib.
  9. Thanks for your replies guys. I was expecting taking about 3 mm off the comb would solve the problem. I’ve been trying to get my head around the gunsmith’s argument and I guess he was saying that taking wood off the comb would not alter where the pad sits in the shoulder so the head would go down to compensate. However I can’t understand how they can bend the stock and still accommodate the stock bolt and of course there is also the question of as mentioned the pitch would be changed. I think a standard trap stock would give me about the right height with the raised rib of the xtrap but they seem to be like hen’s teeth at the moment.
  10. I have an old Beretta 682 x trap with a montecarlo stock. The gun shoots too high and I spoke to a gunsmith about lowering the comb height. He surprised me by saying the best way would be to bend the stock down. I envisaged some wood being taken off the comb but he said this is not the correct approach. Any thoughts on this? Plus if anyone has a spare standard 682 trap stock I would be interested.
  11. The Applegreen station on the A16 and the BP station didn’t have any diesel today in Spalding but managed to get some at Sainsburys.
  12. Get’s worse - a small syndicate I know have just lost their shooting after 40 years. The wood has become more and more popular with dog walkers over the past few years and don’t know it that’s anything to do with it.!
  13. Try Humberside shooting ground. They certainly have had them in the past. Worth a try.
  14. chesterse


    I also thought the 682 xtraps had stepped raised ribs. I’ve had three and still got one original 3/4 and full, Monte Carlo and raised rib. I won the Lincs Fitasc championship with it in 2012. The standard 682 trap gun had a flat rib but I never saw one with a factory Monte Carlo stock.
  15. I think it’s really commendable that people want to help Ukrainian refugees and take them into their homes. However the government not getting on top of the illegal immigrant issue that is costing us millions every day and the disaster in social care and waiting times in the health service is not going to make things easy.
  16. Had some heating oil delivered last Friday at 87p per litre. The guy who delivered it said it had gone up to £1 litre since I ordered it!
  17. Looks like a great buy for someone. I had my best ever year clay shooting with one of these in 2012 including winning the Lincs Fitasc Championship.
  18. Have also ordered one of the goodnature traps to try as recommended by Quentyn. Over £130 each but might be worth it in the one run.
  19. I don’t know about solving it but have done the following and so far have not had any more issues. I moved the car from it’s normal position with a hedge nearby to nearer the house. I bought some battery operated ultrasonic noise deterrents which I put under the car every night. I have a couple of bowls with baking powder/sugar and flour/sugar/cement nearby but these have not been touched so far. Every night I put sticky pads in the engine compartment. Every so often I spay peppermint spay around the wheel arches and in the engine compartment. It’s cost me over £600 over the past few months and am just keeping my fingers crossed.
  20. Regarding Laurence Thompson we seem to think he had Russell’s punt and or punt gun when he packed up but not sure.
  21. You are correct his name was Russell but the family affectingly called him Rusty.
  22. My wife’s grandad Rusty Lawson was one of the old wildfowlers on the wash. He new Kenzie well and were friendly rivals. The story goes if Kenzie went by Rusty’s bungalow East Bank, Sutton Bridge on his bike he would make his mocking goose calls as he went. Rusty made his own punt and punt gun and regularly took out celebrities of the time such as James Robertson Justice and Michael Adeane and Bill Urmston onto the marsh. He made his living wildfowling and from a small holding growing strawberries and asparagus.
  23. Just as a follow up to this post I sold the car today to a buying company called Motor Dough. Contacted them yesterday and the car has gone and money in my bank today. Their offer was a bit less than Webuyanycar but more than all the others and they promised to not mess me around and they didn’t. A guy called Ash went through everything on the phone with me yesterday and two guys came and picked it up today. They were polite and friendly and not at all nitpicking. They assessed the car including a short test drive and then rang through to their office and got the payment transferred into my account. A very satisfactory experience- quick and efficient.
  24. Thanks for your comments everyone that’s very useful information. Have had a quote from Webuyanycar which is substantially above other sites but already wary and confirmed by comments on here. Will give Motorway a try.
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