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  1. With all due respect, Kent, when it comes to my livestock I'll stick with my vet of 40 years expertise, rather than an engineer and his welder ;-)
  2. My vet always does - check out the Levine Scale (Google it). We sometimes get young kittens with grades 1-2 and they usually grow out of it. We'd only get concerned if it was over 3 and we've only had one of those in many years of breeding. As said, don't worry about it.
  3. That really is poor performance from the Surveyor - missing possible asbestos is an absolute cardinal sin in my book! Fortunately your Sparky was on the ball and picked it up straight away. Asbestos is no laughing subject - I personally know people that have died as a result of being in contact with the stuff. I used to live a few streets from the asbestos factory in Armley, Leeds https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armley_asbestos_disaster andas a kid we used to dig up the waste in the yard and use it as air rifle targets . I'm still here so far, but I know some from that area that aren't
  4. Looked at them but once I looked through Swarovski glass I was sold. Mine cost around the £200 mark if I remember correctly. Blueing is a bit faded in places but optically fine. Worth looking round for a second hand deal.
  5. Yep - I'd go for a fixed mag quality scope like swarovski or S&B
  6. UD, I'd strongly recommend you see an employment law specialist solicitor. I just found a local one off t'internet, but a specialist not an ambulance chaser. Like you I'd not been with them two years, but I didn't want to just roll over and accept what my employer wanted to do. My solicitor advised against tribunals and the like, but knew I had a good case anyway. I ended up with either my job back or a very good settlement - I took the latter. They even got my employer to stump up for the legal fees so it never cost me a penny! Good luck
  7. Yep, we saw a few yesterday, but only two dropped to the gun. I'd love a chance to walk round (just me and the cocker) when you can take those waist high birds, but not long left now :-(
  8. Did say so, didn't I? ? They are definitely my cartridge choice for the 20 Sounds like you had a good day - well done!
  9. I use Sipe in a 20bore and they are 26g of #6 with fibre wad. They drop birds just fine.
  10. If you press the clip in the middle of his chest he'll turn into a car - well, just the dipstick actually, but it's work in progress
  11. Cracking photos They are awesome looking animals, but I never think twice about dropping one to the floor given the chance.
  12. Paul T

    Shed heater

    Last week I bought a Dimplex Eco OFRC15C 1.5KW oil filled rad from Argos for £60 - I can recommend this one, but you could always go bigger. As said above though, the heat isn't instant. Mine is heating a 5x4m blockwork 'shed' with no insulation and I leave it ticking over on the lowest setting, which means I can wear a T shirt and a thin fleece and I'm comfortable. I've not tried it on the highest setting, but I don't need it to be 20 deg warm in there.
  13. Yep, I can only concur with the above posts Have a look at the 'See the Lead' website (link below) and particularly the game page - it might just give you some useful pointers. >> See the Lead <<
  14. As far as I am concerned, no you did not. You did what any perfectly sane, law abiding firearms owner would do, and I would've done the same. Look, the law is there to prevent muppets and wannabe Rambos wandering around the streets and shops with firearms and air weapons - let's be sensible about this folks. Question and answer session now ended.
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