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  1. BASC do not have Insurance cover for Horses.
  2. Jack Pyke have good Socks and they are on offer at the moment
  3. I will ask the question. I have not heard of this cover at BASC but I will come back with an answer.
  4. Sold and going to a good home. Thank you. Terry
  5. I'm selling this on behalf of my daughter Electric golf trolley, by Go Kart. Full details can be found here http://www.gokart.co.uk/ Comes with carry bag, charger and two batteries. Slight damage to corner of mud flap, and bag rest, but this does not affect use or performance. £150 sensible offers will be considered. Collection from Chells Manor, Stevenage.
  6. Great days well worth the money, it is a pity my Knee is knackered otherwise I would be there. The beating team are second to none. Go and enjoy.
  7. My thoughts exactly. For me it was not about Amber Hill, it was all about the exposure of Clay Pigeon Shooting to youngsters. Having just returned from a 2 day Scout Jamboree in Suffolk feeling Knackered after delivering almost 400 introductions to Shooting to children (Boy and Girl Scouts) it is good to see that the good work carries on.
  8. It is more about showing clay pigeon Shooting to Kids rather than "Amber Hill" We should be talking the positive angle not how and what Amber Hill was attempting, which Gun etc.etc.
  9. try this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b092l1js/credits
  10. CBeebies show Clay Pigeon Shooting. Amber Hill trying to break a record Look at about 10 minutes in. The programme is called:- Officially amazing goes bunkers. Go to catch up and type in above name.
  11. Sorry did not get to the West London on Friday but here is an old link from PW some 4 years ago. The pile has grown a lot in this time. https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/245344-wanted-loads-and-loads-of-used-cartridges-clay-grounds/
  12. A Jack of all trades but master of none, except that is of course entertainment and successful longevity in his chosen field of work.
  13. If in doubt ask BASC, after all you are a member, make use of your membership. Terry
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