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    killing stuff,off roading when i buy another bus pest control on 20 farms round east Yorkshire no wonder im skint and that's me done not asking any more

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  1. Jimmy Saville has proper caused some trouble here i bet he"s laughing like a trooper up there all the rest off them were just copying him he"s the daddy im so glad he never answered my letter i sent him when i was 10 year old it could have scard me for life
  2. just what i was thinking pete you seam to lose the skills when your nailing rabbits at 100 plus yds with 17 or c/f cause you can i really miss my rapid 7 might have to get another one
  3. yep cracking story miles better than all slaging off and back stabbing we get of people who have not got a clue on here well done this is how pigeon watch should be
  4. pretty good shooting rabbit was nice and the lad with feral was happy as pig in poooo i miss them days with air rifle........... rimmys and shotguns you seam to lose a bit of field craft what you need with a air rifle nice little vid fella swiss
  5. we have peat moors at back of thorne near us and they say it burns underground all year round the bit near us has bin on fire 6 or 7 times in my life time takes them weeks to control it its the deer that allways come off bad and ground birds
  6. looks more like a hand grenade mate more than a dog or fake photo may be
  7. i bet he"s on about that stupid thing they keep trying to tell me is law " you need to ring up and tell us your out shooting" errrrrrrrr SORRY but i don"t or and second thing its not law shooting log load of rubbish they just want to keep track of us with guns they still come out evan when you tell them
  8. ​ you selling that old rocking chair if so i no a few on here who might put it to good use
  9. well iv tried mr greens floater/bouncers and at 50 quid there as much use a chocolate fire guard if birds don't like them they wont come my best days have all come when you find the birds in massive numbers canning field iv had birds trying to land while i was putting decoys out now there good days . You can have every toy on market and a lorry to carry it all but no birds no shots its that simple out of every thing i own id say flapper is best
  10. its all money money money your not telling me that bird who said ken roach off corri has sat there for 35 years watching him on telly and then thought i"ll ring cops and say he raped me what a load of ****
  11. most farmers will kick off if you start trampling over flowering rape unless your fields are bald
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