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  1. No afraid he has stopped putting his cartridges in Shooting Gazette some time ago
  2. Tom is still around but not very well so I hear, do you have any old cartridges ?
  3. Probably walking stick ( gun ) cartridges
  4. Came across these recently.


  5. I have a hard Browning plastic gun case you can have SOLD Cambridge
  6. I have a very nice London Sporting Park side lock cased No2 of a pair
  7. It has taken me 15 years to get a 2 gauge for my collection so you can see how rare they are !!!
  8. Think you may need to visit me if you need some carts !!! How about a 2 gauge - very rare
  9. Next meeting will be in April at Folksworth nr Stilton Peterborough, I can send you the info for joining if you are interested think it is only £15
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