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  1. /\ this. Not liking Boris and an incorrect assumtption that Latin is useless are the main reasons for the posts. Latin is very useful in some areas, as said foreign languages can be better and more easily understood even if you haven’t been taught them and biological / medical terms also all based on Latin.
  2. The programme should be an embarrassment to Beefy. Ghillies who probably know about game fishing but without the first clue about pike, not using traces until bitten off so there were two lures at least left in pike. it paints fishing in a really bad light in my view.
  3. I have owned a CRV and currently still have an old RAV4 D4D. I would certainly consider a Rav. Capable off road where needed and 50mpg running costs with bombproof Toyota reliability. CRV good too, more car like and not quite as solidly built but still good.
  4. I’ll have a go at putting it back together? my daughter would love to learn with it!
  5. I have a freebie yeti one, it’s brilliant. Coffee too hot if use the lid but I use it daily for my morning coffee and like you say, great for a g&t too
  6. I have had my maxus for over 10 years, it takes some getting used to, eats gloves with the speed loader but no longer eats my thumb...keep your thumb on the edge of the cart and as above 90 degrees to breech
  7. Check the GLs…magpies have a lot more protection now.
  8. Maybe the Olympic committee need to rethink their classification of athletes? one group who can reverse park and one who can’t?
  9. This. Forget flourocarbon, to have a chance of being as resistant to teeth as wire it needs to be 0.6mm and higher and then it’s so stiff it offers poorer presentation and is still more likely to get bitten off. I use really heavy flourocarbon for sharks abroad as they won’t bite with heavy wire but they often bite through it. I have experimented with circles for pike but can’t get good presentation, they are good for zander with small baits but for pike small barbless trebles are the best pike as very fragile - get someone who knows what they are doing to show you how to handle them. Don’t fish deadbaits until the autumn - pike are too active at the moment and will become deeply hooked and likely die. Lure fishing is much more enjoyable anyway, especially on surface lures - not much more exciting than seeing a pike explode below a lure.
  10. Now that is a bloody good idea! Well done
  11. Imagine training for years and dedicating your life to becoming good enough to represent your country at the Olympics to then find out basically you cannot get gold because a bloke has decided he can’t beat other blokes, puts a dress on and says he’s a woman so he can win gold…a complete insult the the dedication of true sportswomen. It really is time the (western) world opened their eyes to this nonsense, ok, you can be whatever you want to be, you can identify as a daffodil as far as I’m concerned but don’t expect normal people to pander to your silly ideas / weirdness or accept your views…the world doesn’t need to change to accommodate you, even if the professional trans nazis of Twitter think it should…
  12. Qualified / experienced people can question their actions, the general public with no experience (or understanding or explosives according to this thread) should not be criticising them. Police officers get paid very little to put their lives on the line far too frequently and deserve a much greater level of respect than the public affords them.
  13. Wow, this thread has the most utter nonsense and drivel I have seen on PW for a long time. Keyboard warriors who think they have the foggiest clue about taking a human life to protect others and claim to know better than trained firearms officers who are forced to make split second decisions in the full knowledge that idiots with plenty of time will pick apart their decisions. It’s like the school playground.
  14. Why is this even raised as an issue? He needed stopping, if that took 50 rounds and turned him to jelly then that’s fine by me.
  15. 7/8 6 piece 11ft switch plus the matching Shakespeare switch line hardly used, not suitable to where I fish now having relocated. Rod in perfect condition, a couple of marks on the line perhaps. With original sectioned hard rod tube. Goture CNC machined reel, (not die cast) loaded with the Shakespeare line plus a spare spool loaded with a max catch catch shooting head and running line. Reel and spools and shooting line in perfect condition. I will also include a maxcatch switch line to match the rod (Not on a reel). photos to follow. £150 posted or collection welcome. A cheap well thought of little set up as a spare perhaps?
  16. An excuse to buy a packet of villagers then I suppose...
  17. Make sure you have some floating beads - the spider crabs will most likely be around and they nip hooklengths off and you end up fishing without bait or hooks.
  18. Probably a bit early for mackerel and I suspect may rot will be arriving in Dorset soon - have a look at WSF for the best chance of an up to date report.
  19. The cheap Norris lines are ok - they need to be given a good stretch after being on the reel for a while - ideally on a huge trout but in my case a fence post. They tend to have more memory than my Rio lines but considering some of the Norris lines I have were about £3 they are really good value - much better than mill end lines etc
  20. Fly line is where you should spend most of the money on a set up. my recommendation would be Rio, but they are expensive. Their “in touch” lines with no stretch are very good.
  21. I am planning on going if my 5 year old daughter wants to come and have a walk around with me.
  22. Same around here, gangs of them often 3 or 4 abreast. Cause no end of trouble for tractors as they can’t overtake and the Lycra so and so’s just don’t give a monkey’s. could do with a farmer turning his much spreader on and passing them with it on. They also have a very annoying habit of constantly shouting to each other. They ride very expensive road bikes, some poor engineer has shaved grammes off every component and then these blokes ride them to the pub or the cafe and eat cakes that weigh more than the engineer saved. I do a reasonable amount of cycling, but on my own and I would never consider trying to force large fast moving metal things to do anything, I keep out of the way.
  23. Thanks Henry - plan was nets if necessary, Avon so soft, Smidge and DEET so hopefully those in some sort of combination will work!
  24. Thanks - a useful tip. I need to get some more hackles which are closer to the right size as I only have ones which are a little too larger for these and much too large for anything smaller.
  25. I often get them to hang up if I’m in the mood to entertain myself. Asking them what they are wearing works well
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