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  1. yes i looked and couldnt see it for looking,all i need now is a year and ill be well away
  2. any idea what year it was made & is it a 30" thank you
  3. right ill sleep on it thanks
  4. i just bought a 682 e gold nice gun,what you asking for it probably more than i want to spend on a second o/u,but ?
  5. mine is a nice clean multi choke and if no one wants it it can stay,any gun is only worth what someone will pay,and its strange times we live in at the moment a lot of people will think twice before buying anything
  6. i did have it advertised for £295 but dropped it to £250 as i want a second o/u
  7. hi looking for a swap my winchester 1300 pump for a o/u must be as tidy as my gun cheers
  8. would be interested in a deal for a o/u but must be tidy gun
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