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  1. Kamasa torque screwdriver , ebay no 361901932639
  2. As above mandel cokes , i have one in mine , cracking job
  3. As title made by mel b (his wife actually) , these are new, bought but never used , each one holds four rimfire magazines , i have two of these £12 each posted
  4. Dont compare it to cz , weihrauch are on a par with anschutz
  5. Do you still want these mate , sent a pm but had no reply
  6. As title , size 10 wide , these boots are as new as you can see by the potos , been worn twice in and around the house £78 posted
  7. Athlon midas tac ffp 4-16x44 , aprs2 reticle , zero stop , comes with box and all the bits and pieces , this scope is brand new bought on a whim , never been out of the house , min parralax 10yds £510 posted
  8. Reduced £12 each posted , i have two of these
  9. If no luck on here you could phone ruag they might well have some , but expect to pay £200 - 250ish
  10. As title handmade , leather ,holds 4 x rimfire mags .22 LR / .17hmr / .22wmr , new been sat in the cupboerd since purchase £15 posted
  11. Got some five shot ones available
  12. If no luck here give ruag a ring to see if they have any , if so you will have to go through your rfd and expect to pay £250
  13. Bonus magpie while out squirrel shooting this morning total = 3737
  14. Fruit of the loom , warm as toast and cheap , used them for years for work and shooting
  15. Just saw a post on face ache that pard have had to fetch another model out ,the nv007v due to bolts on rifles hitting the battery housing on the s model , thing is the v looks the same as the 007a ?
  16. Youv,e left a pair of holy socks in the pic 😂
  17. Theres quite a few on the air gun forumbeing sent back , cant get a crisp xhair, fogging up etc
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