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  1. Just saw a post on face ache that pard have had to fetch another model out ,the nv007v due to bolts on rifles hitting the battery housing on the s model , thing is the v looks the same as the 007a ? 

  2. After reading various posts about this unit , there is a large thread running on the aigun forum , i think this is more a ratting rig , whilst its a cracking price there does seem to be a few niggles with it , but at that price you cant expect miracles 

    the thing that it has going for it is the size and no eye relief problems  , however if i was going to buy anything i think it would be the new pard 007s , yes its three times the price but its a lot smaller so the eye relief problem should be ok without having to buy a picatinny rail and qd rings which when added to the price of a 007a comes to the same price as the 007s , and pards are a proven unit , just my take on things at present 

  3. It smells like cats xxxx to me , the wife works in the coop and says you can smell it on their clothes as soon as they come in , as said you can smell it everywhere , i took the dog through the park the other day , a father had his kids out , they were playing he was smoking a joint , just about says it all 

  4. Theres a lad on nv forum posted that he didnt have much success with his , pic to one side and poor image , he was using a hawk scope , but their only new so they might be ok when people get the hang of them , or there will be a few coming up for sale , OW have sold around the 70 mark so far 

  5. 18 hours ago, Gordon R said:

    Got to love the sweeping statement that cannabis is generally accepted in society. I haven't got one friend or relative who thinks it is okay.

    I just don't see it becoming legal unless Labour get it. That is the very slim chance cannabis lovers have.

    I think that anyone who uses cannabis should be nowhere near guns - full stop. For those who say it is harmless - I personally know someone whose life has been ruined by cannabis.

    Got to agree , ive known to many people who started smoking cannabis and then went on to harder drugs and are now dead , its definately a no from me

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