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  1. telf

    Strap wrench

    pair of strap wrenches , large one unused , small one used has small tear in strap but still useable , see pics £7 posted SOLD SOLD SOLD
  2. telf

    Brake cleaner

    As title new , unused £8 posted
  3. As title brand new , unused £6 posted SOLD SOLD SOLD
  4. As title , used once so still full £10 posted SOLD SOLD SOLD
  5. Birchwood casey blueing kit used once so loads left in ( bottles still nearly full) , includes everything shown in pic except 2 swobs and one sachet barricade £16 posted SOLD SOLD SOLD
  6. Used to watch his channel years ago , used to have some interesting content and a very calming voice
  7. Cheers, will drop him a pm and see what he thinks if i need any more as they are a bit of a faff on to do
  8. Be good if they could but not sure if they would be to brittle when you tighten the stock back on , dont really know alot about the strengths of 3d printed stuff
  9. I recently tried to get some stock drop spacers for my mossberg 500 , tried loads of places in the USA and was told they are classed as gun parts and all were unable to ship , brownells and viking arms were unable to get them , have since made my own
  10. That has actually fetched a tear to my eyes , which doesnt happen very often
  11. telf

    pard 008

    Blackwood outdoors have a couple left i think , worth a call
  12. What trigger guard is on that doesnt look like the standard one , is it the DIP one
  13. Had a CZ , sold it and got an anschutz 1517 , the cz was accurate but the annie is like a laser
  14. Ive missed the past two summers due to knee ops , was hoping for a good spring/summer this year as no more ops on the horizon , then this has happened ,only hope it gets under control , in the meantime apart from a walk with the dog its indoors catching up on jobs that i have put off and off and off
  15. Had a couple of bodywarmers in the past zips went on both of them , now looking at shooterking clothing
  16. Rifle mags uk , if i were you id get the 1516 wmr ones , some of the 1517 have problems with feeding as they have installed a “ feed ramp” on them and it can cause issues ,unless you can get hold of the older type which are blued against the new ones which are just plain steel
  17. Got to agree with the above comments on NV /thermal , NV now is so cheap every man and his dog must have some sort of set up which has got to be detrementle to the rabbit population , i have a couple of decent smaller perms but the estate i shoot on is very poor now ,you would be lucky to get six bunnies on an all day session , i no longer own nv or shoot at night for various reasons , hopefully the rabbits will have a good couple of years as apart from it being good sport it is nice to see them in the fields
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