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    brand new unused SAK moderator £30 inc p&p please pm me SOLD SOLD SOLD
  2. telf


  3. telf


    BRAND NEW hawke sidewinder 4-16x50 illuminated mildot ret in box with pointer,sunshade,sidewheel,flip up covers and spare battery £160 inc p&p please pm me thanks dave SOLD SOLD SOLD
  4. I have a brand new unused sak £27 inc p&p was bought for .17hmr but as far as i know will also fit .22
  5. telf


    Sportsmatch 1piece 30mm high mounts £21 please pm me SOLD,SOLD,SOLD
  6. weihrauch hw100 .22 sporter carbine with QD studs fitted,hawke map pro6,4-16x50 scope with flip up covers,1 piece mount,buffalo river slip,7ltr 300bar bottle,tin pellets,pellet pouch.These are all 6 months old and have not been used in the past 2 -3 months,in as new excellent c on dition, £650,i am in the north east, please pm me SOLD,SOLD,SOLD
  7. telf


    brand new hawke 4-16x50 illuminated mildot sidewinder in box with sunshade,pointer,flip up covers £175inc p&p.Please pm me
  8. hi, i have for sale(no swap)a weihrauch hw100 sporter carbine .22,scope ,mounts 7ltr bottle if your interested all only 6 months old.I am in north east
  9. hi,i have a weihrauch hw 100 sporter.22,hawke map pro 6,4-16x50 scope,1 piece mount and 7 ltr bottle,all only 6months old,as new condition not used in the past 2 months, over £1200 new, want £750.P&P EXTRA
  10. hi mark sorry took so long to get back to you,im in gateshead, dave
  11. weihrauch hw100 sporter .22, hawke sidewinder 4-16x50 illuminated mil-dot,sportsmatch 1piece mount,QD studs fitted,butler creek gun slip,7ltr bottle plus guage.All these items are 5-6 months old and have not been used in the past 2months due to work commitments,still have boxes and manuels for rifle and scope.Bought new would cost over £1200 WANT £750 (NORTH EAST) ****************SOLD,SOLD,SOLD
  12. i wasn t aware you could order a 16" barrel from the factory,the way he came over to me was it was only a 22"you could get and nothing else,unless i was talking to the cleaner possibly
  13. hello all,merry xmas and a happy new year.Now the question,i am thinking of buying a sako quad varmint .17hmr,but would like the barrel shortened to 15,16",but when i enquired with GMK was told from a very unhelpful man that on no account should the barrel be shortened as it would affect accuracy etc as the twist in the barrel was made for that length barrel.But on looking on forums and word of mouth varios people seem to have quads with barrels cut down to 14-16".Any help,advice on the subject appreciated,also SAKO QUAD OR ANSHUTZ 1517 .17 HMR which is best,
  14. telf

    new gun

    thanks for the advice everyone will have a look on those threads and take it from there
  15. telf

    new gun

    cheers,if not a boresnake what other methods are recomended
  16. telf

    new gun

    hello all,about to purchase my first rimfire,.17hmr cz american when my fac comes through and am looking for advice on cleaning and running the barrel in thanks telf
  17. hi,is the scope still for sale,and if so would you be willing to accept £379 thanks davy
  18. telf

    cz rifles

    thanks for the replys,at the moment i think i will probably go for the american as all of my shooting is done on foot, and after looking into it further the zeiss 3-9x50 with mounts and flip up covers as it will still work out alot cheaper than buying a 3-12x50 over here CHEERS
  19. telf

    cz rifles

    any idea how much the mags are
  20. telf

    cz rifles

    any advice on these trigger kits,i ve just been looking on various sites and you can get the rimfire magic kit for around a tenner or a timney kit for £95
  21. telf

    cz rifles

    that wood looks great,hope i can get mine somewhere near that.So apart from the trigger possibly need doing are there any other faults,niggles to be aware of
  22. hello all, after having had a couple of topics on scopes and rifles i had more or less made my mind up on what i wanted,but after a conversation with a friend of mine i may have been totally wrong.I was going to get a anschutz 1517 with a zeiss 3-9x50 scope,but after talking to him he said i would be better off getting a CZ452 AMERICAN and instead of importing the scope from america which will incur taxes etc get a zeiss 3-12x50 over here thus saving money on the rifle but getting a better scope,whilst still saving a few bob.Having read reviews on the cz the only real problem seems to be the trigger which can be modified for about a tenner.Any help would be appreciated also which one would be the better choice in cz the varmint with heavy barrel or the american which is reported on one forum as prone to overheating if out all day bunnying. CHEERS
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