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  1. Got to agree with the above comments on NV /thermal , NV now is so cheap every man and his dog must have some sort of set up which has got to be detrementle to the rabbit population , i have a couple of decent smaller perms but the estate i shoot on is very poor now ,you would be lucky to get six bunnies on an all day session , i no longer own nv or shoot at night for various reasons , hopefully the rabbits will have a good couple of years as apart from it being good sport it is nice to see them in the fields
  2. Arkon should be available later this year (hopefully) , ffp only at first with possibility of sfp later
  3. You might find one on the Brownells website if no joy here
  4. Theres a few for sale on stalking directory
  5. 4 x magnetic motion sensor cabinet lights , each one with 15 leds , three rechargeable AA batteries included in each one , plus ansmann x 4 battery charger £37 posted
  6. telf

    Scope caps

    Might be a call to the manufacturer , just had a look on tinternet and cant find anything
  7. telf

    Scope caps

    Apologies gents thought you were after flip up covers , dont ask why , but must learn to put glasses on before answering posts ,
  8. telf

    Scope caps

    Get them off ebay from china (when it sorts itself out ) ,cheap as chips so you can buy loads
  9. telf

    Pard 007

    As New pard 007 , 12mm lens , comes with everything in box £320 rmsd
  10. telf

    Solaris srx

  11. I can see the point if you got caps the same size as a cartridge for as farmboy ,said checking cycling etc , but a pump isnt under any pressure when stored , is it ? , so therefore caps are useless as far as i can see
  12. That was one of the things mentioned that modern guns dont need the pressure released due to the modern materials used , unlike as you say older weapons , i suppose its one of those where you do or you dont , just wondered if anybody did and more to the point would caps even work in a pump
  13. Anybody use snap caps in a pump , been reading a couple of shotgun forums and there seems to be varying on wether there needed or not
  14. telf

    Flight case

    New flight case ideal for NV equipment , pick and pluck foam in so you can shape it to what you want , size 550 x 200 x 175 £37 inc postage via courier
  15. telf

    Head torch

    Led lenser H7R.2 , as new never worn , giving up night shooting so may as well go Sold Sold sold
  16. If im not mistaken this is something to do with squirrel shooting / air rifles , ive seen it mentioned on facebook groups connected with shooting greys , £90 springs to mind for a day course which gives you a bit of paper to say your a competent shooter , Might have it all wrong though
  17. telf

    PARD 007

  18. Seven this morning with the 20 bore , should have doubled that but the little buggars were to quick and disappeared into thin air 1849
  19. As title , green , XL , three external , one inside pockets , this is new without tags and has been hanging in the wardrobe since being bought £20 posted
  20. Yes be handy , i think the nearest one other than this would be braidwood so this will be spot on ,about a fiver an hour difference in the rate but with this being new i suppose that is to be expected
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