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    New pard

    I read somewhere they would be in the region of £500+ , nice short looking unit but as with most things comes at a price
  2. Take the weight of the rifle into consideration as well especially if walking / shooting , i used to have a 455 in laminate stock and found it very heavy , swapped it into a synthetic stock and there was no difference in weight , obviously the weight is in the rifle itself , i have now gone back to anschutz and the weight difference is significant plus its a much better gun imo
  3. Should have put in my lifetime
  4. Custom rifle scopes or custom hunting i think it is now have similar or ebay
  5. Totally agree , give the man a break , i cant think of another PM thats come into power and had as much to deal with straight away
  6. 9 - 13 Harris bipod for sale on nv forum £90 , excellent done nothing anschutz 1417 for sale on SD & BBS £300 , ive bought and sold some gear to the lad whos selling the annie and his gear is always spot on and well looked after
  7. Dont have the tikka but have anschutz in the same calibres , 22 ammo wise buy a box of a few different makes cci , eley , winchester , sk , rws etc and see which one groups best in your gun , hmr ammo the same winchester , remington , cci , hornady , ive always found hornady to be the best in my hmrs scope wise 22 , something with hash marks/ mildots for holdover distances , hmr something simpler as its flat shooting from 45 - 125yds ish , either bdc ret or plain x so you can dial in Sak moderator for both or spend a few more bob on a calibre dedicated mod for the hmr which are supposed to be a bit more accurate bipod , harris , deben , ive had harris years ago but have used quad sticks for the past 10 years or so good luck and enjoy
  8. telf

    Ammo for sale

    Where abouts in durham bud , postcode or pm if you want
  9. Mandel chokes , got a 1/4 for my mossberg, spot on
  10. 3 x females , 1 male and one stuck up the tree this morning total = 985
  11. telf


    👍 pm sent
  12. 20 over the last few days 80 = total
  13. Ive tried the cb longs shooting at 29ft lb sniping at rabbits a good while back and they killed them cleanly no problem out to 30yds , never tried them any further than that as i had no need , but a very capable little round that will do the squirrels no bother at all
  14. Sadderley and gunroom should be able to sort you out
  15. telf

    Moderator covers

    Sold sold sold
  16. telf

    Moderator covers

    One left now , £7 posted
  17. telf


    The devils footwear
  18. Have a look on amazon usa , you might be lucky and find a seller that will export them , took me ages to find one
  19. Love to see pics of our native birds , especially when the tits are are the subject seriously though , great photo
  20. 2 x black neoprene moderator covers , 192 x 38mm £8 each posted
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