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  1. Im in the opposite camp here , ive always cleaned my rifles , bolts and moderators after every use and have never suffered any inaccuracy or having to put rounds through it first to get it grouping properly i clean the .22 mod about every 200 rounds and the hmr every 100 and theres quite a bit of **** comes out of them then you might have a bit of a job on anyway stripping the mod now , whatever you decide good luck
  2. I pity the youngsters now in 20 years time the world will be a very sorry place and the way the world is going now , we will all have guns legal or not and be shooting each other
  3. telf

    x sight

    One for sale on SD , 4k 3-14 , £650
  4. have a look at the bsa tactical slips , ive used them for years with no complaints at all
  5. You learn something every day , never knew that
  6. Yes you can go , but the question is can you travel outside your area 30/40miles , as i have said if you get stopped it seems to be down to the police officer as to whether he thinks you should have travelled that far and also as to whether he slaps you with a fine , there is nothing anywhere to say the distance you can travel , if there was then you wouldnt have the problem with one officer making a decision that can make your wallet £200 + lighter people phone 101 to try and get a definate answer to which there doesnt seem to be one
  7. Exactly , could be a very expensive shooting session , what makes it worse is there is no definative answer to the question , yes you can go but no you cant travel outside your area and if you do your at the mercy of an officer who depending on how good a day hes had depends on if you get a fine or not
  8. My perms are approx 45minutes drive away , phoned the 101 number to check if it was still ok to go , the answer was pest control still allowed but she couldnt advise me about the travel time/distance , basically said it would be down to the officer if i was stopped / questioned as to whether i would be fined or not , which isnt really very assuring so im in a quandry if i can go or not
  9. The 1517 comes in HMR calibre
  10. this , couldn't be without mine now , I also have short ones , a bipod and two stick versions
  11. Ludicrous lumens now selling these at £284 & £294
  12. Athlon , cracking day scopes and great with NV
  13. Type in scopemate NVS30 in the search engine
  14. Ive got BKL 303 mounts on mine with an athlon 2.5-15x50 and its perfect with minimal clearance from the barrel , hope that helps
  15. Cheers steve that would probably do me , this thermal lark is a minefield , will look into it in the new year after santas current assault on my bank account
  16. Whats the xm30 key like for spotting squirrels in woodland and rabbits out to say 200yds in daylight
  17. telf

    Full nv kit

    Sold. Sold. Sold
  18. telf

    Full nv kit

    N8vision kit with e700 camera in , excalibre laser IR with adjustable mount , three panasonic 18650 batteries with box , evo 50 red torch with extension , led lenser headtorch , all in a flight case , only used twice so as new , giving up night shooting £220 posted nv unit and illuminator £160 posted
  19. 410 single barrel for sale on bbs
  20. Dont use either but the Main difference as far as im aware is the internals , totally different design , but the internals on the panther look to be a pain to clean , i use a DM80 which is a cracking mod and easy to strip and clean
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