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  1. Tried the norma this morning , great 60yd group , then all over the place out to 100yds , sk next , just had time to put the sk over the chrony , standard plus out of a 16” barrel 1067 , match plus 1073
  2. Let us know what the results are , if the weathers ok tomorrow im going to try the norma
  3. telf


    Sold. Sold. Sold
  4. telf


    WULF optics 1200 rangefinder , brand new and unused £90 posted
  5. I have some norma to try , they do seem a bit waxy but they are made by rws so that would explain it as i found the rws to be caked in the stuff , tried cci a while back , decent enough but very loud compared to the rest and as said not as accurate as the old eley 40g
  6. Technical term , short for headusleadusbullettuslooseus 👍
  7. To save on lead thats all i can think , to me they have gone from a premier ammo to the third division
  8. They have sent a batch of those back as well that were damaged and had loose heads , but eley would seem to be the worst offender from what i can gather , this would seem to have happened since the change from the old 40g as there have been a lot of reports with accuracy problems with the 38g and s i said i have had some n rws ammo also
  9. Anybody noticed problems with .22 subsonic ammo , im urrently on the last of my eley 40g so am looking for a replacement , bought a box of eley 38g and the heads were all loose , tried them and they were **** , took the remainder back to the rfd , he said they had problems in the past but eley had assured them the problem was solved , he got a new box out , opened them and you could turn the heads round full circle , needless to say the whole batch are going back to eley , again , have also noticed loose heads in rws all be it not as bad as eley , he also said they had returned winchester subs due to loose and damaged heads and casings i have shot eley 40g for 15 years + and never had any loose heads , now it seems the norm
  10. 👍 yes keep us informed how you get on with it
  11. Boyds laminate stock for 455 on bbs £95 👍
  12. telf

    Stock oil

    Red kite Gunsmiths london wax on ebay £10 a pot
  13. Anybody got any experience of the above company
  14. telf

    Athlon midas

    Sold. Sold. Sold
  15. telf

    Athlon midas

    Athlon midas hmr 2.5-15x50 illuminated bdc 600 reticle , scope is unmarked and as new , sale does not include mounts or flip ups , these are excellentwith NV £305 posted rmsd
  16. telf

    22LR Magazine

    Rifle mags uk
  17. The problem with the barrel catching could be a dodgy fiver , send me it and ill check it out 😂👍 , i would also try some rws subs as there have been a few issues with eley accuracy of late
  18. Got to agree with the comments above re , normal scope , and never heard of a .22 being shot out they just go on and on etc , once you have floated the barrel , give it another good clean and if poss try with and without moderator , then it may just be a case of trying different ammo makes till you find the right one , but the crown does look a bit mangy , trial and error and a process of elimination
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