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  1. Previously had a sgl and since expired. Had an old bikal o/u back in 2013. Went to local gun shop to look at the new barreta silver pidgeon 1. £1370 ish belive it or not i didnt like it !! Held about 30 o/u guns, some too heavy, didnt like the feel etc. But i fell in love with a Franchi affinity. In carmoflage, lovely to hold, light for me as im 10 stone soaking. Best thing was i didnt even like semis and only £620. Phoned the local club to see if they accept semi, YES. Happy days. I have now heard that semis are getting really popular.
  2. thought so, thank you charlieT Any body know how long for south wales police roughly ?
  3. Evening, as said above my licence sorry shotgun licence expired back in 12/2013. Im wanting to renew so have i got to apply for a renewal or a new licence ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Me and my father done the solihull one. Morning factory tour . Vip lunch then off roading in the afternoon. Drove both the land rover 110 then a new range rover. One of the best experience of my life and treated like royalty all day. Big thumbs up !!
  5. Now looking at getting a new shotgun and renewing licence !

  6. Sold the gun, yeh !!

  7. Sorry everyone, gun and accesories now sold !!
  8. see your private message from me !
  9. Dont work for them, but bought them back in october and left them in the boot of the car. Well had to use them today, about 2 to 3 inches in the Rhondda Valleys, near Cardiff. They do work.................. Best £55 ive ever spend on a car !!
  10. I have a Baikal for sale. please check my add in gunwatch. Thanks mark mobile no 07886 772829

  11. did you buy a gun after ?

  12. yes it is. 07886 772829

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