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  1. Simples, train to Doncaster, then drive the Rav back!
  2. So the T2 is the best one to get for day and night shots?
  3. Do you still need to put batteries in when using the solar panel?
  4. That looks like A Bonnie Scots Lass on your shoulder.
  5. where did you get it, and price please.
  6. Well i splashed out today on the tropical blast, think it was 49p for 2 litre, and i must say i really enjoyed it, that much i will be buying more.
  7. Being a pro ghillie i wear Orvis Pro breatheables, but at £495 a pair a bit steep. Wading boots come from Fishing Mad \Newlanark £40 a pair and i get a season out of them, 6 days a week/ 10 months.
  8. Was in lidl today, and could not find the cherry drink.
  9. Well i solved problem, had both, beans and coleslaw washed down with can of Irn-Bru.
  10. what im worried about is, im having fish and chips tonight, do i have it with beans or coleslaw?
  11. Not bothered about the look of it, just if the little beggars are still in there.
  12. Just acquired some scaffolding boards and plan is to sand them down, stain them and use them for rustic shelving. On closer inspection i have found woodworm holes, but the wood seems solid enough, not crumbly flakey way. Will i need to treat them with something? If so what? The boards were stored in a dry enviroment. Many thanks.
  13. Looking good, but how do you get the flowers growing out of it?
  14. Up here the eco wad is called A spunk wad!
  15. Simples, just put looking for blah, blah, blah Chesire, in wanted section.
  16. my silver one is 7in long and stamped .22lr and nearly 1 in diameter. my black one is 6in long and 1 and a quarter in diameter. it has no stamp on it, just a website address www.ouluntyostokeskus.com hope this helps
  17. i have same as you, 452 .17hmr and .22lr, i use the same sak mod on both of them no problems.
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