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  1. fry/ brown chicken for 3-4 mins, add small spice jar, lid, cook for 2 mins, add sauce and cook until chicken is tender.
  2. SWMBO cooked one of those currys out the jar. She followed instructions to a tee, but the chicken was still rubbery. Any clues? Yes the chicken breasts were fully defrosted. Help!
  3. not on my sky box, 34 is a welsh channel
  4. Read somewhere he will be at Glastonbury on some stage with other do-gooders, more likely spouting his ****.
  5. is that another new condition you have picked up Ditchy? sounds painful.
  6. feel for you scully, they are just robbin ********!
  7. works okay for me. 1,000,s for sale.
  8. Makes me wonder about you guys, if you are prepared to speed you need to take the punishment. Also how did yous get a shotgun/rifle ticket if you are prepared to flaunt the law.
  9. Must be hitting the nail on the head!
  10. What no internet in this day and age. Come on Scully move with the times! P.S. try B.T.
  11. Lovely dogs Lloyd, good luck with sale, nice to see reasonable priced pups back on forum.
  12. Trevor Black was the last man to run Forrests.
  13. Better the devil you know The problem here is yourself Scully, you said it on line 4 on your opening post. Never give into a woman.
  14. Good luck with sale, nice to see reasonable priced dogs back on forum.
  15. And the moral of this story is---------------------Wear Them, and they wont break!
  16. Done them as advised above, not much came out. Now i have noticed small patches of blood on carpet where he has been sitting/lying and a bit blood in his poo. Think a trip to vets is in order.
  17. Anybody do the above on there dogs? Is it quite easy to do? Any tips?
  18. Really like them, rustic chunky look, and i dont think you have treated them. Would look great on my salmon fishing beat
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