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  1. I use Ballistol Oil, google it.
  2. At the end of the day its just 2 pipes, some cost £50 and others thousands of £,s . Remember, its the nut behind the butt that is the important thing.
  3. wish i could, but us auld **** are useless with tech.
  4. Would that be the Bullseye 123 stuff?
  5. its a old rented cottage and have had some black mould in the bedrooms, i always keep the shower room window open as well.
  6. My shower room ceiling paint is flaking and cracking, also has some black mould. I painted it about 2 year ago with white bathroom emulsion. What do i use to stop the paint flaking? TIA.
  7. Black Pennell Wickhams Fancy Bibio Zulu Invicta.
  8. Ditchy, I bought a Motorola G9 Play yesterday from Argos for £100, billy bargain!
  9. Well its that time again , Come Prancing back on box! Headphones on, Manic Streets new album on, gin and bitter lemon and a bag of nuts! Ohh and P.W> on laptop,,Sorted!
  10. My lad is getting into stargazing and planet watching. What is a good telescope for this? As cheap as possible!
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    +1 this, that is correct, he looked over at hamilton.
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