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    1. What’s your email I send photo,s to that I can’t load them up on here
    2. I got a 9 to 13 Harris bi pod I make sure it is I have a look now measure the legs it is a swivel too and get back to you
    3. db58


      TIKKA M55 22,250 wildcat sound moderator, SCHIDT &BENDER 3/8/56 ,30 MM TUBE WITH Harris bipod notch legs and it shoots spot on I can assure you on that Iv got about 40 bullets one magazine 4 or five bullets holders why I am selling this gun Iv lost the permission I had it on they sold the land to build house *****
    4. I have a look of the make I got to sell in the attic room
    5. db58


      One here 22.250 , S+B 3/8/56 scope and wild cat moderator looking at £550 shoots spot on in very good condition I can send you photo,s if you have a Email South Wales
    6. db58

      Reloading gear

      I’m back from Benidorm tomorrow I will send you what I got there if you give me your email I can send photo,s to there
    7. db58

      Reloading gear

      What about 22.250 loading stuff would that do the job
    8. db58


      Got 250 17 HMR here £45
    9. db58

      Old rifle scope wanted

      Got old scope Russian make scope off a AK 47
    10. db58

      Logun s16s spares

      Hi mate , got part one here mate
    11. Show me a photo what you are after Iv got bits here
    12. db58


      All £80
    13. db58


      Got 240 bullets 17 HMR and one brand new steel magazine still in the rapper
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