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  1. Have a look on eBay mate or marketplease on face book
  2. Air arms s510 what’s your Buget Air are s410
  3. db58

    Pard 007 12mm lens

    Photo,s sent to you
  4. db58

    Pard 007 12mm lens

    Click on your name it’s up there my message
  5. db58

    Pard 007 12mm lens

    Pm sent to you
  6. db58

    I have one here I’m selling pard 007 brand new I can send you photo,s if you want to see it £350 

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    2. D3ave


      When I bought mine the 12mm lenses were not available, but if you look into the end that would fit onto the adapter you can see the lens and the details are on it.


    3. db58


      Are right I look and get back to you 

    4. db58


      No it’s not a 12 mm one ok thanks 

  7. If buy this other night vision , i will have a pard 007 when you say 12 mm what’s that
  8. Thanks for the card and the fiver fast delivery
  9. Sent to you I pm you my address now ok
  10. I will send it out to u once you receive it put a fiver in a envelope send it like that once you got the pipe and tobacco if that’s ok
  11. It will be about a £5
  12. I have a full set up two loads,,, Littleton lead shot maker drippers Send me your email I will send you a video of the lead shot dripper working Try to load a video up to big to show on here
  13. do You want the condor as well
  14. Just pay for the postage , where you to in the world Do you want that condor it’s very dry mind that’s up to you
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