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  1. If it's that meny sit out just as the sun going down you take them out what rife do u use
  2. Where you too in the world iv got one here you could borrow
  3. What's the distance with this how far for spotting stuff iv chatted with my mate and he said not much distance with it can u comfirm
  4. I'm very interested that what I need to do the same job in the barns
  5. Where collections from please
  6. Ok mate bit to far for me that good luck with your sale
  7. This still for sale if yes what’s your post code see how far to pick it up
  8. db58

    Pard 008 wanted

    If. Anyone as a pard 008 they want to sell on send me a message please
  9. db58


    I got a side by side 12 g £40
  10. How long have you bought it any warranty left on it Interested
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