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    1. db58

      ORIGINAL ANJ4 Flying Jacket

      His there a label on the coat
    2. db58

      magnet set up

      I got one here where you too very good condition with lead that you can make it go fast or slow I don’t use
    3. db58

      12g reloading press

      You going to make your own lead shot
    4. db58


      Here the one I got
    5. db58


      I will after look in the attic where my other gun stuff his as at the moment I can’t put my hands on it I be looking £40 posted
    6. db58


      Yes I have
    7. db58

      iPhone plus

      Sorry sorry mate it’s gone she sold it
    8. db58

      Two Man Pop Up Hide

    9. db58

      iPhone plus

      My daughter got a iPhone 6 for sale if your interested let me know I find out what she wants for it and let you know
    10. db58

      ANT X-Sight II HD 5-20X

      What’s the best you will take
    11. db58

      Bisley magnum 22 pellets

      No thanks
    12. db58

      Optilock Rings

      Ok mate sorry about that
    13. db58

      Optilock Rings

      Don,t know if that’s what your looking for
    14. db58

      Optilock Rings

      I might have a set here
    15. db58

      Stock checkering tools

      eBay you,ll get them mate