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  1. db58

    I have one here I’m selling pard 007 brand new I can send you photo,s if you want to see it £350 

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    2. D3ave


      When I bought mine the 12mm lenses were not available, but if you look into the end that would fit onto the adapter you can see the lens and the details are on it.


    3. db58


      Are right I look and get back to you 

    4. db58


      No it’s not a 12 mm one ok thanks 

  2. hi mate im back now

  3. hi mate iv got a good bipod if you want to swap

  4. hi mate are the rapala,s still for sale will you take £20 posted can you let me now thanks mark

  5. db58

    hi mate how much for the medal can i have your phone number for a friend he,ll give you a ring about the medal thanks mark

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