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  1. After seeing everyone else getting out i decided to try a couple of grass fields with the rimmy last night, managed to get 7, cant wait till all the crop have been cut..
  2. yeh im in daventry area..
  3. just wanted to know your thoughts on this, i was reading a artile in a magazine about a chap shooting rooks with his 22 rimfire out of trees? im quite new to fac shooting but thought this would have been a no no ? just wanted to know what you think
  4. nice one, i cant wait till the crops are cut over mine..
  5. nice one, i keep thinking of getting back into doin a bit of fishing but just dont seem to have the time at the min.
  6. went out last night to have a look, see what the bunnie population was like, there was quite a few around but the crop is a little to long around most of the farm but did managed to shoot a few on the shorter fields..cant wait till the crops have been cut.
  7. good stuff, what are the ultras like? i keep thinking of getting one, also how many shots do you get out of a fill..
  8. hi im after a dr5 or dr3 and 5lt wet sprayer (gloria) also maybe intrested in any other pest control items .. thanks richard
  9. cheers ill have a look, but dont you find them a little big to wailk round with on the gun and with carring a battery?
  10. hi im after a scope mounted light for my rimfire, and have found these 2 . has anyone used any of these and how did you find them? DEBEN TRACER LEDRAY TACTICAL 700LU LAMPING TORCH or the Clulite Masterlite Hunting 300 METRE Gun Light Lamp
  11. pick me mate up and headed over a few fields we have been doin for a farmer,we managed to get 10 missed 1, and got wet.but hey it was nice to get out with the ferrets.
  12. rickardo


    cracking fish.. nice one
  13. Well i got asked in the week to have a go at some bunnies on a new farm, so me and a mate headed over there today, we had 17 and missed 2.
  14. looks like you had a good night then... nice one
  15. great read and good pics.. nice one
  16. cheers guys looking forward to getting out again....... cant wait lol
  17. ive got a left handed laurona o/u poss sell... ive emailed you details. thanks rich
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