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  1. To tell you the truth I haven’t patterned it with fibre wads, I pattern test all my home loads for fowling etc but these are plastic wads,,, maybe I should but as it seems to work ok for me in factory fibre I have never bothered
  2. I have a code black duck in my browning A5 and use it for everything, geese, ducks, crows, Pidgeon, game, snipe and even clays, and shoot TSS, heavy shot, steel & lead through it never think about changing it out for another choke size and I do ok with it in all the above
  3. Just love it,, I feel I am living in the wrong country. Was a bit of a tradition on New Year’s Eve at my house to fire off a few shots out off with the 4 bores (black powder) at midnight.... “i live remotely, so no problem” also it was usually one of the neighbours who got elected to take the shots..... better than fire works and a good laugh.... note:- no shot was loaded in the guns.
  4. As always brilliant Can you do a boxed set that lasts a couple of hours each as I could watch these all day
  5. I will have this if still for sale pm sent
  6. Try Mark Watson at scotlandreloading.co.uk I know he loads 28g in TSS successfully
  7. fandango

    Game On

    As Mark says plenty coming down the north west coast yesterday..... Nephew was into them on a west Cumbrian marsh, all gone south now as they were just taking a breather, plenty more to come though
  8. Put a bit of heat on the area of the RTO, ( preferably with hot air gun) not to much heat but enough to make the plastic manageable, turn the rto out with whatever tool suits I.e long nose pliers, or even finger nail when full circumference is done pull out what you want out ( if felt wad has been used you may need a long screw, screw this into the wad and pull it out. after all is out reform the end of the shell by re heating (slightly) and using a taperd dowel the same dia as the shell ID, you may have to trim any rough edges sound long winded but it’s not really and only tak
  9. fandango


    Seen it tonight while out.... clear sky’s for a change so it showed well... very impressive
  10. In Scandinavia they have been known to attack folk,,,,, mostly when there wearing fur hats,,, think I few folk have been badly injured by them. can remember reading they are in bowland forest and the packham pack wanted them removed as they were preying on the harriers (nature) they stated that these were released birds but the locals reckoned they’ve been there for years...... love them mates missus had two for years,,,, proper characters
  11. Have figured out yet if it’s a male or female mole ???? easy way to tell is:- if the moles hills go in a straight line,,, it’s a male ..... if there all over the place it’s a female bit like a bloke going to shop in the supermarket and a woman shopping in the supermarket 😁😁👍
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