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  1. fandango


    dozen off the west cumbrian coast on Sunday 5th Aug
  2. fandango

    Lyman Pro-Touch 1500 reloading scales

    pm sent
  3. fandango

    Iconic fowling guns.

    Mudpatten. I done a bit of research when I got her, as I had a idea that it was Tolley made in Birmingham, have no idea who or when it was used down south though I am sure it seen service down south as I did acquire it down there. it sure gets used up here as my "go to" 8g (love it) I really do wish there was some magic you could use on the old guns to have them tell you there stories, as they are mostly over 100 years old they would have quite a few tales to tell …….. if only they could have a mate who I fowl with who used to shoot Chichester and he has pesterd for god knows how long about the Newnham,,,, I have finally gave in and will lend it to him for his annual trip up to the black isle....
  4. fandango

    Iconic fowling guns.

    yep its Newnham Portsmouth…. sorry my spelling is getting worse
  5. fandango

    Iconic fowling guns.

    Or the George Newham double 8g 4" chamber
  6. fandango

    Iconic fowling guns.

    One of my favourite's is the 4g Berry 4 1/4" chamber choose files...---------Click to choose files.url Or the Browning BPS 10g
  7. fandango

    Wildfowling Dogs

    Here's my big lad they certainly think for themselves, ask a lab to put his head in the oven and it will ask a chessie and it will say "what for"
  8. fandango

    Vegan in the family

    give the lad a turnip and a spoon.... he should be happy with that.... keep him occupied for hours...……..
  9. fandango

    Wildfowling Dogs

    Chesapeake and a old lab for me
  10. fandango

    Fjallmans leather waistcoat,size XL

    Pm sent
  11. fandango

    Tope fest Drummore

    Happy days/nights,,, reckon I was more tired than ****** as it took me over 7 hrs to get to there, it’s was blowing a bit so I was sailing head on into a heavy sea, reckon the boat spent most of the journey underwater, should have only taken 2 to 2 1/2 hrs, knocks it out of you a bit, and when I made it to shore a drink was the only thing on mind. errrr was also possibly hungry and the smell of bacon butties lead me down there 😁😁😁😁😁
  12. fandango

    Tope fest Drummore

    Errrrrrr yes,,,, I think so ........ hope I didn’t abuse any body....... or get abused if so didn’t feel a thing 🤔
  13. fandango

    Tope fest Drummore

    yep the **** who fell asleep on the beach
  14. fandango

    Tope fest Drummore

    would love to be there, done it in 2009, was running a 40ft interceptor "tiger lilly II" though in 2009 they had it in june which was just a tad early for the main of the tope run,,, not sure if they changed it in 2010 to july after that,,,,, whatever it was a great weekend, I took the boat over on the evening before the event and got absolutely ****** in the clash, slept on the beach until I was sober enough to row out to my boat, think we had Border News on that day.... cant remember much apart from taking the boat out,,,, whatever it was a brilliant weekend and just wish I was still chartering as I would be over there. plenty of fish though,,,,,, the pollock fishing was brilliant would recommend it to anyone who is into there tope fishing
  15. fandango

    Pigeon and Crow Decoy Complete Setup

    Pm sent