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  1. I have a electric punt gun works of a 9v battery.....
  2. Lovely guns felt wad.. I am envious Lee... that's a brilliant video that you and TGS have put together,, well done.. being a fan of the 4bores it was a good watch and a probably a video that will be a must see in years to come for the up and coming big bore wildfowlers,,, and also shows the capability of what these guns can and will do. I pattern mine at 100 yrds with good results using BP and nitro which see the demise of any geese at that range..
  3. Cheers Mike great meeting you and thank you going to have some fun with this Carl
  4. fantastic cant wait to see the next film... alan does make em a bit bigger doesn't he. I have two 4s and love them,,, best of all though is giving someone who hasn't shot one a go...………. definitely a smile ever shot
  5. fandango


    sealskinzs for me
  6. it is harrycatcat1, got to take the rough with the smooth though,, high tides and a SW wind can play havoc with road, but on the whole its fantastic something to see and do every day,,, can go fishing and when my teas ready our lass just gives me a shout, the wild life is great.... seals dolphins porpoise otters and all the shore birds and migrants that pass through at certain times of the year...….. always something interesting washed up after a storm..... yep its delightful
  7. very good... found I was holding my breath for every shot
  8. after reading all the posts in this section I thought hey I really need a couple of these as we have a jotul woodburner in the living room and a tiger multifuel in the kitchen. I live in a bungalow with a fairly large living room and large kitchen, we only have 4 radiators in the whole house as we use the stoves more for heating than the radiators,,, but on cold windy days ( I live on beach exposed to whatever comes off the irish sea) the house gets rather chilly,, couldn't ever get the temp over 17c even with the stoves on,,, so I invested in two valliant stove fans and what a difference they have made living room temp is now up 3 to 4 degrees over the average of 17c (cozy) and the kitchen has reached tropical temperature's... which it had never reached before around a increase off 5 to 7 degrees over the average..... the whole house seems much warmer since installing one fan on each stove... the boiler isn't now working flat out just to reach the 17c temp..................... cant recommend them enough in my case as they really have made a difference to the whole house, as for cost I am not bothered but I reckon as the boiler isn't working overtime anymore I might eventually make a saving not just on gas for the boiler but fuel for the stoves
  9. Hi Washman is it Damascus barrels and is it nitro proofed, also what is the chamber length Carl
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