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  1. fandango

    Sept 1st

    Best of luck all who’s out on the marshes tomorrow.. stay safe
  2. Been using a wraith on the .223 with a srx and have had no problems at all,the combination of Thermal spotter, wraith, IR, and rifle has accounted for a lot of foxes with no issues on zero,,,also used it daytime and can’t fault it, I haven’t updated as yet.... maybe I should !!!!!
  3. Will take the decoys if there not gone... will pm you
  4. I will take these if you still have them
  5. This could be the day M Greeny bought his missus a valentines 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  6. Mark is one of the good guys, have had quite a bit of him and can’t fault him, very helpful 10 out of 10 from me 👍👍
  7. To tell you the truth I haven’t patterned it with fibre wads, I pattern test all my home loads for fowling etc but these are plastic wads,,, maybe I should but as it seems to work ok for me in factory fibre I have never bothered
  8. I have a code black duck in my browning A5 and use it for everything, geese, ducks, crows, Pidgeon, game, snipe and even clays, and shoot TSS, heavy shot, steel & lead through it never think about changing it out for another choke size and I do ok with it in all the above
  9. Just love it,, I feel I am living in the wrong country. Was a bit of a tradition on New Year’s Eve at my house to fire off a few shots out off with the 4 bores (black powder) at midnight.... “i live remotely, so no problem” also it was usually one of the neighbours who got elected to take the shots..... better than fire works and a good laugh.... note:- no shot was loaded in the guns.
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