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  1. Love these videos and amazed at how much the country side is much the same as ours in the uk
  2. [url=https://ibb.co/r7rVJzt]mg]https:/1ws7yS/5.jpg[/img][/url]
  3. Lincoln 10 bore 32” barrels choke full and full 3 1/2” chambers. Great condition £550. [url=https://ibb.co/WHFBybY][img]https://i.ibb.co/CwvV7kT/1.jpg[/img][/url] [url=https://ibb.co/gTzLWTC][img]https://i.ibb.co/58Bgj8V/2.jpg[/img][/url] [url=https://ibb.co/0XPMpqm][img]https://i.ibb.co/ZJy8RdG/3.jpg[/img][/url] [url=https://ibb.co/xMNdNVd][img]https://i.ibb.co/tb9F9yF/4.jpg[/img][/url] [url=https://ibb.co/r7rVJzt][img]https://i.ibb.co/f1ws7yS/5.jpg[/img][/url]
  4. Grazon pro is the stuff your after, kills brambles, nettles, weeds but not grass,, expensive for a litre bottle but goes along way when mixed… think it’s 60 milli litre per 10 litres..
  5. Love these videos,,,, are you using TSS
  6. These videos and your shooting are Inspirational. thank you for posting and merry Xmas to you and jack
  7. Really enjoyed that, and countryside much like our own + plenty of foxes
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