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  1. could it be a smear tactic used to gain support to help ban anything to do with country sporting activities .the replies from members have shown a mistrust and finger pointing at folk within our community of fishing/fieldsports or are the antis above such tactics.Just a thought.
  2. Anyone used cci cb or other makes of 22 ammo that are between 29gr 31gr to kill small vermin. .I have to sort out some gray squirrels and will be taken them from bait stations. My old airsporter ain't up to the job and won't give clean kills .I just think the less powerful 22lr ammo would be safer in this situation. I could use the 410 but as the foliage is starting to show on the trees it's making the chance of a clean kill less likely. PS never had the chance to have a go at tree rats but jumped at this offer . will get me out and help stop the cabin fever of nowt else.
  3. Why not tell the unions that the nurses can have a bigger pay rise if we cut the overseas aid down to nil.and the stand back and sea labour and the press explode
  4. What if 150 pheasants are culled because of a welfare issue say no feed available has B.A.S.C. or N.G.O. given any guide lines on this sort of situation. About 6 weeks ago I asked the N.G.O. if I would be ok if I crossed over into Scotland to feed up and top up hoppers on the reason of welfare the reply in the form of an email was it's ok. as they agreed it was a welfare issue. Just to make it clear I still have more than enough feed for my birds but some shoot might not.
  5. I asked the syndicate members of my shoot who live in Scotland about the situation and one lad has come back to me and told me the police are stopping folk at the bridge from Cornhill to Coldstream and turning those back who aint got a valid reason to enter Scotland. I have no reason to doubt him The police station is not that far from the bridge.
  6. As I say not knocking you lads for taking your chances good luck to you that's the joy of rough shooting . just my thoughts on the way the other blokes may have seen the situation and yes they made fools of themselves . Still plenty of time for a fall of woodcock.
  7. Good day out the best with gun and dog. .As for the confrontation I must admit I would not be happy about birds going off my shoot to be shot by others who had made no effort in providing game to be hunted . Not knocking the boys But I would not have spoiled the day for them . I would be blaming myself for not keep my birds on the shoot so I would have took it as a lesson to be learned to plug the leek of birds in that area.
  8. 👍As they say a grand day out thanks for sharing
  9. The only thing extra I would have advised would be an oil filter .
  10. you and your dogs make it look so relaxed and easy to harvest duck . I can't imagine how much experience has gone into how you go about your wildfowling . Thank's for sharing.
  11. Give it a rest the die is cast . A communist/socialist wonderland aint going to happen (not in my lifetime I hope)
  12. Try to ignore the dog no fussing no talking if it comes up to you turn away no eye contact only when you call it to you do you give it any praise and only call it to you one or two times a day try to take control .In a controlled area such as your garden starve the dog of your contact maybe sit on a seat in the garden and ignore the dog and when it no longer wants to be around you and loses interest call it into you. Worth a try.
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