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  1. scutt

    Homeless crisis?

    It's the same all over s/e Northumberland keep saying to the misses they must be going to move a lot of folk into the area to fill the houses.Have noticed not many factories been built .
  2. scutt


    vircon or fam used this during the foot and mouth .
  3. scutt

    Pictures of our companions.

    Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Max total size 2.93MB Dotty and dish
  4. Looking for a bit more work for my spaniels mid week in Northumberland. cheers Dave
  5. scutt

    drones and drugs

    Should develop robots and automation to run the prison only operated from a remote site away from the prison
  6. scutt

    drones and drugs

    lLots of adds on telly about a program showing drones supplying drugs to prisoners thru open window can't understand why the windows don't have wire mesh over them to stop prisoners shoving there arms out to collect a delivery from a drone. Anyone no the reason why not??
  7. scutt

    Airgun death this morning

    SORRY FOR THE LITTLIN AND HIS FAMILY.LICENCE YES. but to trust the government with any new laws a lot will see it as the thin edge of a wedge .The law won't change the mindset of a nutter.but I agree it could filter out some .But many just don't trust H.M.G. to use the law for what it will be intended for they think it will be another way for the police to reduce legal gun ownership.
  8. scutt

    The intrepid trio.

    A walk with the dogs first thing in the morning aye it sets you up for the day.😊
  9. scutt

    When are poults due?

    got ours yesterday
  10. scutt

    Thicken up bitumen primer

    thought we are talking about underseal from the start as op dave g stated from the first post others got on about cavity and panels not me.
  11. scutt

    Thicken up bitumen primer

    SAD I KNOW but you got me thinking so had a look at the tin in the garage waxoyl underseal black. One of the claimed results is it does not wash of and that's what I have found on my defenders and trailers I live in the north east coastal area we have a lot of salt/sand on our roads all year round but must say I don't travel at speed😊 .
  12. scutt

    Thicken up bitumen primer

    Not read the blurb just stating my experience with waxoyl and as I posted I apply it yearly .Never had an issue of it washing off degrading yes as most underseals do. Dinnetrol in my opinion was the best but even that was touched up yearly.
  13. scutt

    Thicken up bitumen primer

    got to disagree with waxoyl washing off it does after time peal off on edges but most underbody sealants do . Maybe the use of a hot pressure wash might degrade it but I only use a cold pressure wash on my vehicles.I use a shultz spray gun thinning the waxoyl or tetroseal with a little white spirit if its not spraying well or some times it can be to cold cos I spray out doors to avoid the fumes . Must add I underseal vehicle from new and every year thereafter. Shultz does cover well on an already rusty surface .
  14. scutt

    Thicken up bitumen primer

    I found bitumen when dry goes brittle on metal and isn't that good for undersealing a vehicle .
  15. scutt

    BREXIT - merged threads

    double post