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  1. ONE OF MINE from witchwillow lines Big dog works all day long at a fair pace and not daft.
  2. scutt

    black cocker

    Had to take to cockers and a springer into my kennel as a favour for a friend who was moving into a hospice for his final days ' After his passing I contacted our local spaniel rescue explaining the situation. They took them in and rehomed them I gave them a donation and handed over the KC paperwork and also signed a form to agree to have them spayed .Must add kept the family informed at all times.
  3. scutt


    When I had my testing station the words I dreaded to hear was CAN YOU SERVICE AND MOT MY CAR .in the end always advised MOT first then repairs if required then service but informing the of cost at each stage . Agree minimum standard but many motorists still would dispute even this standard and would prefer to drive a death trap.
  4. scutt

    Jo Brand

    Just listened to her, must admit it came over as a comment and not a joke.As I havn't seen any of her routines a don't know if this is what she does for an act.So my comment is given on only what she has said.
  5. I think we are being steered in the wrong direction to blame the gov .The management of the BBC is the elephant in the room.
  6. Tell you what when I pop my clogs the son and daughter got some work to do two garages and two sheds plus a loft chocker block with stuff that I thought might come in handy some day 😁
  7. Very close result I demand a peoples vote to make sure they new what they was voting for .
  8. Yes that's my point . Did any of the presenters pay for a ticket .
  9. Real men ready to stand up for what they believed in. Just a thought do any of the TV channels contribute towards any of the forces charities did they pay for the passage over to Normandy on the boat .
  10. Sold my Defender and want to clear out some bits. COLLECT ONLY .(Northumberland. ) Hi-lift jack 48" genuine . with land rover adapter £60 Indicator /horn stalk plus horn £15 Injector seals £8. rear prop shaft £35. U/Js 1 front 1 rear £10. Fuel pump £20. track rod end. £5. OR £100 FOR THE LOT.
  11. Don't think the court case is anything but a smear tactic they won't care win or loose the media are having a field day.
  12. scutt


    Thanks to you all for giving me some ideas👍
  13. scutt


    Wor lass wont's to go to Dorset for a few days maybe a week As we are traveling from Northumberland I would like a bit of info such as attractions places to stay or avoid etc. from members who know the area .(she thinks we might bump into Poldark ) CHEERS.
  14. I think free running isn't the right title for me more like controlled exercise maybe. I let my lot go down a track fenced on both sides with the words go on, they streak of down the track but after 5 minutes the lot of them are bumbling about just in front of me this gives me the chance to call them to me by name and get them to return back to me one at a time sometimes two or three come back when I only have called one I just ignore the others and make a fuss of the dog that I have called then releasing it with GO ON I think this helps to keep them close by harnessing the natural optimism of a spaniel hoping it will be recalled and fussed over, also making sure they know their names. Plus a bit of dummy work helps to stop them from getting bored and yes they do get the odd flush now and then but as always I have my whistle to hand or should I say mouth .When out and about they come across runners walkers with dogs and horses etc this I think makes them a more rounded and less hyper dogs . Mined you that's only my way of seeing it or I could be a lazy so and so by not taking them out one at a time
  15. SMASHING PICS they do look fragile for fighting machines .
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