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    rough shooting over spaniels

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  1. scutt

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    in an interview with her farther.He said she was three years old when they came to this country !!
  2. scutt

    Strange methods 🤔

    Depends if you expect the dog to flush brightly coloured rabbits😉 even a cock pheasant isn't brightly coloured .The nose gets my vote.
  3. scutt

    Sign this

    Sorry none the wiser 😕
  4. scutt

    Sign this

    Anyone know what penalty our country will have to pay if we make this person stateless as it is illegal and who will impose that penalty
  5. scutt

    Trialing dog's that also work

    Amazing how many beaters/pickers up don't shoot cos the don't like it. Just like to work the dogs I think they are missing out but that's just me. I think they miss out on the working bond you get when you lift the gun to the flush and the dog gets the retrieve . At times when I work the dogs for others I am sure the dogs start to look to the guns bit like when you keep missing the flushed game you get that backward glance from the dog😣
  6. scutt

    Trialing dog's that also work

    I have worked my dogs around the North and Scottish borders and have used vasaline on the dogs eyebrows to help stop some of the injuries they pick up while pushing birds out of brambles gorse bushes and blackthorn hedges so I agree we have plenty of heavy cover up here and if game is hiding in it my spaniels ignore pain and get in after it.
  7. scutt

    Trialing dog's that also work

    Never had a field trial dog and will never be able to train a dog to that standard but I have beat on shoots that had lads with trailing dogs that had been gifted to them by f/t trainers I can tell you now they went hell for leather all day . Nothing better than a walk up day working a flying machine no time to be bored and the excitement and pleasure you get out of it well you can't put a price on it.
  8. No worries Leo you can contact me on 07794977232

    1. New members with dogs wanted for our syndicate in the SCOTTISH BORDERS. PM ME FOR DETAILS
    2. scutt

      Snow on last shoot then

      just cancelled our walk about weather will be ok on permission but driving condition not good so pulled the plug daft risking it for a few birds .
    3. scutt

      English Springer Spaniel Pups

      Price for dog/bitch ?
    4. Ask for average bag numbers divide it by number of guns and say BIRDS @ £30 per bird. So 20 bag divided by 10 guns = £60 per day X 8 days =£480 then if you have any other perks of the shoot vermin control etc all year or just shoot days. (walk / stand normally no beaters or pickers up to pay ) JUST A FEW THOUGHTS.
    5. scutt

      Pictures of our companions.

      engrossed 😉 pair they look good simcgunner