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  1. scutt

    Neil Kinnock

    Vested interest in the eu or genuine belief its better to stay inn🤑🤑
  2. scutt

    ford connect van

    Looking for a Ford Transit Connect crew van in the north east . reg from 2009 to 2012
  3. scutt

    "they're all in Britain"

    we got told we are factory fodder or the pit then he left after about 10 minutes of career advice
  4. our permission in the borders the farmer had to cut the fence to allow his sheep and lambs to shelter in the woods both he and the shepherd said one of the worst day/nights weather they had in years last Wed.
  5. scutt

    Bird habitat improvement?

    feral pigeons and gulls back in time when I was a lad the council organised a cull of these birds on a Sunday night in Blyth cos you couldn't get moved for them around the bus station and as for starlings they used to be a black cloud at dusk over the roof tops so maybe not such a new thing.
  6. scutt

    Terrible decisions

    This animal has been bred to have a high and active drive that needs both mental physical exercise . The outlook from what you describe is very poor and to be honest I.M.O.the vet should have advised you to have it P.T.S. Its the kindest thing you can do for it.
  7. scutt

    Norfolk County Council Charging For D I Y Rubbish

    Northumberland/sita charge = more fly tipping
  8. If a gun licence holder goes of the rails and kills someone its has been the case that the media will go after the police and dig up anything that even suggest that they may in someway have slipped up and even contributed to the event .The media don't go after the people who provide the references on the application form .What I am trying to say is if the Docs take a fee for the provision of a professional opinion will the police deflect any blame onto the doctors and if this was to happen would it influence doctors to avoid giving positive references to gun owners. Not expressing myself very well but hope you get the gist.
  9. scutt

    deposits on drink bottles

    PLASTIC ROADS fill the potholes
  10. scutt

    This number plate has got to be illegal surely?

    Would fail an M.O.T. letter spacing wrong.
  11. scutt

    shock collers

    I know that and so do you but Iam talking about a gov minister .Who could insist that elect fences are a training aid they train animals not to touch
  12. on politics program today a ban by the Scottish gov. on e collars for dogs one gent proclaimed that this would also ban the type of device that is used to keep dogs in your garden you burry the wire around your boundary and the dog gets a warning beep as it gets close to it then a shock/vibration if it crosses it in the hope it will learn to keep away from the boundary and not escape to then get run over on a road. the minister on this program did not say if he was right to believe this to be the case.Now not after thoughts on the right or wrongs of E collars BUT will this affect the use of electric fences that are used around pens or horse paddocks or even for creep feeding for sheep.
  13. scutt

    Harris SL Bipod 9"-13" swivel base

    ok Andrew payment sent.
  14. scutt

    Dog or Bitch

    Always had bitches as I was told that it wasn't in the nature of a bitch to challenge for the top dog position .but as I had begun on this path bitches it was. Now after one of my bitches had a litter I was left with one dog so I kept him to maybe sell on but he has proved such an asset I can't part with him . he was dull to train and a bit of a plodder compared to all the high driven bitches but with experience in the field he has upped his game. so for the last three years I have had three bitches and one dog the youngest bitch is in the kennel with the dog and they get on well just got to keep an eye on her for coming into season . As already stated pick a pup you like cos you got to get on with the it for at least 12years.
  15. scutt

    Is this rust an MOT fail?

    Long time since I was a tester but I THINK the rule is any excessive corrosion with 12" of a load bearing area.