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  1. Give it a rest the die is cast . A communist/socialist wonderland aint going to happen (not in my lifetime I hope)
  2. Try to ignore the dog no fussing no talking if it comes up to you turn away no eye contact only when you call it to you do you give it any praise and only call it to you one or two times a day try to take control .In a controlled area such as your garden starve the dog of your contact maybe sit on a seat in the garden and ignore the dog and when it no longer wants to be around you and loses interest call it into you. Worth a try.
  3. For some game shooting has many aspects to it. I for one beat ,shoot , work dogs have a bit banter and this is only one part of gaining experience of field sports . Some just focus on game shoots cos that's all the time they can spare for the sport . Money does play a large part in what sort of shooting you can do but I know folk with money who like nowt better than a bit of ferriting or roost shooting even a day on the pigeons. .In the end it depends on your attitude more than anything else.You get out what you put in .
  4. I use a vets that has opened a dental health care clinic for pets and every time I take a dog in to the vets no matter what for they always look at the teeth and advise some sort of dental work, it has come to the point that I have purchase the seaweed extract a few weeks ago the same one mentioned in a post on this subject just to try and get the vets of my back . Do I think it's a con no but I do think its business
  5. We can find a body in the alps thats many hundreds of years old take a bit of tooth and find out what country it came from what sort of diet it ait etc but the ******* would probably all come over with as set of false teeth after paying a criminal dentist thousands of notes to extract all there teeth.🤣
  6. We open pop holes from day one but only feed in pen. We use spiced release pellets before we ween on to wheat with a spice additive in pen only .At approx. 13-14 wks old after they have wasted the first lot of wheat we fill all our feeders on the shoot with wheat about the end of August and lift the pen wires at the beginning of Oct. Works for us . We get our birds mid July AT 9 - 10 wks. old and as its a D.I.Y. SHOOT we can only visit at weekends unless we have a problem. Just to add the shoot has drives over a large area so we have 3 pens.
  7. could be clutch pressure plate .With engine running foot down on the clutch handbrake off try first gear and if you detect that the vehicle is wanting to move as you engage gear then probably clutch pressure plate knacked.
  8. scutt

    The Railway Man

    A man who worked in the same factory as me never forgave the japs we called him jok mk 1. A jap company was to visit the factory on a tour of the site jok asked to have the day of when the manager refused him jok informed him that the first jap who came near him would get a chipping hammer thru his scull so he was given the day off. He even stopped speaking to a lad who bought a Nissan cherry. No one challenged him about his attitude as all new they could not imagine what he went thru.
  9. Cheers for the info . Will now prod them with a big stick( or an Email )😄
  10. Can any member on this forum tell me when they last had and update Email from the NGO and what was the last KEEPING THE BALANCE MAGAZINE delivered .Just wondering as I have read on this forum that they have made a few short films recently that I was unaware of. My last contact with them was to clear up an issue of payment for my membership renewal .(I had paid by direct debit and they sent apologise for their error but I have had no more communications from them since.) Thanks for any information .
  11. brake servo or connections leaking not enough air to operate power assist to brakes.
  12. A comment made on morning tv by the presenter of Pakistani decent and ex comic don't know his name but he said that this little country was built by immigrants says it all really on the mindset of these people .
  13. SHOW restraint and goodwill just like the lead issue sorry but the anti's see it as a weakness and a win for them . they will keep on going at field sports until we show goodwill and ban all field sports ourselves .
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