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  1. Best tweet of the day......
  2. Laird Lugton


    Just make sure you pay on a credit card if booking Norwegian. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/article-6715097/ALEX-BRUMMER-Flybmi-collapse-sign-budget-airline-woes.html https://www.ft.com/content/7edf613e-2a6f-11e9-a5ab-ff8ef2b976c7 https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2019-01-24/norwegian-air-s-future-looks-chilly-after-ba-walks-away
  3. My son was up at Aviemore this weekend, no snow! So they did rock climbing etc. Hope there is snow when you go
  4. So here is a simulation of an 8 pound quadcopter hitting a modern turbofan. It's not pretty and I wouldn't want to be part of the crew handling that or the risk to the 186 punters behind me if it could be avoided. The DJI Phantom amazon bought drone weighs 3 pounds, Chris Grayling has said the drone at LGW is a commercial, bigger drone. The second video is of a DJI Phantom drone (3 pounds) hitting a wing. Admittedly it's a light aircraft wing but nonetheless if the commercial drone at LGW smashes through the leading edges and hit's the hydraulics or control cabling for the aileron or spoilers you're into control difficulties. Hope they catch them quick..... I should add the engine failure should stay contained in it's casing, except when it didn't in the case of the Southwest incident and a fan blade breached the fuselage and a woman was sucked out....... Still I think it is something best avoided.
  5. Another great post Retsdon 👍
  6. But do the fact bear out your theory? Of those statistics I gave earlier more than half of the accused that went to trial were able to prove their innocence. Not all will have been “rape in a social setting” as Mungler called it but then of the 1800 ish reported rapes/attempted rapes I imagine a fair few of the 1550 ish cases that didn’t make it to court would have been rape in a social setting with no case to answer....
  7. But his evidence wasn’t sufficient for a not guilty verdict either. For the final time it was NOT PROVEN. Therefore he was not found to be not guilty. If he had been convicted would she have taken it to the civil court? This is probably more to do with seeking some kind of justice than for financial gain.
  8. Hence the reason everyone is now stressing you must get consent. Of those 1,878 there must be a fair few that don't hold up to scrutiny and were knocked into touch at that point, yet of the 251 where the Procurator Fiscal thought the chances of a conviction were high (i.e. the burden of proof was high) 153 accused were able to prove their innocence.....
  9. So after a bit of digging a few facts from Rape Crisis Scotland. In 2016/7 there were 1878 reports of rape or attempted rape, of those, 251 went to prosecution and 98 cases resulted in a conviction. Of the Not Guilty/Not Proven verdicts 153 were not guilty and 26 were not proven. So in answer to your question the Scottish legal system has shown it is quite capable of enabling the accused to prove their innocence..... Ot to put it another way the jury and judges thought 153 were definitely not guilty but 26 they were pretty certain they'd raped someone but couldn't prove it beyond reasonable doubt.
  10. Thus, there might be a single plaintiff or witness for the prosecution, which the jury or judge believes is both truthful and trustworthy, but no other witness or circumstances against the accused. By Scottish law, the accused then should be acquitted, but often will be so by the verdict "not proven".[1] My mistake, it's damages 👍
  11. Not so, in England there is no not proven. You discredit the Scottish legal system if you think some man can't get a not guilty verdict in a rape trial.
  12. And the flip side of that is.... Around one in ten rapes or attempted rapes reported to police in England and Wales are brought to trial. Research from 2013 estimated that between one in twenty and one in thirty rape cases end up at trial. This is far from being a man hating exercise.
  13. 😂 agreed. With the not proven verdict he should be hanging his head in shame as he is as good as guilty. The burden of proof was not sufficient for a custodial sentence but was for an £80k fine. He got away with it lightly.
  14. After hearing seven days of, at times, harrowing evidence in June this year, Sheriff Robert Weir QC said on Friday that he agreed with Miss M’s lawyer, Simon di Rollo QC, that the evidence against Coxen was “compelling and persuasive”. In an 84-page ruling, the sheriff said he found that soon after 2am on Saturday 14 September 2013 “the defender took advantage of the pursuer when she was incapable of giving meaningful consent because of the effects of alcohol, but he continued to do so even after she manifested distress and a measure of physical resistance, and that he raped her”.
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