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  1. chancer2

    How cold?

    -2C here in Eastoft, Lincs.
  2. Only had one reader come in last six years.
  3. Don't give it away!! Sell it on some airgun forum. The setup worth more than £300. David.
  4. To be helpful, state the pressure-232 or 300 bar and how long it has left on its test (stamped on the bottle shoulder). Looks a fair buy if it was local. David.
  5. Keep the air bottle , I'll just have the garage!! David.
  6. A lot. don't sell without advice or you will lose out. They are very collectable. minimum 5K each.
  7. I have TH78D if you still want one. Also some spares for it, £65 + p+p. David.
  8. chancer2


    He's ok, on another forum. Won't say which.
  9. Thanks , I'm near Goole.
  10. If its near me I'll have it. DN17
  11. They could as a last resort pass the debt to a recovery firm. your credit rating may suffer too. Talk to them, they will listen. Then come to an agreement with them. In the mean time phone the regulator for gas and get their opinion. David.
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