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  1. Only you can make the decision , read the General License , understand it and make your decision based on this. If you go to Court it's no good saying " ,I was told on PW it was OK " 🤣 We are being scrutinised more than ever and I wouldn't want to be made an example of.
  2. Cheers but that's the brand new price , any negotiation? What type are they Canada, Greylag, Pink ?

    Goose decoys

    Anyone got any goose decoys they no longer use in North East
  4. Chicken killer sorted
  5. Brilliant shooting , very clinical 👍
  6. Great video Simon , love watching your videos on YouTube, well made not like some of the **** on there. Some fantastic lo g range shooting 👍
  7. I dont think he was talented at all , just trying to be a weirdo.
  8. Never knew that . Do you mean electronic calls or any calls ?
  9. Nowt happy about it just gone in to Tier 4 😡
  10. Pin feathers you mean ? No I dont keep them I'm carp at painting 🤣
  11. 4 out of 4 yesterday ....
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