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  1. paul87

    Job advice

    I wish it worked like that in my job, I really do. Had many a conversation with my bosses boss and she wishes she could do something for me. She does show gratitude and appreciation for what I do but unfortunately that's as far as it goes. In my work it's a case of applying for a promotion when it comes up along with anyone else who meets the criteria. Rather than being earned.
  2. paul87

    Job advice

    Thanks for all the replies. I'm at this point for a number of reasons. I'll give a few examples below without going into too much detail. I was taken out of my roll and put into a different one when lockdown began. Which was fair enough at the time, like I said glad to have had a steady job. In this role, I was having a bad day if I did not resolve 10 calls in a day. Whilst people who do that job day in and day out were resolving 40 calls in a month. I then changed role's slightly and became office based dealing with hardware and customers face to face. I used my own initiative over the last year to put measures in place to save my team and customers time. In doing so I have saved the department at least £30k. My boss comes to me for advice. If an opportunity arises for promotion the guy who doesn't pull his weight but can talk the talk has a better chance of getting promoted than me. Achievements, work ethic and ability don't come into it. At the end of it all we all got the same 1% pay rise. I feel if I was in the private sector and performed as I have I likely would have had recognition for it by way of promotion or pay rise. Don't want this to sound like a sob story as it's not, but it's great to get outside opinions.
  3. paul87

    Job advice

    Thanks for the input I completely agree with what you say. I probably should have mentioned my role is within IT. One sector which has been stable if not booming throughout the pandemic. And for that I am lucky in a way. IT workers are kind of the new mechanics imo, not many people can do without either.
  4. paul87

    Job advice

    If you felt unappreciated and extremely under valued in a government job with no near future promotion opportunities. But had perks like flexi time, a decent boss who will let you text for the next day off to go fishing or shooting, a half decent pension and 30 days annual leave. Would you hang on to after the pandemic to get back to your old role? Which you loved and made around £300pm more doing. Hang on for a promotion opportunity where you have to talk bs and hit key words. Which I am terrible at. Rather than being promoted on performance, initiative and cost saving for the department? Or leave with no formal qualifications due to learning all on the job or via research. Go to the private sector, likely take a pay cut and prove yourself all over again? I had an essay typed out with details but the above is it in a nutshell, without making myself sound like a victim lol Edit to add I do realise how lucky I am to have had a job and steady income during the pandemic and I feel for those not so fortunate.
  5. Exactly Could just as easily get a live firing pistol. No hassle getting an FAC PCP air rifle, just a matter of me trading one in for another.
  6. Thanks for all the advice guys. After speaking to a local RFD I have been advised that in Northern Ireland you have to be a member of a target club for at least a year before you can get an air pistol and it can only be used in a target club. Every days a school day ey. I'll put it on hold for now unless I am told otherwise. But again thanks for all the input and help. Paul
  7. I heard the snowpeak and artemis brands are basically the same as SMK Seen this and was considering having it posted to my local rfd https://www.krale.shop/en/artemis-cp2-black/
  8. Thank you, perfect answer. My uncle is a little older but very fit. I will definitely investigate further
  9. Nice I will definitely read into them, thank you. Is it difficult to pump? Again with my elderly uncle in mind Multi shot?
  10. I'm in Northern Ireland and as such it will have to go on my FAC regardless. I understand what you mean about the difference in power due to the climate and also as I understand the rate of fire can have an impact. I do a bit of plinking with my elderly uncle in his yard out to 25m, I thought he would enjoy this due to the ease of cocking and fast reloading. And I fancy giving a pistol a go with open sights just for the fun. I have an FAC HW80 in .177 but I am yet to find a pellet it likes, it's a pig to cock and the scope mount (1 piece) is constantly being pushed off the back of the scope rail. I think it has been modified with a heavier spring to make it more powerful, but it has made it almost unusable. I have only ever used it for plinking but would be trading this in for the CP2. I know I could modify it to reduce the power and make it more usable but really fancy the multi shot pistol.
  11. Thanks Ditchman I want a pistol for plinking first and foremost, the fact it comes with the longer barrel and stock is just a bonus. Would you have any input on the calibre at that power? I have an FAC TX200 which will be used for hunting but would consider the pistol inside a barn for rats or birds.
  12. Hello all I've taken a fancy for an air pistol for a bit of plinking and possibly a bit of pest control for the likes of pigeon and rats in barns. I've seen an SMK Victory CP2 which I like the look of, 6 ft lb and can be a pistol or you can swap the barrel to a longer one and add a stock to make it into a rifle of sorts. Can anyone advise if they are any good at £180 or advise of a similar multi shot pistol at the same sort of money? I'm a .22 fan but thinking at 6ft lb .177 would be a better option, would I be right in thinking the .22 would drop quickly at this level of power? Thanks
  13. I got a 101 Diamond Grade last year, I noticed a mark on the barrels that made me think they were steel proofed. Could this be true for a gun of this age? I think it says Winchester proof or Winchester proof steel. Must have a look to confirm. Be interested to know although I doubt it would see much steel as I wouldn't use it on the shore, just be nice to know I can.
  14. Thanks for the replies so far guys. What sort of run time are you getting from a fully charged battery, in single mode? I have a few good quality 18650 batteries already. Is it worthwhile getting other colours of LED's?
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