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  1. After owning lots of different wellies upto the £50/£60 price bracket over the years and hardly getting a season out of any of them I finally bit the bullet and treated myself to a a more expensive pair last year. I bought myself some aigle, very comfy, warm and still going strong, I don't think I will ever buy any other wellie in future. Would definatly recomend Aigle to anyone want wellies.
  2. Order one of these and put a connector from maplins on your flapper to plug into it. They weigh nothing and are nice and small, will run a flapper all weekend on one charge http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/290926383451 Might take a week or two to arrive but worth it
  3. I bought one of these pinewood rotary's last year and can honestly say I think it's worth every penny. What makes it different from others apart from the lightness and the upright, slim design is the fact it doesn't need as much juice to power it like others. I run mine with a 12ah lithium battery and can run it all day with dead birds or hyper flaps. The lithium battery weighs hardly anything and the weight of this rotary makes life so much easier when added to the rest of the kit walking too and from your hide. There is lots of overpriced gimmicks about in all sports, especially pigeon
  4. I have also got some of these decoys and found the same problem, they just spin round in the wind, they look very dark when next to real birds in your pattern, in certain lights they look like ferral's have landed in your pattern, nothing like wood pigeons. Although saying all this, if it's not windy they do work and they are very light to carry too and from your hide.
  5. Sold to me, meeting up to collect it over this weekend
  6. How many litres, can it be put on with a roller, is is heat resistant military paint and has it been opened or is it a sealed tin?
  7. I am looking at getting a new pair of wellies as I am on my third pair in the last 12 months. I am ideally looking for some that are comfortable to walk in and warm in the cold, I aren't bothered if they are too warm in the summer because I normally wear boots in the summer anyway. One of the issues I am having is finding a pair that my harkila pro hunter trousers will tuck into as these trousers are quite thick, my previous wellies have been thin neoprene type ones and although they are comfy they havn't been warm and don't last very long. I have looked at the hunter style wellies with adj
  8. I will take the speed controller please
  9. I tend to put the rotary quite close to the hide but offset to one side depending on the wind to reduce the chance of shooting the rotary. I would like to think I didn't get that excited and carried away I shot the battery, what would you do if you are shooting near livestock or had a building near you, I am sure you would not shoot these if you were aware they were there, but saying that I am sure most if us have peppered decoys with shot whilst shooting low birds.
  10. Yes, you answered your own question. I have a magnet I have just blown the speed controller in it and spins far too fast without it, you can't even tell they are pigeons it goes that fast. I also bought a new seeland one a few weeks ago I sent back because it went too slow, it just looked pathetic.
  11. Just a quick update on my previous post, I sent the wildhunter lithium battery back under guarantee for an exchange, it was faulty. These batteries are protected from over discharging and stop working with 20% of the power remaining to protect the cells, you can't overcharge them either if you use the correct charger as it cuts off. The new 15ah battery works fine with my pinewood rotary and starts off at 38rpm, dropping to about 32rpm after 3 hours, it hasn't started to go any slower than 30rpm even towards the end of a 8 hour session in 40mph gusts of wind using dead birds and the battery
  12. I have had a flapper for around 12 months and have just had to sort out the threads on the ground spikes due to them being dirty and rusty over time. I was just wondering if anyone lubricates any other moving parts within the casing, being mechanically minded I would presume any moving parts out in damp weather on a regular basis should be cleaned and lubricated every now and again.
  13. I was also disappointed when I received mine at first with the quality but have to admit I am impressed with them when in use, they look really good in the right conditions with the wings flapping. First impressions were they won't last 5 minutes but they seem to be well built on closer inspection. They are however useless in windy conditions, I have just made som thicker rods out of 3mm fibreglass for when its windy but have yet to test them.
  14. I had one for about 12 months. They take a lot of getting used to "drainpipe on a stock" would be a good summery. They are also very long in length and a bit clumbsy. The basic investarm gun is very cheaply made and not good quality, I had issues with it double discharging which were sorted under guarantee. On a more positive note, it is a very handy tool to have for certain situations when other shotguns are too loud, around buildings and built up areas and around livestock when a rifle or louder shotgun can't be used. I got rid of mine because it hardly got used. They are supprisingly l
  15. Where would be the cheapest place to get a magtame speed controller?
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