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  1. I've got the n470 Very good unit, very good in low light, use mine without ir until its really dark. Shot plenty of fox with it out to 250yds no problem
  2. Hi I have a howa 223 varmint. 24"Barrel.in a bell and Carlson stock. Wildcat evo mod. Teir one 20moa rail. Nikko sterling 6-24x50 holdfast scope. Custom bolt knob. Shoots 1/2moa with federal 53gr vmax. 120 rounds to go with it. £700
  3. 1 dog fox last night With 223 and nv Total 128
  4. 1 well grown cub 22.250 and nv Total. 121
  5. rangey


    Yes mate Still here
  6. 2 dogs last night with 22 250 and nv Total 47
  7. rangey


    2 1/2 tubs of h4350 £100 Collection only Wellingborough
  8. 2 dogs Friday night With 22 250 and nv Total 39 Good to get out again
  9. rangey

    22/250 ammo

    Winchester varmint x Great accurate round in 55gr Around £26 a box
  10. Took the fat bob out for a shake down, Friday, sat, Sunday. Loaf of bread in rucksack each time..
  11. 250 rounds as just about broke the barrel in...
  12. Shame we're on lock down Would of had this
  13. Sportsmatch mounts with hawke plastic shims
  14. Used the photon xt and rt for years on my 22.250 and 223.never had any problems. Tried more expensive nv but just prefer the photon rt. Also running a wraith but still prefer the photon
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