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  1. rangey

    Hw100 177

    If that's the tiny spring with the ball bearing on top I've ordered that as well, not taken it apart yet, waiting for the parts to come first.. Thanks for the help
  2. rangey

    Hw100 177

    Don't think it's the mags, you can actually see the mag axle doesn't turn when clocked. Ordered a new magazine axle and will try that first. Mags turn fine by hand so still usable..
  3. rangey

    Hw100 177

    Hi What is the little spring called, and do you know if its easily replaced. Thanks... Andy
  4. rangey

    Hw100 177

    Just been given an early model hw100 in 177.had all the seals replaced has it leaked from one or two places.. Now shoots great and airtight.. But the mag will not rotate when reloading. It will rotate by hand but wod like to get it sorted.. Anyone had the same problem...
  5. Hi Had the same problem with a mdt chassis. Just take the bolt stop out and file it down a bit
  6. Got a nikko sterling 6-24x50 holdfast scope. 30mm tube, sunshade, flip up covers, rings, fully boxed and vgc. £150 posted
  7. I still have the 223 set up with nv but it's never been out the cabinet since getting the thermal. I will more than likely keep the thermal on the 22.250 and go with lamp and scope on the 223..just enjoy a bit of lamping
  8. 1 dog and 1 vixen tonight with 22.250 and thermal Total 269
  9. 1 vixen last night with 22.250 and thermal Total 212
  10. I would put your money into a thermal spotter before thermal scope. It won't spook whatever you're shooting at,just need to put your lamp on the target and pull the trigger, no waving about all over the place with the lamp. You would be surprised what you don't see with a lamp scanning. We have scanned fields with a lamp and said nothing in it then used the thermal spotter to find six rabbits sat in same field.
  11. Everyone has their own opinions on thermal scopes and I always thought that proper I'd would be a problem with a thermal scope, but after a couple of weeks shooting almost every night with it in my opinion I'd is not a problem at all... Can't beat a bit of lamping and still use the lamp when out with someone.
  12. Well, after a lot of nights out with this setup I can say the thermion xq50 is an awesome bit of kit, can't see me going back to nv after using this. Thought their might be a problem with ID but it's easy to pick out rabbits at 400yds plus. No mistaking fox for badger or munty, easy to tell as soon as they move. I suppose using thermal spotter for a while helps with I'd. Want one on the 223 as well now.. Lol Might try switching between the 2 and see how it holds zero.
  13. Another vixen last night with 22.250 and thermal Total 204
  14. Big vixen tonight with 22.250 and thermal Total 203
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