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  1. 2 dogs Friday night With 22 250 and nv Total 39 Good to get out again
  2. rangey

    22/250 ammo

    Winchester varmint x Great accurate round in 55gr Around £26 a box
  3. Took the fat bob out for a shake down, Friday, sat, Sunday. Loaf of bread in rucksack each time..
  4. 250 rounds as just about broke the barrel in...
  5. Shame we're on lock down Would of had this
  6. Sportsmatch mounts with hawke plastic shims
  7. Used the photon xt and rt for years on my 22.250 and 223.never had any problems. Tried more expensive nv but just prefer the photon rt. Also running a wraith but still prefer the photon
  8. 1 vixen first light this morning With 6.5 creedmoor Total 260
  9. Pbirx works great on my rt photon
  10. Thanks for all the replies Now sorted with a solaris srx Andy
  11. Thanks for the reply If it was the xtl i would have it but want a laser ir Andy
  12. Thanks for the reply Al but really looking for Pbir Sirrius Solaris Wraith As I know these work well with the wraith Thanks again
  13. Looking for the above for a wraith nv
  14. First one came into dog fox territory on the caller with his lunch still on his mouth. Second came in 30 seconds later. Mating calls seem to working well at the moment
  15. 2 dogs tonight with 22.250 and lamp Total 248
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