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  1. Credit to you for taking the lads out and showing them the ropes,, make sure and get them out again very soon as they seem well eager, don't put it off get the kit together and get out there as quick as you can
  2. buckfast d


    592 views and 19 posts cracking title mate got all us horny guys to look in,,, classic :unsure:
  3. well did you do the deed in the end, something tells me no you missed your chance,, if you did well done and post a couple of pictures with it in your arms,, good man :unsure:
  4. i think this is the best bet. But to be honest i don't think i'll have the gun out until it thaws, i think it's only the done thing, would others not agree on this. Maybe hit vermin for a few weeks
  5. A lot of help for us people in Northern Ireland , christ sake we do exist
  6. Yes i 100% think the ban is justified and to be honest i think it should be a total ban,, and i am glad that BASC are helping with the banning measures as i think it will look good for all shooting/hunting, especially at such hard times for our sport
  7. so your speaking for the whole of the country then, OF COURSE there has been a bit of a thaw you clown from the 19th, but just over the last few days around home here it has tightened up. to say i am not very sporting is making you out to be a total clown as you don't know me to make these judgements, but maybe some day you'll meet up with me and think how mush **** you where talking :yp:
  8. So are you telling me that i can't shoot snipe or woodcock
  9. have just found it now it is true enough http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/8442609.stm
  10. Did i hear correct today (06/01/2010) that there has been a ban for one or two weeks in Northern Ireland for the shooting of Duck and geese due to the bad weather
  11. Good god look at the price of that baby http://shop.ebay.co.uk/?_from=R40&_trk...-All-Categories Green Grass always love your photographs and know it's expensive gear you use,,, but can you recommend a good SLR and lens to get started even a link would be great. budget say around £500 but could be pushed maybe a tiny bit higher, but lower would be nice
  12. So after all the slabbering and slagging this gent off have we come to an agreement to what it is ?:rolleyes:?
  13. and suppose posts like this only highlights and draws attention to such things good shooting and looks like you had a great day out in the country side
  14. suppose depends on the quality of what is forsale at the time,, you get one's that people have made up as a diy job and are heavy and just not great, or you can get the opposite of what i have said, it really is difficult to say pal, what would you yourself expect to pay
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