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  1. I use a garden trolley on the drillings and stubble, can be hard work once they start discing though
  2. Hi there, I picked my new A300 up yesterday from Greenfields in Salisbury, very impressed with the service and the price (£780). I also managed to get a 1/4 Beretta mobilchoke for £16 so well pleased. Overall the quality and finish are very good, I had a 303 many years age which always behaved well and accounted for many pigeon. I only have one concern at this stage regarding the 'Elastic piston seal' which is actually a serrated split metal ring, it did feel very tight when I put it into the receiving chamber and allowed for little movement. I thought it it would be looser but looking at comments on the web it's supposed to be tight to clean the walls of the chamber! Anyway Im looking forward to giving it a try later today.
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