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  1. Yesterday with a couple of days to myself I went for a recce around my patch. After 2 hours of driving around and looking through binoculars I finally spotted a line of pigeons going to a drilling- and on closer inspection I realised a day might be possible. The wind today was nowhere near as strong as yesterday and although there were pigeons about they seemed to have found somewhere else to feed. I set up my 20 sillosocks and hoped for the best. First visitor was a carrion crow searching the hedges - who fell stone dead with a 27g superfast. I left him where he lay in the field and straight away he was catching the eye of other crows who cackled in for a closer look and paid the price. I don’t normally decoy crows, however with the absence of any pigeons I just kept shooting them as they came in . A trickle of pigeons began to leave a distance wood and a high line brought them over my position. I was desperate to get 2 for the magnet, and after about 10 shots I had 2 ( they were very high). The crows kept coming along with the occasional pigeon - who were really beginning to flock up. I left my hide to get under the pigeons flightline which was coming from a wood on the same farm and heading somewhere in the distance. Realising that they were just too high I went back to the hide for a cuppa- just as I was pouring from the flask I spotted a magpie looping over the pattern of crows- double shot and he was down. By 3.30 it was all quiet on what had been a glorious day to be out - if only the wind had blown harder. 13 crows 8 pigeons and a magpie- and an invitation from the farmer to roost shoot the wood on the perm which is home to heck of a lot of pigeons. Hitman
  2. I haven’t tried them to be honest. I am no wine expert I just know which grape varieties I prefer over others. I would recommend Porta 6 to anyone who is looking for a decent red to try.
  3. Wines from the Douro region are fantastic- look for one called Rebello. Before brexit I would order wine at a very cheap price from portugalvinyards - unfortunately the new import tax has made them the same price as most UK supermarkets.
  4. Mcguigans Shiraz is so sweet it’s undrinkable - in my opinion. Look for a full bodied Spanish Rioja or a Portuguese red - might cost a couple more quid but so worth it .
  5. I have had some decent Chilean red wines from both Aldi and Lidl, however if you are looking for some very drinkable reds to accompany a nice piece of rare steak - here are my go to favourites. 1. Porta 6 - I don’t think you will find a better red wine. 2.Camp Viejo- go for the Tempranillo grape. 3. Ramon bilbao- not the mixed grape bottle you get in majestic but the crianza grape. Hitman
  6. I would regularly go after pigeons on beechmast in late October- November and shoot single number bags. On windy days - if the approach line enables you to put decoys or a magnet in the open, it’s possible to pull them to a shootable position. My best bag on beechmast is 58. Hitman
  7. Sorry for your loss- I am sure Bob loved his life with you, and in return you won the lottery having Bob in your life. Remember the great times you had. Hitman
  8. Hi folks My place of work is set within a good acreage of hardwoods including loads of beeches. I have been spotting a good number of woodpigeons gorging on the beechmast- which explains the lack of pigeons on the last of the stubbles locally. My experience of shooting pigeons feeding on beechmast is to set a magnet out on the edge of the beeches- to catch their eye which hopefully results in shooting high birds looking to land in the trees. Fantastic sport just don’t count the empty cartridges at the end of the day. Hitman
  9. I think we are talking about sexual predators who are looking to prey on vulnerable women- not men who are regarded as bad in other ways. Interesting Ted Bundy blamed watching pornography at an early age for his unhealthy interest in women which as we know lead to him because a serial killer. I don’t see the comparison between naughty mags and the dark porn sites that are available at a few clicks. I agree with your Jack the Ripper example that psycho’s have always existed.
  10. Following this horrific murder I am sure police will not be approaching any lone females alone and will expect to be challenged if they do. I know a female uniformed officer who on night shift will look for lone females walking and offer a lift home - why because they are vulnerable and unfortunately there are some nasty men out there who will be on the prowl. I read some years ago that children of 14 and under are learning about sex from watching porn on the internet. These sites degrade women and young boys think this behaviour is what happens in a loving relationship. Teenage pregnancy rates have fallen in the past 20 years partly because young men who have watched porn from young age do not perform the act which results in reproduction. It will never happen because money is involved- but these sites should be closed down and sex education should begin at school not on a computer screen. We need to educate young men to respect women. Men also have a responsibility to be vigilant to look after women who are walking home alone. Just my opinion. Hitman
  11. Well done- they must have all been head shots. Good write up - glad you had some sport in the wind, and some quality meat for the chef. Hitman
  12. Winchester trap 100- excellent cartridge back in the day - I remember an old head keeper who would buckle high pheasant with these. Trap loads through the right choke combination will sort pigeons over decoys-I have at least convinced myself of this. Hitman
  13. I am sure Mr Crow is an excellent shot- he is also probably sponsored by gamebore and no doubt gets his cartridge free. If I was sponsored by BMW and was given a free vehicle of my choice from the BMW 4x4 range- I would say that they were the best 4x4 vehicle. I wrote recently that I purchased some super fasts 27g 7.5G - and in recent days out decoying- I have shot at everything I would have shot at with no5 or 6 cartridge- and can honestly say that I have had consistent clean kill which I didn’t have with some recent 30g no 5.5 cartridges. it’s all personal choice really. Hitman
  14. Pigeon numbers in my area have increased- most notably since the first lockdown which as we know occurred at the beginning of the drilling season, where many pigeons would have been shot. My local game dealer was not taking pigeons for quite some time as the restaurants and pubs were closed. After restrictions eased I did begin shooting again, and enjoying some sport on a pea field where I chose to shoot no more than I could process for personal use. It was more important to me to be out shooting a limit of 20 pigeons than not being out at all. That was my choice and I have no problem with anyone shooting and dumping the bag if a crop is being destroyed- as we all have the privilege to shoot pigeons for pest control/ crop protection purposes. Hitman
  15. Got mine from Costco £219- it’s a Phillips perfect draft machine. The kegs come from beerhawk website. Lots of beers that are not familiar to me , so I get advice from experts like markm and read reviews. Couple of pictures for you to gauge the size- it’s a half pint glass in the photograph. I am a novice but the 30 day freshness is great as I only have a couple of pints at a time. Also you can pour as much or as little into your glass as you wish.
  16. Well managed to get the pump going- first on is a keg of Tiny Rebel Cali IPA - and it’s a lovely drink. Quite fruity but not overpowering- lots of grapefruit and mango- very much like Brewdog Punk IPA. As recommended by markm I have just ordered a keg of Lowenbrau Octoberfest.
  17. I had a little sorte out today with my newly acquired Hull superfast 27g no7.5 - and over the decoys I couldn’t fault them. I only shot 2 wood pigeons however I put a dent in a large flock of ferals that were showing an interest in my decoys. I was purposely only shooting at pigeons 30yrds plus and using 3/4 & full choke the superfasts were crumping them up. Verdict - good replacement for my LA Joker’s Hitman
  18. Some seriously strong beers +6% so not really session beers. Yes I think the Mrs has ordered the pump to keep me in. I do like an IPA - in fact I have just returned from a holiday in Largs where I found a bar that sold a very nice Brewdog Punk IPA.
  19. Cheers I will go for your recommendation. Quite a few out of stock- but I have set an alert for the Lowenbrau Octoberfest . Keep the suggestions coming as I am quite a creature of habit and will reorder the same one - pity they don’t go an old speckled hen type beer.
  20. Hi Mark Some good recommendations there - thank you. I have my eye on the Goose IPA, Lowenbrau and the Leffe blonde for my first order. Not many dark beers to choose from however I will survive. Here what I am getting-
  21. Hi Al if you drink as well as you shoot I will need to order a few extra kegs . Hitman
  22. Well after 28 years of marriage Mrs H has finally bought me a decent birthday present- a Phillips perfectdraft beer pump. It will no doubt be hidden away until the day comes- but this will give me time to decide which beer kegs to get. The kegs can be bought online from Beerhawk - just wondering if anyone else has one and which beers do you recommend for the pump ? cheers Hitman
  23. Good report 20+ is a decent day in my book. I understand you moving then moving back - I have done this so many times over the years- you move to where the last 5 pigeons have passed by 50 yards away, however as soon as you move the next 5 go right over where had been- frustrating. Keep picking away.
  24. Nice write up- thank you for posting. A few corvids added to the bag is always a good thing - and with that many ferals about thinning a few is good practice.
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