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  1. It's not rocket science is it, I mean it's just a clearance job and waste removal, which he needs a waste license for to be able to do so unless you get an idiot who pockets the money he charges for waste removal then flytips it down the road so whoever does it I would ask if they have such a license. At the end of the day it's either a days work or half a day plus waste removal so what's a day £150 + profit margin + waste removal. Obviously to me that's just a days hard labour + strimmer / brush cutter if needed, if say a digger or any other machinery was brought in at would be costed to you
  2. Great sounding band still, appreciate them more now than then at the time, or maybe it's the dire stuff out there now that makes me think that, cousin followed a tour with human league recently and said they were fantastic also
  3. Some good gear in there, my second favourite shop after go outdoors
  4. I thought the revenant , the fury and titanic were great, la la land I enjoyed till the end, ruined by a silly ending. Lots of duffs, one that really got my goat was desperado antonio banderos, danny dyers films also everyone to their own i suppose
  5. You got a van yet, I have a little connect I may part with. How long mot on the Subaru?
  6. craftycarper


    Had a knock on the door the other evening from the above. Out and about doing there rounds trying to ponce money. Wanted £3 a month, he haggled trying to get £2 out of me, told him I donate enough loose change locally and clothes etc, a right dimwit "sir I hear you have dogs, what breed are they" lurchers mate ...."oh I've never heard of them" says it all really, told him to sod off in the end
  7. http://www.metaldetectives.co.uk/
  8. It's good camera wise but just a Ben foggle copycat really, he failed to ask how they made an income out there etc. The first episode he upset the guys wife with a comment regarding their childs safety
  9. Brilliant motors, got one myself 2011 estate, just hit 105,500 in mine, out of curiosity how do you get latest maps on sat nav, fords turned a deaf ear last time I asked
  10. Cheers yes please that would be great
  11. His ladies & gentleman album was cracking as was the live one recently with the royal philharmonic orchestra behind him a few years back but his last i believe, symphonica tour that is
  12. Very talented guy, a troubled soul after his mum passed years ago, fantastic live.....RIP George, what a year...who's next I wonder?
  13. Same here, was going to apply for a .243 only want fox,muntties & fallow. Not interested in any other species but am dreading putting in for it, god knows why. I think because I've read so many stories of people being knocked I'm expecting the same treatment before I even apply
  14. As above if anyone has one for sale please drop me a message
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