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  1. what a buy i have one there great
  2. 24230

    Trail Cam

    After a used working Trail Cam
  3. I don’t understand chokes I have this gun with multi chokes I put two in, one has two slots in it the other three, I am pleased with results shot pigeon high pigeon in a beach wood and lots of crows. I may buy another and get rid of a couple of 12 bore guns I don’t use, I do shoot a lot out three or more days a week I am so pleased.
  4. I am 67 years young all my life I have shot guns of some sort or other, so, I always thought that the 20 bore was a gun for ladies (how wrong I have been) I bought a new 20 bore 28" over and under and what a difference it has made to my shooting, I have found the right cartridge and chokes that most certainly work. Cartridge Hull High Phesant Extream 5 or 6 shot fibre wad, chokes modified and half brilliant setup, I am hitting and killing birds that I never thought possible give one a try I am so glad I did.
  5. 24230

    20 gauge O/U

    found one now Thank you
  6. 24230

    20 gauge O/U

    Thanks but to expensive for me
  7. 24230

    20 gauge O/U

    Its a gun that won’t get much use so £1500.00 tops
  8. 24230

    20 gauge O/U

    I am after a 20 bore over and under ejector with 30” barrels game gun preferred but would consider a multi choke.
  9. I have reduced this lovely gun to £300.00 for a quick sale.
  10. I am not sure where to find the information you are asking for if someone can tell me I will reply. I also can e mail pictures
  11. Help please, I own a Sako A1 222 Remington rifle, i want to fit a Photon RT NV scope, my question is the mount bases that fit the gun need replacing, are all Optilock bases the same for Sako rifles? and what height 30mm rings should i buy so as to get enough clearance above the barrel?
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