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  1. 24230

    Sako Mounts

    Help please, I own a Sako A1 222 Remington rifle, i want to fit a Photon RT NV scope, my question is the mount bases that fit the gun need replacing, are all Optilock bases the same for Sako rifles? and what height 30mm rings should i buy so as to get enough clearance above the barrel?
  2. 24230

    one piece quick release picatinny mount

    please pm me
  3. 24230

    Lamping Lamp RED FILTER

    I am after a Red filter high powered light for lamping, hand held preferably
  4. 24230


    That’s great thanks
  5. 24230


    I had a go at sport trap, can anyone tell me how they work out how the five stands shoot there five shots from stand one to five.i know stand one is A single .B then C on report then D+E together how do the rest of the stands go
  6. 24230


    pm me please
  7. 24230


    I am after a set of Optilock mounts and rings 30mm for my SAKO 222 Remington rifle
  8. 24230

    How many Foxes are killed in 2018

    one last night .17 hmr Total 388
  9. 24230

    How many Foxes are killed in 2018

    Last night, shot five in total four dead on the spot one I drove to the field this morning and found it two dogs three bitches, i have photos, also 18 bunnies with 17hmr cz455 with Photon RT the best and cheapest NV on the market by far I love it. Total 382
  10. 24230

    Electric Fox Crow Caller Ect

    What do you have and how much do you want for it.
  11. 24230

    Electric Fox Crow Caller Ect

    I am after a used electric fox crow ect caller, Midlands based.
  12. 24230

    ATV or Quad

    After used quad or ATV, Honda preferred but would consider any good make.
  13. 24230

    Yukon Photon

    I have a Photon RT and have been struggling with the battery packs duration, I have now sorted it, I have three spare phone charger packs they are PNY C10400 bought from a phone shop there are two usb ports use either 5v 2.4A and 5V 1A I plug the download cable into the download slot on the scope and the usb into the charger, the outcome is hours of shooting with no need for the factory battery packs. I have looked on sites on the internet you can buy the battery packs for a few pounds i am able to get a full nights shooting with just one battery pack happy days.
  14. 24230

    Fox Trap

    Thanks for that